01 August 2009


Febbe said...

Condolences to the family.

I haven't had the chances to send my condolences.

RIP Cory Aquino

shariel said...

hi..I dont think I am the first one to comment in this but yes..with all the Filipinos around the world I also for one is saddened for the loss of a woman who is a symbol of strength...let us celebrate her life and continue to live her virtues of simplicity and strength.

Fabulous Bianca ♥ said...

hi! so sad about pres. Cory Aquino's death... but the saddest thing is that my grandpa also passed away this aug. 1... i had a nightmare about the two of them.. it was july 31...midnight... when i wake up the next day.. i'm wondering about my dream... i was shocked when i heard the news about cory.. and also of my grandpa.. i said" my Gosh! my dream is true!"... i was so sad...( just wanted to share )

- tnx.. by d way i'm Bianca(same name) em from Canada.. keepsafe..

lynx said...

hi, bianca g. i understand the yellow ribbon pero nabitin naman ako sa entry mo. hehehe... i'm an avid reader of your blog kc and was so glad to see a new entry.. kaso ribbon lang. hehehe... peace!

Anonymous said...

saLamat President Cory Aquino. sooo sad for all of us kasi nawala ang isang taong nagmalasakit at nagsakripisyo pra sa ating lahat, siya ay ina sa kanyang pamilya at sa lahat ng mga pinoy. let's pray for her soul and to her family and to our nation. truly a hero! Filipino is worth dying for! We love you President Cory.


Anonymous said...

r.i.p. pres cory aquino

Louise said...

I posted a yellow ribbon in her honor as well. Thank you so much President Cory...RIP.

katrina :) said...

so sad about the death of Tita Cory . Am sure she's very happy now .


Anonymous said...

Cory's one of a kind. Ninoy's one of a kind. they're the type of people that should be well appreciated and honored. they're both happy now. :)

naka said...

Your blog inspire us and i was fired-up to see many of us give a heartfelt condolences and support to our beloved Cory..

Let her flame continue burn to inspire our nation. i believe one of this day someone will revitalized our the freedom of democracy...


shariel said...

hello..discovery channel is looking for s co-host in their show fun taiwan..go apply ..now na!!!goodluck to you.

Bradpetehoops said...

Famous ribbon!

Ribbon of the year!

Symbol of Peace and freedom of Filipino Democracy.

odarbozoz said...

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