08 February 2011

goodbye, y speak.

i never thought i would see the day come that i would have to say goodbye to the show i care so much about. all good things come to an end, yes, its true. and though i am heartbroken that y speak is saying goodbye, at the same time, i am filled with honor and fulfillment to have been part of a show that was an instrument of change. for me, y speak was more than a television show. it was an ideal. an idea. a brand. y speak stood for the empowerment of the youth. hopefully, making every young person who got to watch the show even once, feel that his or her voice matters in society, and that he or she, can do something to make the world a better place.

i will forever hold y speak dear to me because..

y speak was my first ever show on abs-cbn. i was a senior in college. i remember being handpicked by father tito caluag and the management of the show to be put together with top broadcaster karen davila and top tv host ryan agoncillo. i remember the intense pressure with every show ending, that i had to say my final word and assessment, alongside ryan and karen. i remember thinking, "who the heck would want to listen to what a college student would have to say?!" but i watched, listened, and learned from ryan, karen, father caluag, and our whole staff. so much of what i know about hosting, i learned while doing y speak.

y speak was the first show i hosted solo. from being an audience correspondent when we launched on abs-cbn, to being resurrected on studio 23, to being reformatted as a documentary show. y speak was the first show to trust me to host it solo. y speak was the show that gave me the chance to shine and prove my worth. in the six years of the show, i got to do unforgettable one on one interviews that i will forever hold dear to me, including those with jun lozada, gilbert teodoro, chiz escudero, pia cayetano, the dynamic teen company (before they won in cnn), and many, many more.

y speak molded me as a person. it was because of y speak that i discovered my advocacy for the youth. it was because of y speak that i knew i wanted to spend my life doing some form of public service. it was because of y speak that i decided to fight for children's education, why i put together the 'help kids learn project', and how i eventually was appointed to be a child rights supporter for unicef philippines. its free to dream! and y speak helped make my dreams a reality!

i would like to thank those who shared their voice to y speak..

thank you karen davila for even saying yes to hosting y speak on its past midnight airing time on abs-cbn way back in 2004! i remember just shuddering while standing beside you, being at a loss for words, but you were always so generous and giving to the "new kid on the block". i will forever be your fan, you are one of the best journalists the country has even seen!

thank you father tito caluag for seeing the potential in me. i knew off the bat, you were biased because i was from ateneo, just like you. haha! but thank you for seeing past all superficialities, thank you for seeing what's in my mind and in my heart, and thank you for coming up with the idea of this whole show in the first place.

thank you atom araullo for being part of y speak! you often had to rush from tv patrol coverage to taping episodes, but you still always gave so much credibility and life to y speak. your y speak family is so proud of you and we are totally betting you will be the biggest name in news when its time for our generation to shine!

thank you kuya kim atienza for the vibrance and energy and knowledge you lent to our show! even though you were already so big time in the news department, you still always made time for our humble little show. thank you for being our forever "wais speaker" and i will forever be your little sister!

thank you tj manotoc for always being there for y speak! whether it be a forum in manila, a quiz bee for students, an out of town trip, you always made time for y speak, and for that, we love you so much! thank you for showing so much passion for the show!

thank you mo twister for making y speak so exciting! you were in transition then, deciding whether to be a kapamilya or a kapuso, but you still always made time for y speak. i absolutely loved hearing your opinion, whether we agreed or disagreed, and people may say this or that about you, but i say you're one of the coolest, most genuine people around!

thank you to more members of the y speak family for sharing your talent and your thoughts..

bam aquino
patricia evangelista
jc cuadrado
mikee lee
bettina carlos
enchong dee
ricci chan
vince liwanag
sam concepcion
jiggy cruz

and of course, my original partner, to whom i owe so much of what i know in this career of mine, ryan agoncillo. everyone knows how much i miss working with you, but i am so, so, so happy for you and how your career has grown since after y speak! thank you for teaching me how to be a host. before working with you on y speak and even on review night, i knew nothing about hosting. just watching you and talking to you, i learned so much. you are really so good at hosting, and i never told you this to your face, pero napakagaling mong host at idol talaga kita! thank you for being the heart of y speak. it was an honor to have worked with you. :)

thank you so, so much to all the award giving bodies that recognized y speak!

