11 September 2009

dear mr. mikey,

good day!

many of us got to watch your live interview with mareng winnie and igan.

if by any chance, you haven't seen it, thanks to technology, it is very easy to access. :)

okay. i really am not sure what was going on in your head at the time. (i mean, both at the time that you bought the house, and at the time of this interview.) what i can say is that i do know what was going on in the heads of many of our countrymen, thanks to twitter.

a few weeks ago after watching this live interview, i posted on twitter:

dear mr. mikey, we went to the same school. how come you have a different set of values from the rest of us? hmm..

you are a very, very popular man! you started a twitter revolution!!!! so many people replied with their own "dear mr. mikey" notes. these are just a few of the hundreds of tweets sent to me, about you. allow me to share them.

Dear mr mikey. I think i am one of your many silent partners (the filipino taxpayers). I may visit the states soon. I am gonna need the keys...wala akong matutuluyan. Bahay ko rin yan.

Dear Mr. Mikey, you just sealed your political coffin.

dear mr. mikey... i have a question sir... wait, i'll just ask your lawyer instead!

dear mr.mikey!!!! YOU of all people really need a spiritual retreat!!!!!!!

Dear Mikey, row 4 ka ba nung student ka?!

Dear Mr. Mikey, YOU are responsible for my decision to register to vote tomorrow. Mabuhay ka!

dear mikey, sana nag-baon ka ng bawang at sibuyas dahil nagisa ka big time ni mareng winnie.

dear mr. mikey, you are so stupid for agreeing to do a live interview in the first place. ur parents shud've advised u.

Dear Mr. Mikey, Ang sarap naman ng buhay niyo. Buti pa kayo.

dear mr. mikey, me and my daughter think that if you can have kick backs that we should also get the chance to KICK YOU BACK.

dear mr. mikey, i dont believe that u are corrupt. i know your money came from the earnings of your movie "wlang iba kundi ikaw"

dear mr. mikey, Chief Scout pa naman ang nanay mo. hindi ka ba nya tinuruang maging laging handa?

dear mr.mikey, i'm lost for words...*sigh*

Dear Mr. Mikey, "the fruit does not fall far from the tree".

Dear Mikey, ang cute-cute mo... Ang cute-cute mong patayin!!!

Dear Mr. Mikey, bilog ang mundo and so is your face.

Dear Mikey, you really are your mother's son.

Dear Mr. Mikey, you've always been a lousy actor, got worse when you went on air with Arnold and Mareng Winnie.

dear mr. mikey... can i get you as my ninong sa kasal?

Dear Mr. Mikey, your arguments re ill-gotten wealth did not sell, just like your movies.

guys, please..let's give mikey a break. hindi naman kase pwedeng mamunga ng mansanas ang mango tree..

Dear mr. mikey, you are right, its difficult to explain when people dont want to listen.

Dear mr. mikey, iba talaga ang may pinag-manahan!

Dear Mikey,As far as I'm concerned, your lawyers are to blame.You are as innocent as your mother. As far as I'm concerned.

dear mr. mikey may god have mercy on your soul.

Dear Mr. Mikey, Lie and lie until you die.

dear mr. mikey, u put mr. Colayco to shame. U can write ur own version of palaguin mo ang pera mo.

Dear Mr. Mikey, Sana nunal na lang ang namana mo kay Gloria.

Dear Mr. Mikey, your will power is unbelievable. After teaming up with the country's premier leading ladies and ending with a flop movie, you still continue to act. You still haven't gave up on it, right?

Dear Mr. Mikey, Thank for your trust and confidence. Money on the way. Kabo is waiting. Love & Kisses, Jueteng Lords

Dear Mr. Mikey, even your lies sound phony, konting creativity naman! Kahit yun man lang mapagmalaki mo sa mga anak mo e.

Dear mr. mikey , nagfafarm town k ba? i'll send you gifts too.

Dear Mr. Mikey, If you work really hard for your constituents and never tell a lie again, someday you may become a real man.

dear mr. mikey, im not proud to be a kapampangan because of you.

Dear Mikey, At least you got you swagger and spunk from me. Love, Mom

Dear Mr. Dato, Isa ka pa!!!

