05 July 2011

the azkals experience!

i'm a big football fan. ever since i was young, my brother made me sit beside him to watch world cup matches. he didn't play the sport, he's just a fan as well, but he taught me how to love the game.

i got the chance to meet azkals team manager dan palami at a unicef charity event where the azkals had a contribution, and i took the chance to ask him how i could get tickets to the july 3 world cup qualifier match against sri lanka here in manila. he happily said he'll send me tickets. and he did. :)

woohoooooo!!!! no way on earth i would miss this game. not on tv. live. right here in manila. the chance to cheer for the philippines. game on.

the traffic in manila on the roads leading to rizal memorial stadium was insane. there were banners everywhere cheering for the philippines! it was an awesome day for pinoy pride to shine! even the pedicabs had tarps to cheer on the azkals!

most of the spectators decided to just walk it. the energy on the streets while walking to the stadium was un-be-lie-va-ble!!!! there were people cheering, people with face paint, and vuvuzelas went off everywhere! yes! there were vuvuzelas! i wish i brought mine!

heading into the stadium, we bumped into so many familiar faces! old schoolmates who used to play football, friends who we watched world cup matches with, uncles who brought their kids, everyone who loved football was in rizal that day!

the sky was gloomy and the clouds were dark. the air was cool and there was a strong breeze to keep everyone in a great mood. the pitch was beautiful.

from the bleachers to the grandstand, the place was packed! it was so awesome to see so many people come together for the love of football!

the whistle went off, and the game began. everyone screamed and cheered at every single possession of the philippines! the rain was pouring as in it was raining cats and dogs for probably the first ten minutes of the game, but the fans who were soaking wet were enjoying every minute of it!

in the first part of the match alone, the azkals probably had 95% possession of the ball. the boys were in high spirits! and sure enough, in the 18th minute into the first half, after some seriously and sickeningly beautiful footwork, chieffy caligdong scored the first goal!!!!

after some serious screaming and dancing on the stands, everyone finally sat down and that was when i decided to take a photo! to prove that i really was there! hahaha! this is me with my dear friend henry, a big football fan himself! he actually went to south africa for semis of the last world cup!!!! lucky shmuck!

and because no one else would take our group photo, i had to take a photo of henry (again) and another dear friend maui! both henry and maui used to play football way back when they were in southridge, and both were wishing they never stopped playing! (dream on, boys! haha!)

a bit before half time, on the 42nd minute, after a lot of good attempts, phil younghusband scored a second goal for the philippines!!!! it was quite an anti-climactic goal cause the ball went in, and the crowd went wild, then the match officials had to discuss if there was indeed a foul and the goal wouldn't count, then the officials announced that it was clear, and the crowd went wild again! hahahahaha!

during half time everyone was in extremely high spirits, given that the score was philippines - 2, sri lanka - 0! then in the bleacher section, a huge philippine flag was passed around from one side of the field to the other! it was awesome!

whistle goes off again. second half. the crowds vocal chords were just about to recover from all the screaming in the first half when after outsmarting sri lankan defenders, angel guirado scored a third goal for the philippines on the 50th minute!!!! woohoo! as you can see everyone was jumping and screaming, which is why the photo is blurry. haha!

then, in the 56th minute, after stephan shrock was tackled by a defender inside the box, phil younghusband scored his second goal for the game via a clean and strong penalty kick!!!! 4-0 baby! yeaaaah!

at this point, everyone was just celebrating! there was clapping, cheering, screaming, dancing.. and of course, the infamous waaaaaaaaaaave!

after just a few minutes of injury time, the whistle went off for the last time, and everyone celebrated! 4-0, the philippines wins over sri lanka!!!!!!!! good job azkals!!!! you make every filipino proud to be pinoy!!!!

watching football live is an experience like no other. wow. :) and if the game high wasn't enough, on the way out, the sweetest azkals fans gave me this baller band as a gift. i love it! thank you whoever you are! :)

it is sooo good to see the love for football so alive in the philippines!!!! go azkals!!!!


Maureen Manuel said...

Wee! I really REALLY want to watch them play live on July 28! weee So proud :) ms. bianca, please do check my blog too >.< momamanuel.tumblr.com It's not just style blogs but i try to write about pinoy designers/models :)

Jen said...

i so like it! =)

Supladong Office Boy said...

only my blogger friends from the Philippines got the chance to watch the game LIVE and FREE..

nainggit tuloy ako sa inyo.. hope to watch live Azkals game next time. :)

Anonymous said...