2005 anak tv seal
2006 ustv awards best public affairs show
2006 cmma best tv talk show
2007 anak tv seal
2007 ustv awards best public affairs show
2007 up gandingan best panel discussion
2007 kbp golden dove best public affairs show
2008 anak tv seal
2008 ustv awards best public affairs show
2008 up gandingan best panel discussion
2008 up gandingan best panel discussion host
..my first ever hosting award! thank you!!!!
2008 gawad tanglaw best public affairs show
2008 star awards best public affairs show
2009 anak tv seal
2009 ustv awards best public affaris show
2009 mtrcb awards special citation
2010 anak tv seal
2010 kbp golden dove best public affairs show

thank you from the bottom of all our hearts, for recognizing our efforts to create a quality program that people can learn from and help form their opinion with.. we hold all these awards dear to us!

thank you to everyone who ever became part of the show, without you guys, y speak will not be possible..

thank you noel ferrer, the original executive producer of the show. the concept of y speak was formed as a joke while father caluag and ryan were hanging out one day. it was noel that put it all together and made it all possible. thank you for loving me noel and believing in my talent. thank you for pushing for y speak to be launched!

thank you sir leo katigbak for being so passionate about y speak. so many times our show had no ratings or advertising to boast of, but you believed in what the show stood for and fought for it so much, thank you. that means so much to us who love the show!

thank you mori rodriguez for giving fire to the show. every week you came up with so many ideas, you always thought of things to spice up the show, you always pushed each and every staff member to put a little fire into the show. thank you for loving y speak and for loving me!

thank you mark salamat and ate karen almeida for seeing the show through, from the time you inherited it, you loved it as your own. through going off air to on air again, from weekly to monthly, you never gave up on y speak. and i have you both to thank for that!

thank you for being not just workmates but friends, mae manalac, oxy del rosario, xavier gravides, kathy geronimo, phol, dianne, l.a., m.a., rona, direk elvie, direk arnel..

thank you to every single wonderful member of the y speak family..

may lacar
tia pilits
tita becky

thank you calc and the rest of the forumers at superbianca.proboards.com who have documented the yspeak episodes from the start. thank you for all the screencaps i used in this post.

thank you of course to all our bosses who made y speak possible.. sir march, miss lala, sir vince, miss rose, miss dorskie, sir buboy, and ma'am charo.

and of course, the biggest thank you of all goes to every single person who watched y speak, whether religiously or just one episode, to every single person who has been part of our panel, those who have been resource speakers for us, those who have sent in their comments to the show, you all are what y speak is all about. SPEAKING OUT.

thank you to everyone who because of y speak, believe that we young pinoys have a voice in society too. do not stop empowering yourselves.

tayong lahat ang bumubuo ng boses ng kabataan na walang inuurungan.


zhequia said...

all good things does not last eh? bianca, you have grown so much in the years that has passed. we may not know each other personally but through time i know you have widen your horizons and yes, you have become stronger. better and wiser. :D

y speak does not end here. y speak stays with us. forever. FOREVER.

Jun Creoles said...

Y Speak is where we all start to admire you. Not just your beauty, but your whole being. And yes, for fans like me, Y Speak's legacy will forever remain.

yhun said...

I used to watch Y Speak way back when it was just starting. Super galing. I really could feel the debates. Parang as if I was part of the show. :D

And I admire you, Miss Bianca since then. Pretty and witty kasi. Reading your post made me remember na crush ko pala si Ryan nong time na yon. haha

Anyway, I'll be looking forward for another great show! :D

barrycyrus said...

I remember when this show was just starting. Twas revolutionary :)

Anonymous said...

Yspeak is one of the best shows ever. thanks for being part of it bianca. you touched so many lives. i hope you continue to inspire us in anything that you do.

ianne said...

nkakalungkot naman na mtatapos na ang ypseak.
i remember na high school pa ko nun when the show started and it has been part of my life hanggang ngayong college na ako (3rd year to be exact).
but anyway,i know that ABSCBN has in-stored more shows like this for the youth like us and im hoping that ikaw pa rin sana ung host nun if ever.
CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU SO MUCH YSPEAK for the success and for keeping us inspired.
for you Ate Bianca, more power sayo and may God bless you always!
mwah. :))

Jan said...

This is one show I won't forget in my college years! Here's hoping for another ABS-CBN youth advocacy show! Great job Ms. Bianca!

venussmileygal said...