Dear Mr. Mikey, I feel sorry for whoever had to wash the suit you were wearing because you must've been sweating bullets.

dear mr.mikey, please stop. just stop!

dear mr. mikey.. if one of your children were class treasurer, and one collection day, after the box is filled, she puts all the money in her pocket. will that make you happy?

dear mr. mikey. can you share with me pls your list of (wedding) sponsors. para kunin ko rin sila sa wedding ko. :p

dear mr. mikey, i used to idolize u as an action star but now i realize mas magaling ka palang komedyante.

Dear Mikey, Your mom must be so proud of you right now. Love, Dad

Dear Mr. Mikey, you will go to H**L. Hahaha. Say hi to the other scum politicians who will follow u there. :)

Dear mr. mikey.. the family that corrupts together..

so as you can see mr. mikey, the filipinos today are smart, passionate, and fully aware of current events. and may i add, quite witty!

i hope that we from the twitterworld have enlightened you on what is in the hearts and minds of our countrymen.

so mr. mikey, sir, please don't do bad things. please be good. please make us proud of you and not angry at you.

a taxpaying, law-abiding, socially responsible citizen of the philippines


Anonymous said...

Nakakatuwa... Funny yet very senseful. Can I still include my "Dear Mr. Mikey"?

Dear Mr. Mikey, we know you're smart but we're smarter.;)

Claudene said...

haha laughing out loud here in the office.. can’t help it hahahah!!
I looove it!!
thanks for compiling it Bianca!!
Im one of your twitter followers and a big fan of your blog too.
I really hope he gets to read this and be ashamed of himself.

selee said...

actually biancs...he wouldn't be affected if his daughter stash some cash from the class treasure..instead he will be proud because i bet they were trained to steal early at their childhood by his elders..and surely he will pass that to his next generations...

PATHETIC family...Rotten Clan

kristine said...

Bravo!!! :) Great, great post!

Koreena. said...

Great compilation of tweets! :) I hope Mr. Mikey would be able to hear the sentiments of twitterworld.

ca said...

much has been said yet obviously, still not enough to let them realize that the filipinos are not stupid to fall for whatever lies they are telling the world. from 50K to 99.2M in 15 years?? whew!! the arroyo clan really made us take politics (and our future and that of the next generation) seriously.

Anonymous said...

sad, sad, sad.

he's really pathetic for thinking that all Filipinos are stupid like him.

we deserve a lot better from our public servant, or better yet, we don't deserve this kind of public servant, yes, that's what they are, servants.

katedadz said...

thanks for sharing the video.
all i can say is.. ISA NGA SIYANG ARROYO. manang mana sa mga magulang nya. :P

TrEZa said...

i just hope makarating to kay mr, mikey. tawa ako ng tawa pero asar at the same time. para kasing wala ng mapagkatiwalaan. he should have known better. tsktsk.

thanks for this post. i shared it to my tweeps on twitter. :)

mitchgatch said...

Grabe! I cant stand watching his face...his fake smile...

from now on, i'll call him "mr. as far as i'm concerned".

tsk tsk :(

btw, thanks for sharing...

I am ekiM said...

\o/ Great post! He should see this! ha!

manik_reigun said...

ive been waiting for this!
hey mikey youre so fine, youre so fine you blow my mind, hey mikey! xD

optimistic dora said...

wow, wat a conversation! hehehe...

Yffar Edlacer said...

hahaha! hindi tunay na lalaki si Mr. Mikey. Dahil ang tunay na lalaki, magaling magpalusot...kahit na kay kumare. XD

AJ Salazar said...

High Five Bianca!

Arroyo Family: I hate you so much?! I pray that you get what's coming to you..

Media Suicide said...

Mr. Arroyo was really on a media suicide in this interview. He should've come more prepared. His blunders were on display for the whole nation to see.

dr3am said...

can I add my twit?

Dear Mr. Mikey,
What you are doing is not funny. Wanna know why? Ask your lawyer! For shame!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Mikey,
We'd love to pay more taxes so you can buy more houses in US. And how about buying more from UK? How cool is that eh?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Mikey,
How about another live interview? We'd love to see you fooling yourself. Wouldn't it be nice to share it again with everyone how smart are you? And how smarter are we? Looking forward for more votes for you on the future elections.. Vote Mikey For the Most Corrupt Official! From 5M to almost 80M for the next declaration? How hard working!

