20 May 2011

party time! the kiddie way.

ever since my little, personal help kids learn project started in 2005, i've been so blessed to have family, friends, and supporters with golden hearts that are always willing to help!

aside from the regular school supplies distribution, every year, i also get together a group of friends to be ates and kuyas for the day to less fortunate little kids through a kiddie party.. where else, but in my favorite place as a kid and until now, mcdonald's!!!! :p

this was after christmas back in 2008, my first time to mount the kiddie party! we had incredibly sweet kids from tuloy sa don bosco join me and my beloved supporters. :)

for my birthday in 2009, i got my college and high school barkada to join me for the hklp kiddie party. they played ate and kuya for the day to kids from a depressed area in paranaque. :)

christmas later that year, i wanted to celebrate the season of giving with my supporters by taking them again to give their time and love to kids also from paranaque!

i'd now like to share with you a few photos of our kiddie party for this year, to celebrate the anniversary of the forum that my all-too-sweet supporters have been running for me. they are really the sweetest!

so the day starts out with the big ates and kuyas choosing who they would like to be their little brother or sister for the day. you know how when you meet someone, you instantly feel a connection with him or her? that's the idea behind this. :)

ate monica with katrina and francis, ate kate with dominic and crystal, ate jingky with amelyn, ate zoo with nico.

ate klaw with kathlene and marvin, ate sol with mark james, ate jill with princess, ate guica with junnel and john lloyd. (yes, john lloyd talaga! :p)

ate verna with leomar and john rey, ate jacq with sharra mae, ate glai with chris ivan, ate mau with jenne rose.

ate mitchie with queene, kuya chigo with rose ann, kuya calc with donna ann, my mom with daisy and mark james, the real ate and kuya of the kids. :)

the little kids played for cool mcdonald's prizes! one of the games of course is the walang kamatayang bring me!

there was a game for both the big kids and little kids, that was all about body parts! elbow to knee! shoulder to chin! haha! laugh trip tong laro na to.

then another game for the little kids to see how alert they are. a hybrid of the paa, tuhod, balikat, ulo chant!

of course the kids went wild when ronald and grimace came out! both little and big kids ang nagkagulo! haha!

the kids were also thrilled when they got to dance with ronald and the gang! :)

and on their own, a group of little girls presented a dance number on the spot! i was surprised to find out na mahilig sila sa lady gaga! :p

at the end of the day, i thanked the mcdonald's crew for never failing to throw amazing kiddie parties! the kids always have so much fun!!!! i had to thank all the wonderful kids from clinicville paranaque for lending their time, their stories, and their zest for life! i also had to thank the awesome biancsters, angels, pudgies, and even new twitter friends for making the kiddie party possible. at the end of the day the big kuyas and ates gave simple gifts to their little brothers and sisters, and hopefully in return they take home with them some life lessons learned. :)

the day would also not be complete without my mom who helped me put everything together, and who also instilled in me since i was a kid, the importance of giving back and sharing your blessings. thank you also to my nanay virgie who always helps out at the kiddie party, and who is a major force in making things happen for help kids learn project! :)

thank you for the love and support by making this help kids learn project shirt. so sweet. :)

here's a parting shot from the whole group! i hope that during your next celebration, may it be a birthday, may it be christmas, an anniversary, or just a celebration of blessings, that you may also share what has been so generously given to you, to others. :)

God is good, all the time! :)


Anonymous said...

Firs to like! =P

calculus said...

first to comment

Princess said...

Super Idol talaga kita, Ate Biancs!!!!!

Ruby said...

Wow  So love it... Keep on blogging and keep on helping others. God bless you

wandergirL* said...

Aww. I want to do this too. :)

All the best, Bianca!

Kris Ablan said...

Congratulations for this laudable project, Bianca!

May be one of these days we at Philippine Business for Social Progress can invite you and your friends to participate in our various social development projects.

Again, congratulations! And may your tribe increase!

oliversiblerxn said...

Such a good heart. More blessings.

wengke said...

Aside from your personality and what you do for these kids, I just have to say that I love, love, love your skirt. Where'd you get it?

Trish said...

I idolize you talaga Ms.Bianca. You're not just pretty outside but on the inside too. :) Keep doing what you're doing. May God bless you more :)

iMJEN83 said...

I agree! God is good at all times :)

k. said...

thank you! :) love you! :)

Anonymous said...

This has been my dream. Dream pa lang cya because I have not put them into action pa. OH GOSH! I just love gathering kids and see them smiling all the way. You really inspire me bianca. :) GREAT JOB!!! GOD BLESS YOU!

Anonymous said...

wow! hndi ka lng tlga maganda, you're sooo kind p =) kya yong mga tulad mo, pinagpapala ng sobra! you're one of those celebrities that i really look up to. kip it up Ms. Bianca G., because we love u just the way u are =) xoxo.

my first ever comment here,la lng,hehe.

oche said...

hi: i really love and admire you bianca. hmmm... lalo na fashion style mo... i just created new blog account and expect to more post na tulad ng fashion look mo. :)

Suhmy said...

It touches my heart to see these pictures of this kiddie party. What a wonderful project to be part of. It reminds me of something similar I did, although not quite to this extent. One Christmas Eve in the afternoon when I was in Central America. I bought many regular cheeseburgers at Mcdonalds and just handed them out to some less fortunate kids on the street. It made me feel so good to do that for them on Xmas eve.

Great job! Have a look at my blog! =)


Anonymous said...

hi biancs, grabe isa ka sa dapat tlgang maging idol ng kabataan :).You have a big heart for everyone especially those who are in need.you're my idol :) oh and btw, i want to be a member of unifec, papano po ba?

fiona said...

wonderful pics, great post..nice blog! idol! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca! Can I join your group?if you have party like this. I wanted to help especially kids. My friends and I celebrated our birthday in child house. The kids are so adorable. You cannot see any pain in their eyes. I hope to be with your team soon. Thank you! You have a kind heart! God bless you in everything you do!

Abby Rabi said...

This is great! Got plans on doing this too but I don't have any ideas on where and how to call kids' attention. How do you manage to dot his?

gelai said...

when i've read your blog about what you'll do on your site's 8th anniv, I wonder why the prize should be given to others..and now i know,i understand :) we should always give back and share our blessings to others .No matter how small or big your blessing is,we have to share and be generous in giving those less fortunate and also those who's in need. :) I love this blog <3 :)