Good things happen in Goodbyes. The exact reason why is sunset more colorful than sunrise.
Y speak has been the voice of the youth for many years it will always be remembered. :)

tattytale said...

heartwarming post!it has been a long journey for y speak! kakasad naman talaga na it has come to an end :(

kudos to all you guys!

kajing said...

awww this post made me cry.
things may have to end but always remember that what you have accomplished has made a difference to everyone's lives.

tayong lahat ang bumubuo ng boses ng kabataan na walang inuurungan-Yspeak!

Arianne said...

You are one of the best persons I've seen on television, ate Bianca. You've inspired me so much from the beginning through your blog posts, tweets and hosting. I love you!

Gail Austin said...

Thank You for inspiring and empowering so many people! I love you YSPEAK. I'm in tears as I read this post. I followed your show since High school. Good bye Yspeak.

annie marie. said...

hi miss bianca,

i did remember watching y speak before and yes i do agree it is the voice of the youth i loved your show, and couldn't believe that tfc didnt carry it when they finally decided to go global, but i hope you more youth empowerment shows... God Bless always.

aRleen said...

well said Bianca...we'll surely miss the show...God bless!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the inspiration!! Youre such an amazing person. Keep the faith!!! mj

Anonymous said...

i will forever be a fan of Y Speak. thank you for representing our voices, our ideas, our generation. you and the show have inspired us.

i've been an avid fan since it started. it was always a date with my dormmates every saturday afternoon (original timeslot).

thank you bianca.

forg/jecoup said...

I will miss this show, I love the documentary show, too bad the new management at S23 could not keep the show anymore. You really grew on this show Bianca and congrats for the six wonderful years! Anyway, Mara Clara nga na revive pa, I'm sure someday babalik din ang Y Speak


katedadz said...

why do they have to end such a GREAT show?!?!?! Bye Yspeak. :(((((((

Still, congratulations to all of you! Mabuhay ang boses ng kabataan!!!!!

Vangie ♥ Life said...

thank you for blogging this ☺, you inspired me to blog.. you're so beautiful inside & out...
so so ♥♥ it! ♥

Franco said...

All i can say is..

Anonymous said...

jodel tanael:
It's sad that y speak had ended. . . i've started watching it in my college days and i've learned a lot of things from this show, i'll never forget y speak and the partnership of ate bianca and mr.ryan agoncillo. . .
i hope a new show will be created for the empowerment of the youth.
good job to the staff and everyone who become instrumental for the creation and success of this show.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca...
I am so much fond of reading ur blog. From 2004-2011 Feb this year. Great writer :D

Anonymous said...

i am seriously tearing up while reading your entry. y speak has totally changed my life. i used to be so naive and passive when it comes to the philippines, but your show opened my eyes to the reality. it woke me up and helped me realize that i need to be an advocate of change to obtain change. thank you so much for being such an inspiration to the youth. y speak will always be remembered. nawala man ang show, patuloy pa rin na lalaban ang kabataan.

Anonymous said...

haha napupuyat na ko from reading all your blogs i cant seem to let it go..

newei ill read more later..i just have to say nasayo na lahat tlaga..i swear u have the brains the beauty and class!

u really are an inspiration :D keep blogging! thank you

chase said...

i will be forever a fan of y speak and review night.. thanks for the memories!

lynette.aika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lynette.aika said...

Y-Speak has always been one of my favorite shows on Philippine TV. It influenced me big time. Too bad it had to end. I will never forget this show and the values that it taught me.


Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I watched y-speak and it was because you were in it. And it all became a habit not just because you were there, but also because every after episode I am learning a lot of things. Y-speak made me aware of what's happening around. And I owe it all to you. Thank you. Thank you for helping us youth to speak out through this show. And just like you y-speak will forever be in every youth's heart.

Thank you for loving us, youth. :)

Anonymous said...

why is Y speak ending..?? why not banana split..?? or other non-sense existing programs... it is one of the shows that i watch on tv back when i was still living in the philippines... I am praying they are going to replace it with a show that is similar to it......

hikerlj said...

not only Ryan, ikaw din bianx. You've grown and improved your craft through the years!
Kudos to everyone in Y Speak...you ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

you're one of the best tv host in philippines and you're very pretty as well. i hope you'll be having more shows to come. eventhough I'm here in UK, I'm still a big avid fan of yours and still watch your shows and follow you through twitter :) more power and godbless


>>> Carl Mondala said...

you are the BEST Bianca!

zaharatales said...

aw.. we will miss y speak!

salve said...

i will be missing Yspeak... i love the the show so much.inaabangan ko parati every saturday. to bianca,kip up d good work. i know in the future, u will be 1 of the best hosts on tv..god bless

Micamyx said...