Anonymous said...

hi bianca,
appreciate your post. i love reading your blog but i'm shy to leave comments. but this post on mikey arroyo is something else! that stupid, dimwitted moron!i pray that he gets run over by a wagon and his good for nothing carcass will be made into fertitizer that way, he'll be beneficial in a way. or i take it back, i don't want our farmers to harvest bad crops. may he rot in hell.stupid, good for nothing---just like his mom!!!!!

Mish said...

great post bianca, from top to bottom. obvious na obvious na ang kalokohan ng pamilyang ito... feeling nila bobo ang pinoy. nakakatawa na talaga sila.

rogen said...

naaliw ako sa blog entry mo... btw, i am one of your many fans dito and sa twitter... anyways, can i post a link of your blog in my facebook? gusto ko lang i-share ang compilation mo sa friends ko

Anthony said...

whats wrong with mr. mikey arroyo?, anak nga sya ng kanyang ina, at dahil dito nalalaman ng bansa na hindi tanga ang mga pilipino at mulat sa kanyang mga ginagawa.

hi ate biancs? great post :)

Kris Ablan said...

But not all Filipinos have computers, internet connection and twitter.

Sadly, majority of Filipinos still rely on their radios for information.

annie marie. said...

haha bianca ang funny talaga as in. well if he has to lie then let him, they will never tell the truth on how and where they got the money for that house.

but oh well. he looked totally uncomfortable when mareng winnie just grilled him all he did was flash his fake smile and laugh haha.. love it.

calai said...

AMEN to you ms. bianca...

he's got the nerve to be like that...well, sorry for him, it only made matters worse for him...tsktsk...

i still believe that the rest of the politicians of the Philippines are better than that...really...

markanthony06 said...

hi miss bianca..ive been waiting for this..but sadly, my own version of "dear mr. mikey" was not published,but its ok..i enjoyed reading the different opinions of others..hehehe..nice one bianca..i like you so much!

♥Nobody's Girl♥ said...

nice blog! i enjoyed reading it. its really funny and an eye opener to other people. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Mikey,

i just hate ur whole family!! You're so corrupt at parang wala kayong lahat pinag-aralan to treat filipinos this way..marami ang nagugutom at sa bahay na binili mo ilang tirahan na un para sa mahihirap.

tax payer

YULI said...

Dear Mikey, how would you feel after reading our love letters? My friend Rico said corruption is normal in our country. Our country has been abnormal even before i was born, I wish it's not as awful as I die.

Monster said...

Nasabi na lahat eh. Itsura mo na lang titirahin ko mabawi ko man lang ang tax na binabayaran ko---Kapal ng mukha mo mukha ka namang lalakeng tomboy (no offense meant to the gay population, may binibira lang tayo ngayon). Cap na lang kulang kamukha mo na si April Boy!!!!

erasmusa said...

awesome post. salamat, biancs!

Anonymous said...

hayyy nku.. bakit ba ang lenient ng governmen natin kahit na obvious na obvious na talga na karahasang nangyayari ano?

nku... dear mikey, why don't you just get lost!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I am in awe! How brave! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

hahaha... mr.mickey is such a good liar and so with her mom... bravo...

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

great post super bianca! let us support Noynoy!

-ellesig- said...

the dear dato was so funny..

Anonymous said...

Geez. Ive been missing a lot. Il sign up in TWITTER today.

Il add u ate Bianca ha?


johnken said...

i enjoyed this blog... full of truths and nothing but the truth..

Genevieve Ann said...

hi bianca... super love your blogs... nice on on dear mr. mikey...! love it! been reading your twitter... unfortunately i don't have a twitter account... :( like you i also really love to travel... kahit na di ako makabili ng signature bags basta i get to travel... can i have your email add so that i can also share with you my travel experience,great finds and great foods.... :)

Anonymous said...

antapang muh! ..kakaproud k lalo.
, . Sana mbsa tlga yan ni mr. Arroyo!


Lorenz said...

Unrelated to this post but... CONGRATS for being on the cover of UNO magazine! :>

sharielzoe said...

Hi bianca..hay naku Mr. Mikey iboboto pa ba to ng mga constutuents nya..kakaloka sya...hay

Maiba ako Bianca gusto ko kasi mapanood sana ung Y speak ala nman sya sa net..dito ako Singapore kaya di ko napapanood..may TFc kami pero hindi kasma studio 23..sana maupload sa youtube o any free site where I can watch live..


