22 July 2011

touched by a stranger.

day in, day out, with the pains and troubles life throws at us, we have our support system, our family and friends, to be there to give us love and support.

but there are also times that life surprises us, with someone we don't know, someone we've never met, someone we don't know if we'll ever see again, who is there for a fleeting moment to give us a bit of the love and support we need.

let me tell you about art barana, a crew member at the mcdonald's branch in valero corner de la costa street in makati. it was one late night after watching a play nearby that i ate dinner at this mcdonald's branch. the crew member at the counter had such a warm smile, had this endearing personality, super selling without being too pushy. the type that you meet, and magaan agad ang loob mo. i look to the right and saw this frame hanging hanging on the wall. it read: employee of the month. i asked him if that was him and he shyly said "yes". i said, "galing ah!" and he humbly replied, "chamba lang po yan." for some reason i wanted to take a photo of it, and i did. he jokingly said, "naku ma'am! bakit niyo po pipicturan, baka mapanaginipan ko po yan! salamat po ma'am ha.." (insert smile here) :)

i am extremely moved when i see people who are so dedicated to their job, however simple the job might be. how they really give their best, even if its late and they work long hours, even if you know its the end of their shift but they still have the same energy as if it were the start of their shift. if art can do his job with so much gusto and with a smile on his face, so can we. :)

in this photo, i am wearing a dress from @elrobeliza. for those who aren't on twitter, the @ sign means that is her twitter username. for all the girls, and fine okay for all the guys who like dressing up that are reading this, do you ever have that feeling looking into your closet and telling yourself, "i have nothing to wear!?" in the line of work that i am in, its so hard to manage wardrobe because there is a certain pressure that you can't repeat clothes. at least not that often. on one of my off days that i was feeling that i had nothing new to wear, i got to work and saw this package sent from batangas. in it was two dresses and a sweet handwritten note. i wore it for work and here is the photo i took to show elro that i got to use it. :)

i know i probably wouldn't have gotten the package if i were not in the work i was in. but despite that, i'm sure you have encountered once or a few times in your life when a total stranger gave you something just when you needed it. may it be letting you ahead in the line for the bathroom when you really, really have to go, or exchanging your ratty old peso bill for coins when the vendo won't accept your money. they are the modern day good samaritans. :)

before i introduce you to the last "stranger", no, its not my birthday. this photo was sent to me way back in march! :) meet tran huong ly from vietnam. she posted this photo on my official public facebook page and when i asked if she was a friend of my vietnamese friend thuong, she said she wasn't. when i asked her how she knew me, she said that she saw this korean tv special on kbs that i was a part of, and that she found me interesting, so she googled me and found my online accounts! note that the tv special i did was just a one time thing, that i was just part of a group of girls from all over asia, but she took the time out to search for me online. how amazing is that?! i'm still in awe of the power of the internet to connect people!

i myself have messaged foreign personalities i look up to, may it be on twitter or facebook! i've messaged oprah, anderson cooper, ryan seacrest, anthony bourdain, in hopes that they would read my message, and in even bigger hopes that they would reply! i never got any reply, EVER, but the feeling that they might've read my message is already enough for me! huong ly proved to me that though from a different country, despite many other messages i go through, each and every single message of appreciation counts!

strangers can definitely touch and move you, in the exact time that you may need it. pay it forward and go out of your way to do something nice for a total stranger. you'll never know, they just might need it too. :)


Nica said...

Awww, that's so sweet of that girl from Vietnam! :) ♥

maja murijin said...

i really like this. :) I love people who bring smiles and happiness to others even in small and trivial ways.



patsuyLB said...

ay, am touched! ^_____^

paregards kay employee of the month =)

dhoree said...

yes indeed.. even if they are strangers,,some of them can bring a smile and touched our lives.. ;)

Ralph Jayson Silang said...