I first admired you when i saw you in the show. I am sure your fans will miss it. We saw you grow in that show :D

Anonymous said...

i've been waiting for your next blog post, but saddened to see that it had to be a farewell entry for y-speak. kudos to everyone! great run! God bless. :))

Lau said...

awwww ::(( so sad to hear that one of my favorite show has about to eND,. i'm sad for you bianca,,i konow how importANT yspeak for u...i wiLL be missing YSPEAK sooooo Muchh.. but still we have to be thankful too to your show,,, it really inspires us a lot and made us aware happening around us.. a JOB WELL DOne bianca... we will always here to support you bianca...GODBLESS ,;:)

maanne dela cruz said...

hi bianca! i'm really sad because Y Speak is going off the air. It gave the youth so much chance to voice their comments and feelings. because of Y Speak, the youth was always given the priority to be heard. I will miss the show so much, I was a viewer since it started in 2004.thank you for being the instrument for the youth's voice to be heard.

Pamela said...

i used to watch y speak when it was still aired at abs-cbn. i just so love the idea of the show, and today, learning that it came to its end made me a little sad. sad because the show is not just a good show. it was an empowering show that i bet no other show can beat. it's a legend. i hope abs-cbn would still come up with something like y speak or maybe revive it again someday. i believe that there's still hope. :D

tattlingflapper said...

Ate Bianca, wala pong bang papalit sa Y Speak na parang ganun din ang tema? Sayang naman po, ang ganda pa naman po ng Y Speak. :(

Anonymous said...

awww...sayang naman y speak, i love this show!

Anonymous said...

nakakapanghinayang nga nawala ang Y speak kung tutu usin na marami itong awards last year.... kahit namam sino ay masasaktan....
isipin mo na lang ms. bianca na lahat may kapalit sa isang magandang bagay na nawala na mas bongga pa....
kasama mo ako/kami sa paghihintay nyan...


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I was able to watch Yspeak just once. But, that one-time experience made me realize many things. Its impact gave me another reason to be matured and to think not just for my self, but, for others too. What had ended is just the show. Yspeak's effect will always be felt, and hopefully, will continue until forever. =)

Thanks God for making Yspeak an instrument of change.

Anonymous said...

it so sad that y speak has come to its end...but wait for us "true blood y speak fan" y speak will still be in our heart.i,personally will always remember all the things that this show has taught me...it will always be here in my heart:D

JeffZ said...

Y speak has made a huge impact in the philippine television and made all of us aware of what our youth could do.. 8 years of empowering not only the youth is not easy..

I'll always remember the time when y speak went in Don Bosco Mandaluyong to discuss about Technological Display of Affection or TDA. What's more memorable is the picture I've taken with you!.. hehe :D 'twas in 2004 I think.. :D

More power Bianca!

Donie Alegre said...

Hey.... I like your blog and I will be starting to follow you.. Thanks for your posts. I hope I can learn from your articles.. More power Ms. Bianca...


MeannMunoz. said...

Just like everybody here, I love Yspeak. Ive been a follower since i was 14 and now I'm 20. It's where I started admiring you, Bianca. You really are an idol. Just continue being a blessing to others.

I personally learned alot from Yspeak. Yspeak rocked my world. Kudos to Yspeak. Yung iniwan ng Yspeak sa manonood nito simula ng nag-umpisa ay nakakatatak na sa bawat puso at isip nila. Continue being a blessing, Bianca!

Anonymous said...

awww..how come this will be removed??huhuhu..it breaks my heart too..this is a very great show for us youth, it made me empowered and inspired to be more proactive in issues relating to our country and on how us youth can actvely participate to change. and also, thank you bianca for being a great model to all youth. you're a very inspiring person inside and out. job well done!

Mylene said...

hi bianca! such a great post...as usual. i will miss Y Speak. It was a great show. I wonder why it ended... But you've touched many young (and once-young)lives so you'll forever be remembered..Thanks to everyone who made it possible.. :)

Mylene said...

Great post! We will miss Y Speak!!! Thanks for touching many lives! :) Keep shining..

lipblock said...

I love Y Speak...sobrang dami kong natutunan sa show na iyan....nag grow ako as a person bcoz of yspeak.....it totally changed my paradigm....Yspeak is truly not just a tv show but it is a medium for awareness and change..
all good things comes to an end nga...mabuhay Y-speak!!!

kriztinn said...

