16 December 2009

kris kringle is sooo much fun!!!!

this year was my first year ever to do a full on kris kringle as in career gifts every week! it was sooo much fun! twas definitely something to look forward to every week.

my friends mariel, toni, luis, and i decided to have a weekly exchange gift since we see each other at least once every week talaga!

the rules!

1. all of us give our gift in whatever packaging it was when we bought it. as in walang balot balot.

2. all of us give it to one person every saturday morning, who will then give it to us. ate ermie was our point person. she's a darling.

3. we open the gifts in front of each other!! also cause its so much fun guessing who might've given which gift.

4. we draw names again for the next week because we can't keep secrets from each other and so every week is a new challenge!

the themes!

november 7..
three colors of one thing!

i got: three bottles of lotion from the body shop!
from: luis!

..so sweet! this is more than the usual kris kringle budget i think! thanks lu!

i gave: three different printed socks from topman.
to: luis.

november 14..
something you want that person to watch!

i got: episodes of glee!
from: mariel!

..ma is such a series addict and orders copies pa! she got me all the so-far-aired episodes! yay!

i gave: "shakespeare in love" and "meet joe black".
to: mariel.

november 21..
something for the car!

i got: a windshield wiper for inside the car!
from: mariel!

..super posh! she was in the states for work the week before so she got this for me there! love it!

i gave: a light for the laptop and scent balls.
to: mariel.

november 28..
something that reminds us of our childhood!

i got: a major package full of old school junk food and chocolates and kiddie games!
from: mariel!

..it was the biggest, coolest package ever! thanks ma!!!! so much goodies inside! nakain ko na lahat. :p

i gave: two dvds of vilma santos movies nung dalaga pa siya..
to: luis. :)

december 5..
something for the mind!

i got: sadly, nothing! :((((
from: luis, who was sick and busy that week! boo. hahaha. peace, luis, its all good. :)

i gave: the big fashion issue of in style.
to: toni.

december 12..
something kinky!

i got: a (tacky) red thong and fur cover up!
from: luis!!

..it was sooo gross and tacky! we three girls couldn't believe it! hahaha! he was so proud he got it pa in vegas, hahahaha.

i gave: apple pie.
to: luis.

december 19..
something that symbolizes the person!

i got: kick ass ray ban aviators!!!!
from: luis

thank you luuuuuuuu!!!!

merry christmas everyone!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

ohhh..love kris kringle...december is the best month..its a seasons to be chybby..hahaha..merry christmas!..=)

simplegal said...

Merry Christmas too Biancs! I can really feel your excitement. Natawa ako dun sa thong ah..hehe..I bet the others feel the same too. Kaka-excite talaga ang kris kringle. :) Thanks for posting and keep this up! Happy Holidays! ^_^

a.k.a panjo said...

saya naman.. kulit talaga ni LUIS..!!!

nicollette said...

bakit di mo nabubunot si toni? hehehe!

Gracie said...

Sobrang nakakaaliw ang kris kringle ninyo. Hahaha. How I wish na kasama ko din ang mga kaibigan ko para maka-exchange gift ko din. Merry Christmas! Regards sa mga ka-kris kringle mo pati na din sa mga housemates. :D

♥rOxaNnE♥ said...

meron din kme kris kringle ng mga friends ko. and super kulit at so much fun tlga! nkakachallenge at the same time.

♥rOxaNnE♥ said...

we also have kris kringle with my friends. and it was really fun and challenging at the same time. Luis is really kewlll. yeahhh!!
Merry xmas.

Ria Arana said...

this entry's very fun to read! Merry Christmas bianca! :)

kat said...

that was nice, the apple pie for "kingky." parang wholesome na hindi naman pala!

Anonymous said...

first time ko magbasa ng blog mo and ur soooooo great, cool, nkakaaliw.. i instant become a fan of yours... ang galing mo magsulat at ang talino mo. advance merry christmas bianca. wish u all the best :)

ChErUbYn said...

saw your last kris kringle from Luis! Grabe Ray Ban Aviators!!! Super galante ni Luis... and it looks good on you. Galing!

innow said...

aww. this would definitely make your 2009 christmas a memorable one :D

chelie-san said...

HAHAHAHA so cute!!! merry christmas ate bianca! :)

Anonymous said...

truly entertaining ang post mo Ms. Bianca! Keep it up, GOD bless u- a precious soul!

Kris Ablan said...

this was a happy and funny post. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

man, reading this made me miss my elementary christmas.. Ah! - XENG

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Happy Holidays! That's a lot of great stuff! We just had our Christmas Party and the Kris Kringle part was a lot of fun. =) Hope you enjoy the holidays! have a great one. =)

Anonymous said...

enjoy the season! :)

vhinle said...

hahaha nice..mas maganda ung galing kay luis.

hyacinth said...

kris kringle was fun.. i saw that dec 19 episode on e-live where luis gave you a rayban.. that was such a cutie :)

Anonymous said...

you have a BIG heart Bianca and you are the sweetest.... i love reading your blog :)

irish said...

happy holidays! hope u're enjoying the season. keep on being a blessing to others... God bless you even more. :)


Vera said...

nice, nakakatuwa naman kayo :) Merry Christmas Ms. Bianca, and a Happy New Year too :)

Anonymous said...

I've never experienced a kris kringle before. But from the way you blogged about it, it seems fun! I should have my friends get in on it next time :) Merry Christmas & a happy new year!