Wow, I am so inspired to work hard because like the old saying, "It feels good to work hard on what your passion is." I believe in that saying. Perseverance is the key! Anyway, I just thought that McDonalds crew guys somehow relates into my life but with way different. Sort of never giving up in life and continuing the cycle. So, kudos to him and hope more Filipinos will be inspired.

elrobeliza said...

thank you for this blog post ms. bianca. i feel so lucky that you had me posted. this means a lot and i just can't help but love you more. :) thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

Is it only me who can open up more and feels lighter talking/conversing to a stranger in the internet? Well, not those dangerous strangers... you know what I mean?

Probably because we don't have to pretend or keep up a certain image to them? Hhhhmm... :)

Tran Huong Ly said...

omg, the feeling is overwhelming now. thank you, thank you Bianca for featuring me on your blog. please always know that biancsters are always by your side. god bless you!

MeannMunoz. said...

You deserve to be loved and be liked, Bianca. I have been a fan since your Yspeak days. Im 20 now and you never fail to give me reasons to love and like you. It is your heart(aside from your intelligence) that makes you more beautiful. Keep it up! No need for some fancy words. Thank u for inspiring me to blog. =)-Meann Munoz of Lipa City.

Jen said...

thank u so much for sending a reply to me on twitter though I may be a stranger to u. I have written a blog, entitled "LOVE" and I have featured and mentioned u in there. I hope u could read that if u have time. here's the link... http://lifeteasers.blogspot.com/2011/07/love.html

this is so sweet post of yours! =)

Dianne said...

Hi! There's always a light feeling associated with every entry you make, you do not know how many times you have touched my heart by way of your writing. You are one of the many reasons why i am inspired to maintain a blog, up until now. :)

I really do admire you, not just because you're beautiful or for the talent you show on TV, but as a person who's full of wisdom and humility. Someone, who even in little ways, reach out to people to express her gratitude.

It's always worth it going back to your blog after a week or two and find you've got something for your readers. Keep writing!


princess rHi said...

nice post..
sobrang nakakarelate^^
a simple kind gesture from strangers could really brighten up your day. It happened to me many times before ^^
They're God's instrument of blessing to us ^^

taxikisses said...

this just made my night :D Now I have something to do and look forward to for tomorrow :)

gvgracy said...

I'm an avid reader of your blog .. there is always something to smile about. be happy about. be grateful about. Keep it UP .. and do u know that you are like strangers to me too? coz we don't know each other technically but you have always paint a smile on my face whenever I read ur entries.. :)

fao rani said...

hi bianca, where could i get your email address? need to ask you something =)

J said...

just like when you replied to one of my tweets and even sent me a direct message. kung pwede lang i-frame e. haha. thanks for taking time to acknowledge me. more power to you ms. bianca :)

loidzmiatch said...

reading your entry brought tears to my eyes. i, too have been lucky enough to have encountered modern day samaritans and it touches my heart every single time. like you, i also have messaged a lot of personalities in my lifetime like christina ricci, larissa oleynik(the secret world of alex mack) and i actually got replies and photos, even. it really made a difference.
I have also been following you in twitter and your blog for years now and i love your entries Bianca. esp the one about having pride for being morena, because I am too.

Thank you so much for empowering a lot of people, esp pinays everywhere.
If you must know, you're blogs touch hearts too.
keep up the good work Bianca!

Itsyaboykorki said...

nice one ....

yna said...

superbianca언니 \ ( ^ v ^) /

there's no wonder you've caught her (tran huong ly) attention.

i've also watched the TV special and your reactions to the situations are sooo♥ cute :D - its like you've spent so much time with them already

i remember one time when you've altogether (finally!) met Kim Beom for the first time, you said "oh~~ my!!"

it was posted like this

bianca's 'oh~~ my!!' ^^,

you've also stood out

group picture
sorry about the quality. i've just screencap it on a video.

i just can't help but take a screencap of this comment on the video about the TV special

the video was actually uploaded way back may 2010

"Bianca's gorgeous. She's very smart too. You represented your country well." -junkuze

bianca gorgeous :)

top comments on the video

**sorry i cant upload the actual picture**

Kim Beom's Interview regarding the Date :)

@leeyeonyoung ;3

Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons why I keep visiting your blog. You have the biggest heart, Bianca.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring. I am currently doing my school works when I felt so tired and remembered your blog, so I checked it out. And just like I was expecting, your post made me smile. You made me smile when I just needed one. Thank you. Keep inspiring people. :)

Dolly said...

