20 November 2010

join the mchappy day run!!!! :)

click on the poster to register!
everyone is welcome!
see you there! :)


Tsina said...

I was supposed to join here, kaya lang long weekend. I'm planning to be home in the province. Sayang.

Danica said...

this looks fun and a great time for family bonding! :)

Anonymous said...

hey bianca i know this is a bit off topic but i just want to say your my ultimate crush haha :)

Anonymous said...

sana meron din nyan dito sa CDO..:D

johnken said...

when will i find my bianca g? gaaah :D


Hi Bianca, hope you can help me out with my Christmas project. Please check out http://www.christmasthree.blogspot.com/


ching said...

this is gonna be fun! wooot

IsauraQuevedo said...

cool. nice blog. x

Anonymous said...

Dear bianca, 

Im king. Avid visitor of you're blog. Can't remember the first time. 

Im not a fan cause i could barely sit infront of a tv and watch your shows . But you are a great inspiration in my life right now. All my life, ive only had a few people that i look up to. Sabi nga nila choosy ako. But seriously, i seldom find myself running after someone's biography. The last i checked on was Carrie Underwood because she's so down to earth and her story just lifts my spirit. Anyways, id like to share my own piece of story. I hate being dramatic but this is true.

Ive probably read about 90% of your entries. Took me awhile since im not a bookworm and the fact that reading makes me sleepy. All your inspirational entries are true. I just came from the "pre-midlife crisis" when i started reading your blog. During those times i had no clue what to do if something big comes along as i live the mid-life crisis. Reading your posts made me feel at ease. Helped me in someway to make the best decision for myself. Marami akong natutunan at dahil dun maraming maraming salamat.

But one post stood out. And that's the post where you shared the story about your job from being a model to becoming who you are now. GOD HAS A PLAN.

This hit me so hard. It has been a cliche all my life. Until i experienced it myself. I remembered reading it and did'nt really care. Then comes the night before my birthday. I was in my room. Listening to Casting Crow's WHO AM I. All of a sudden memories came rushing in from the year that passed. It was not a good year before that night. I had problems in all the aspects of my life. And as i keep playing the song over and over and crying ive realized the purpose of having such a traumatic year. And the purpose was for me to lay in my bed one night listen to a song, cry and realize how strong I am to have gone passed all the troubles. I saw God's plan that night. He planned the best birthday for me. A birthday where tomorrow would not be worrt. He prepared a special celebration for me. I celebrated my birthday the next day. And it was great. It took Him a year to prepare a birthday that i would never ever forget. I keep recalling your post. Indeed God had a plan for me. And the longer His plan seems unknown the bigger the surprise. Days after my birthday i did very well at my job getting commendations after commendations. 

Thank you Bianca. You had shared something that I would carry on for life. I lnow you get these kind of compliments but from the bottom of my heart thank you. I am inspired. 

I am more than just a fan. I am one person who hates drama and yet here a i am. Thank you. Thank you very much. I hope i get to inspire other people likw wgat you've done. Thank you.