Ralph Jayson Silang said...

Like you, Bianca, I am a football purist as well. A passionate one and I even cheer the Azkals' football chants back home when I watched it on TV. Football is such a beautiful sport, isn't it? People are now appreciating the beautiful sport from thinking that the sport is boring, which is not really. The passion, the drama, the little bit of violence, the tension, all of these can be seen of the football pitch. The colors, the flags, the chants, the unity, the sportsmanship of the people. That's why I love football. I love that the PFF and La Salle put their efforts on renovating the Rizal Memorial Stadium. The pitch was stupendous. I am quite nervous on our next assignment against Kuwait. Of course that you're aware that Kuwait is an Asian powerhouse in football. One of the developed nations in Asian football. Made a rare World Cup appearance in '82 and long-time Asian Cup participants. I hope that we can have a scoreless draw or somehow we can score on their backs. It's not impossible to win against them because anything can happen on football, right? Although you are an avid Barcelona fan and I am a passionate Manchester United fan (Glory, glory, MANUnited!), we are united with the people of the Philippines, sharing the love of our beloved sport and showing to the people what football can do in a country, having that unity just like a Pacquiao fight! Hopefully the sport grows, more sponsors to come and let's keep it rolling. Go Azkals Go!

amiel (radueriel) said...

had great fun too! at nabasa pa kami, even more fun!

Ae Llantada said...

awww! im SuperInggit! hehehe.. azkals FTW! i actually am not a fan of football (or any ball games!) until i saw how great team Azkals is!

Nica said...

I've been wanting to watch the game of Azkals! :) Thanks for posting these!
Have an awesome week Biancs! :D

Mel said...

That was a great day for Philippine sports! Pinoy pride at its finest. :)

romy said...

Thanks for the play by play account of the game. You're so good a writer that even if I'm not there, I could visualize what happened to the game through your account. Take care and keep up the good work.

mymy said...

wow!!i wish i experienced that too..exciting manood sa live telecast how much more in stadium..:)

nice job azkals!!u make evry Filipinos proud..congrats!!

Jen said...

I was the one who tweeted u about "cirque du soleil". I wonder if u would blog about it too? hehe... I wish u could read my blogs too someday. =)

Meikah said...

It was an awesome experience indeed! We were there, too! :) We hope to be there again on July 28th for the Azkals-Kuwait match. Go Azkals!!!

Jen said...

Hey Bianca, I just wonder if u have a boyfriend? Sometimes, when I am reading your blogs, I could see myself so much in you. A very free-spirited person. But I, too am much happy being that way, and with no one to make me feel better..I mean , even without someone else. Anyway, I wish you would reply even one of my tweets. I would be the happiest!!! (@jenannevee) anyway, u dnt have to accept this..just keep on inspiring people. Godspeed!

af22 said...

Kuya Dan is my friend/classmates brother here in Tacloban. Sana binigyan din ako ng ticket:)

Nina Lacson said...

I love how you blog!! feeling ko andun din ako!!! :))

Lea_ish said...

It's nice that you were able to watch the Azkals live and for that I'm a bit envious.
By the way, I would also like to share that we kind of have the same experience with [our]older brother, my kuya loves to watch Formula1 and tennis. Di ba dapat pinagbibigyan ang mas bata o mga bunso, but I had no choice, either i watch with him or do something else but eventually i grow to love what he's watching and until today i still religously watch 'em.=D

Earl said...

I hope 'tis true that the Filipinos will continue to embrace football and not just because of the hype of the Azkals. Somehow these guys have become celebrities and it's pretty easy to get lost into translation from loving the game to just simply idolize personalities.

dainee verallo said...

yep. FOOTBALL is alive here in Philippines. I love football too and i do wish that i can watch them live since i live in cagayan de oro. Gustong gusto ko talaga sila and im soo happy for you that you wer able to watch it live sana ako din inGods time. :)) Well, anyhow Let the football craze begins ! in PHILIPPINES.

heres my blog ate B : http://soccerhead.tumblr.com/

:)) I love yah !

rachel said...

Rachel Raval
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