24 September 2010

roco learns how to play peekaboo!

one morning here in manila, early evening in san francisco, my 10 month old godson roco suddenly discovers how to play peekaboo!!!! technology is just awesommmme!!!! the happiness in ninang bianca and lola ofel's face cannot be denied! :p

call me biased but i swear roco is the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love you roco! can't wait to see you in december! ♥


Cheska said...

cute! ♥

shen said...

so cute!i miss having babies around tuloy. i used to play with siblings din but now they're all grown up!LOL =)

shen said...

so cute! roco looks so happy! i miss having babies around tuloy. i used to play with my siblings din but now they're all grown up! LOL

Kamila said...

it was my first time to comment to you BIANCA,(but I was a follower from history) hehe, and your grandson sure is so cute, I have the same emotions when my pamangkin gets to learn "close open!".

Anyways, just wanna tell you inspire one of my blog's design, I hope I don't totally looked liked a copy cat!..

post more bianca.. I love you and your blog <3

Klet Makulet said...

hahaha so cute.

johnken said...

cute cute cute cute cuteee.. gaaaaaaah!

Gail_SG said...

Hi Bianca, this is so cute! thanks to technology talaga we don't have to travel miles away to be with our loved ones every time :) I see how happy you are with your godson/nephew. imagine me coming from a big family with lotsa nephews and nieces. tough love! hihi

BRaTineLLa_CHiQ said...

hahaha... I super duper agree. Roco is also adorable. Ang saya niyo naman. :))

bLack aNgeL said...

he is really cute ms. bianca

Anonymous said...

so cute...kakatuwa talaga mga babies...

Donna said...

That is too cute!

Eric said...

hehe, cute...

clara serrano said...

Bianca and blog!..

I am very inspired by your stories and experiences..
I can’t even stop reading your words and sentences..
You’re blog is really fulfilling to read..
Makes me wanna do good deeds..

Im a writer at heart too..
That’s why I can relate most in you..
I write personalized poems like this one..
And I want to dedicated this to you when its done..

Im amazed how close you are to your brother..
How he seems so special like your sister..
Your mom also looks close to you..
And now even your nephew too..

Im inspired on how much you wanted to help those in need..
How much you want to donate, give and feed..
How you give time and effort to lend a hand..
And do everything that you can..

I also notice how you love travelling anywhere..
From Hongkong to Australia and everywhere..
You also didn’t attend to any prom right?..
And how you support ateneo to go win fight!..

You will always be an inspiration to me..
Its in you where my dreams came to be..
I hope I can be someone like you someday..
And be an inspiration to others in my own little way..

Keep doing what you love most..
Travel to more places from coast to coast..
Help more kids and make them learn to seek..
More hosting jobs for you and more y-speak!..

- Clara Serrano -

Anna Patricia said...

OH MY GOSH can he be any more cuter?! We should all have dinner in our house on December! I'll tell Pel...

ice bautista said...

hi bianca-- my daughter is also 10 month old. i can totally relate...

Tet said...

wow, roco is so cute! )

katkatkat said...

that's cute! :)

priceless moment indeed

Sheen said...

Roco looks like a girl. i swear. Super cute.

katedadz said...

i finally got to watch ittt!!!!! (sorry, ngayon ko lang nafigure out. HAHA.)

yes, yes. okay, ROCO IS THE CUTEST. fine. hahahaha.

kagwapo. =)))

lyzz h. said...

awww.. supercute.. hehe