♥ Bad Blogger said...

You know what's funny? I don't know him personally, I don't care what he's doing, and yet I am a 19-year old, 3rd year college student greatly being affected by all his/their "good times!". I just can't believe how people like them (who at first promised to serve the country and all those s***) can sleep every night! Does that mean, "matigas na talaga mga puso nila?" I mean how can they not notice the people who are homeless? hungry? Hayy. God Bless them! I hope through the prayers of people concerned, God will eventually touch and open the eyes of of country's LEADERS!

Rej said...

Narinig ko sa isang news. Noong pumayag daw si Mikey magpainterview sa Unang Hirit hindi nya alam dat Mareng Winnie was also there. Poor Mr. Mikey! He was grilled! :p

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this video bianca. i'll share this with my friends so that they will be very wise in choosing the future leaders. i think Mikey Arroyo needs to attend acting workshop and christian education classes. haist. i'll pray that this country will be truly a christian nation. NO CORRUPT LEADERS.

Ed said...

hi bianca. just wanted to let you know im posting this video on my blog. thanks for writing about this. im normally apathetic when it comes to politics but this somehow triggered something within me to really get out there and take action even in just blogging. thanks!

aysa said...

very creative post ms.bianca..:D
*clap clap*

Eloize said...

Hi, Bianca! I will copy your Twitter comments. I hope you don't mind. I will be posting you as the source. Thanks!

leanne said...

gosh di ko mapanood ang vid... naka block ang vids sa office sa labas na lang.. im so excited na mapakinggan.. well sana pahiram nga nya yung susi dun... KAYA PALA ANG LAKI LAKI ng tax ko PARA PANG BILI NG BAHAY NYA!! PUTRAGIS SYA!!!

the bystander said...

i too saw that interview. hahaha nice one miss bianca.

dare417dc said...

mr.mikey.....pautang nman o!!!!!!!

{ Jhari } said...

Very well said Dear Mr Mikey. Huli ka na, umaakting ka pa. Hehe!

Nice Blog Ms Bianca. I'm one of your followers and I enjoy reading your blog as well. Keep it up! Isagaw mo ang boses ng Pilipino o_0

Anonymous said...

freak!!! aatakihin ako sa puso sayo mikey!!! ang bobo mo!!!! don't you please making a fool out of those people around you?!!! not everyone is as stupid as you!!!!

Momsie said...

doesn't people understand that as public their service are, may mga private lives din itong mga ito, the reason why they can't really say where the money comes from is that every election day na lang, marami tayong mga kababayan na humihingi sa kanila ng pera hindi pa man din sila naiboboto "mayor, senator sir, may sakit po ang anak ko" in translation "pahingi ng pera" isipin nyo na lang kung kayo ang nasa upuan na yon at tinatanong kayo kung saan nyo kinukuha yung pera nyo, without revealing na as politicians ay super duper mayaman kayo na hindi kayo dinudumog ng mga tao for donations, pano nyo yon sasagutin? for sure magsisinungaling din kayo. Of course hindi nila ire reveal ang mga ari-arian nila or kung saan man nila nakuha ito, pano kayo nakakasiguro na sa tax nga galing ang mga ari arian nilang yan, eh bago pa nga ipinanganak ang iba sa inyo, mayayaman na yang mga yan eh. bakit nila bibigyan ang mga money-hungry na tao ng dahila to go for them for money? kung ikaw si mikey, isa ka bang gatasang baka? intindihin ninyo ang lagay ng isang taong public servant sa ganitong klase ng pressures hindi yong napaka righteous ninyo.

ira said...

ayos ka ms. bianca!great great post!
hahabol aq..

"Dear mr. mikey, manang mana ka talaga sa nanay't tatay mo.basag kung gumawa ng palusot! sir, maging creative naman ho kyo sa mga palusot nyo! nakaka insulto eh!
sana sinama ka na lang ni ONDOY..calling ONDOY!! c sir mike nakalimutan mo isama sa biyahe!"

joyee said...

based on these comments, he really did made an impression..bad impression that'll surely put them to shame all their lives,that they'll never want to have teh "ARROYO" name attache to them. but on the other hand, why not. Liers, Thieves but lots of MONEY. really, why not!