15 June 2011

dare to do the juju cleanse?

juju cleanse. yup, not jeje, juju. :) i first heard of it from my friend belle on twitter, after which i looked it up online..

why want to detox? i've been wanting to do some sort of detox cleanse for a long time now, because i love eating junk food! i love eating meals with lots of different seasonings. i do enjoy the occasional nights out. and i do eat healthy as much as i can, and exercise regularly, but feel like at 28, its time to go through a major detoxifying program.

why the juju cleanse? the retreat type facilities found in tagaytay or batangas are a bit expensive, and the master cleanse (lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper) is a bit too hard core for me. the juju cleanse was reasonably priced, and seemed easy enough for a beginner-at-cleanses like me to do.

which cleanse did i choose? i ordered my cleanse pack and it was delivered the day before i wanted to do the cleanse. i chose the level one, one-day program! there is a three-day program but i think that might be too hard core for me. i can't imagine not eating for three days!!!! i'll probably be so cranky and so sungit! haha. also, i chose to do the cleanse on a day i had no work.

each pack comes with six bottles. each bottle is filled with a veggie drink (that's just what i'd like to call it), and each drink has a different health benefit. take note, i am NOT a fan of veggie drinks. as in not. when other people say, "mmm, cucumber celery shake!", or "mmm, carrot apple shake!" i say, "yuck." i eat those as vegetables, but not as drinks. the only shake or juice i can take is watermelon or mango. so veggie drinks are a big deal for me!

you start off the day with a nice, hot cup of mint tea. and they provide the mint leaves too! i loooove hot tea so this was a treat for me. :p at this point of the day/cleanse, you gotta psych yourself for a whole day of not eating any solids! i think its really more psychological than physical hunger you have to battle.

you go through the day drinking one bottle at each designated time. i have to be honest and say i did not follow the times it said on the instructions (the first drink at 730AM is way too early for me! i'm still sleeping at that time! haha!) but i did space it out similarly through the day.

my honest assessment of each drink:

green - the yummiest of them all! its the green veggie drink that works on the alkaline levels in our bodies, the main post of the whole cleanse.
yellow orange - the spicy lemonade! i liked this one too. its exactly that, lemonade that's spicy! also works on alkaline levels and speeds up metabolism! (for those asking about the weight-loss effect of this program, i guess this helps achieve that. aside of course from the one whole day of not eating!)
red - honestly the most difficult one to drink! i am not a fan of beets, but the pineapple and carrot mixed into it helped the taste. i drank this straight up cause the guide said this works on cleaning my system!
yellow - a lot of people like this drink most, but since i'm not a fan of coconut (yes, probably one of the very few pinoys who doesn't eat or drink coconut, its very weird, i know) this intimidated me. its mixed with grapefruit and pineapple though which masks the coconut, and made it pretty yummy! this one replenishes electrolytes and boosts energy.
yellow green - the lemon salabat. i'm a salabat drinker for when my throat feels sore or i have a cough, so this one wasn't a struggle too. i opted to have this as a hot tea to end the day, instead of as a cold drink. at that point of the day my tummy needed something warm in it!

don't you get hungry through the day? actually, the six bottles are pretty big and i did feel full the whole day! kept on going to the bathroom to pee too, which i think is a good thing, and the point of the cleanse, to flush out all the toxins! so you do feel full, but you just can't stop thinking about food! as in throughout the day you will daydream of what food you wanna eat the next day. :p

do you recommend it? yes i do! for a non-veggie drink person like me, it was really, really tough, but at the end of the day i felt it was worth it. i even felt it was more worth it the day after! i felt healthy and i found myself drinking more water throughout the day. i think its something i want to do once or twice a year. i'm someone who doesn't believe in "don't eat this, it causes cancer," or "don't eat this, its bad for your cholesterol".. i honestly LOVE to eat and i won't stop myself from enjoying the wonderful food out there.. but! but. i do eat balanced meals, and i do exercise regularly, so all that, plus an occasional cleanse, should be enough. :)

any more tips? try doing it on a day when you don't have much work. also, try doing the cleanse along with someone else. it'll help if you feel like quitting and just grabbing a sandwich or a spoonful of rice! i want to thank jc for accompanying me in doing the cleanse. i realize its not a joke for a grown man with such an active lifestyle to not eat for one whole day, so thank you, i really appreciate it. :)

how to order the juju cleanse? visit their website at jujucleanse.com! you can also tweet them @jujucleanse or email them at info@juju.com.ph. :)

more than any marketing ploy or cute packaging, the juju cleanse is just one way of reminding ourselves to take care of our bodies. whatever cleanse or diet or health regimen you have, its so important to remember that its not just about losing weight or being thin, its about being healthy. health is definitely wealth. :)


Vera said...

Nice review! Been wanting to know more about since reading your tweets. Thanks for sharing! Maybe this is something I can do to kick off a healthier lifestyle :)

Michelle said...

OOoohhhh i want to try this out! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi biancs i just wanna ask what is the advantage of this juju cleanse? Well basically aside from making our body clean? Cos you know, im about to start my diet and as far as i can do i want to gather all the infos that will help on my diet-ing :) hope for your reply thanks :)

emk said...

Cool :) will see you again in SNN!
i really like it when you do Premiere Night reports.. :) God bless you!

tim said...

Cool drinks!

Anyway, happy to see your blog. And happy as well to find you doing this artist's orgasm LOL.

I called it this way, it's a rantings that cannot be spoken,but through writing. You will say more you will express more! Happy to add you and hey did follow you.. I hope, bilang fan mo mag comment ka sa aking blog.. Please :-( and greet me sa show mo.. hehehehehehe

zoe said...

same pa la tayo Ms.Bianca mahilig din kasi ako sa junk food. i wanna try this out and thank you for sharing.
stay pretty :)

jinky said...

nice post..very informative. .

mymy said...

hi ate bianca..nice one!!thanks for the info..i wanna try this out..i think i need that too..hehehe..:)

roanjean said...

Hi Bianca! Very informative review. I just wish they can franchise or have a branch in provincial areas (I'm in Cebu) so I could try that too. Been wanting to do cleansing too because I love to eat (sometimes unhealthily!).

- Roan
The Explosive Orange

MOI... said...

Hello po :)
Nasubukan ko na rin po yung all-liquid for 10 days (actually 9 lang po, I skipped the 8th day...haha). It's not juju cleanse though. Kape, energy drink and lotsa water ang na-try ko. I know, it's not healthy, pero effective kahit papano :))

marvzz said...
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princess rHi said...

When I read this post I got interested about the Juju cleanse and made a post about it^^ - http://fitfora-princess.blogspot.com/2011/07/juju-cleanse.html

yun nga lang medyo pricey kya can't afford :(
haist..sayang naman

ipainteditgray said...

When I saw this, I immediately thought of my significant other. He better try this out. And yes, I'll do this with him. We'll do the juju cleanse. Thank you for this review! Happy blogging! :)