It was a great show especially when it was still you and Ryan hosting the show.

Angela said...

Hi Ms Bianca, congratulations for the six wonderful years of Y Speak! :)

Happy valentines!! <3 I was reading your first posts. (2003) And since it's hearts day, can I make a request? :) How about sharing to your young readers about relationships? Heehee. More power! :)

(I used to follow you here but I deactivated my account. But you still inspire me through your blogs. :D Take care!)

Jef Menguin said...

At the end of the day, I say, congratulations! Job well done.

aby ♥ said...

We will miss Y Speak! We learned a lot from this show. Good job for being there from the start till the end. Thanks for being the voice of the youth. =)

Anonymous said...

Kindly support this cause.Thanks! =) http://philippines.youthsays.com/catherinerherrera/cribs-foundation

Nhil said...

I still remember the times when I would rush to my grandma's house just so I could watch Y Speak 'cause our Channel 23's signal was really bad.

Will definitely miss the show. You honestly did a great job. :)

Kudos to you! :)

sofia said...

(shouting your name out loud! haha!)

I'm a fan of yours!
Did you know that recently lang ako naging part ng blogspot? And it's because of you <3
At.. did you also know that, by God's grace, I've already read all your blogs! It took me 3 consecutive days! You're an inspiration.. You're my idol next to Sarah Geronimo!

Stay the same. Hope to see you in person! And have an autograph! Wee, so exciting! Basta, I love the way you express yourself through writings! Sana maging author ka someday, I'll be the very first consumer na bibili ng book mo! :)

Walang mapaglagyan ang kasiyahan ko to be influenced by you.. God is a good God! He let me know this things :)

* I'm also one of your thousands followers! And kelan lang nung nagka-interest ako na i-click yung link sa profile mo! And fortunately, I've discovered something na gusto ko din gawin.. to express, to write, and to traveeeeeeel!

Much love,
Sofia :)

My Futile Attemp At Blogging said...

i am one of those people who looked forward to Y Speak every single week. I always looked forward to what topic/issue you're gonna be discussing and what you had to say about it. I think this is the kind of show you should be doing, bianca. it has a purpose and it inspires people. i grew up with it. it helped me form my own informed opinion on important matters. it breaks my heart to know that it had to stop and I won't be seeing you in it anymore. it just does.

oliversiblerxn said...

I watched Y-speak since highschool..

Tin Regis said...

big opportunities will yet to come. ^_^ Y-speak gave a lot of lessons and opinions about different issues in and out of the country. I will miss this show. God bless to you, Bianca!

mymy said...

reading this blog of ur's brings back the time that i am looking in the television, watching a girl of the same generation spilling out her voice in the national tv..and since then i admire that girl and i became a fan..ate (just showing some respect)bianca u inspire so many youth(including me)because of ur ideas and advocacies..we are also sad that y-speak has to end but as the saying goes..if the door closes many windows will open..we hope that this will not stop u for inspiring us..just continue what ur doing bec. u are loved by many people..ur such a GOOD HOST..!!THANK YOU FOR ALL THE INSPIRATION..:)

ONLY HOPE said...

AWWW! i share with everyone's sadness with Y Speak's end. I became a fan of it and through it, I became your fan.

Well, at least, Y SPEAK is part of our history - a tool for shattered voices, ground for clarity, and media of solution

dms27|for your eyes onlye said...

WOW this is really nice blog Miss BIANCA.. :)

Really nice to see people helping out others. God speed.

Jing said...

I did watch Y Speak and I felt sad that the show will have to end. However, i am happy & proud of the show even if i'm just a mere viewer. It gave the idea to the youth that yes, our opinion matters. We are free to express it. For that THANK YOU, Y SPEAK!

grace-grasshh said...

wow! upon reading some of the comments, i learned that ms. bianca has been an inspiration to many people. ms. bianca, i am your new follower...i am a fan of yours and to snn..your mind really speaks and that's what i like more about you...creating an advocacy and letting people know about it is somewhat a fulfillment because you are after of the welfare of anyone...it is a mission to go onwards and a hope to move forwards...continue shinning on! you will lit every little lamps on the road just as you lit mine...thank you and i am hoping we can share some thoughts..

grace-grasshh said...

hello po

Eric said...

Hi Bianca, I'm your avid follower and to y speak. Yeah, good things ended because best things are going to coming in. I'd like to thank you for being part of our my life. I've learned a lot from you. Your opinion matters a lot to me.