I love this post. It's amazing how a stranger can brighten up your day in a very simple way such as smile..

Jess said...

I agree! It's amazing how the littlest things can have such a huge impact on another person's life :)

lvdvitug said...

Haha Ate Bianca Tnx sa reply sa twitter i never expect na magreply a celebrity like u to reply to such a simple Question "Whats your favourite city in the world ?" You rock my day when u replied back =)

Binog said...

it's just so hard not to love you :D

xav said...

Bianca, I need your advice. I wanted to apply for a specific job, but when the company called me, they offered me a sales/marketing job. I really want to work for that company, but I'm hesitant to accept the sales job. I told them that I will think about it though. I doubt that they will call me again. I also had the same experience as you did yesterday.. I was in a photoshoot where I wasn't the model..and loving it! The stress, hours and all! :) It was like you read what's on my mind.. I thought, how crazy is that? Anyways, I just don't want to regret any decisions. Thanks..

princesalakwacha said...

bianca, the story about the mcdonald's crew just made me smile..;) sometimes we encounter such people but we take take for granted how we can show our appreciation.. i appreciate your blog even more ( more than tips on travel/hang out places - that is) :D

Lourie Mantilla said...

NAME: Lourie Jane Mantilla
AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: Admin Assistant
CITY: Davao City
Twitter: realLourie
email: enaj_jane2001@yahoo.com

Fave Blog Post:
15 August 2011 titled
"i wish i could fly business class all the time."

Honestly, its just recent (hmm.. 3 months)that I read your blogs (credits to twitter). All your blogs about traveling is just awesome and my fave blog of yours just summarize it all (it was easier for me to choose na! hehe). It has been my dream to travel, but because I still have to earn and save for my brothers education, reading your blogs are sort of reminders for me not to let go of my dream. that sooner, just like you, will be able to travel. sa philippines lang muna..tapos ibang bansa na. di ba cool? hehe. :)

also, im not a blogger but i love to read and write kahit na wrong grammar pa. hehe. basta it i can express my thoughts.

hmm.. want to avail that two pairs of chuck taylors for my younger brother. since I can't buy him new shoes pa as of the moment because of many reasons. hehe. Two pairs of chuck's will make him happy, and im sure it'll make him more happier if its chuck taylor. :)

Happy new year to your blog! More years to come! :)

Kim Bryan Lambert Medina said...

this is another must see blog. i so love this post sweet Vietnamese girl. :)

fejay said...

name:Fejay C. Olacao
age:29 yrs old
occupation:Production Controller/Planner (Japanese company)
city:Cebu City
e-mail add:fejay_22@yahoo.com
fave blog post:Touched by a Stranger (july 22 post)
touched by my heart a stranger who is so humble..he is the crew of the month meaning he does/perform his job well with a smile.i really appreciate people who has same attitude with Mr.Art Barana and i am so much impressed being on his own.as a crew really means a lot to him and i think he is a motivated person.he can be a role model to everyone.i super like it..

which item:

*meg clothing---everytime i pass by this boutique,the designs and colors really amaze me and so as the quality.hope i am the lucky one who can grab on it

*chuck taylor--- i love it and its very comfortable to wear especially with the kind of job i have

CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MS BIANCA..ur such a very kind,simple and nice person.keep it up girl..ur words in ur blogs makes me inspire ....more blessings to come.....

what happened? said...

i sooo love your log. i just came across it now and i was like, wow, bkit ngaun ko lng to nkita. i follow you on twitter but im not really a twitter person, anyways nobody me follows me nman. hope to read more of your posts.

Beezbook said...

what a nice feature of the mcdo crew-Art! almost every day i eat in fastfoods pero hindi sa lahat ng araw makakakita ka ng tulad ni Art. kapag happy ang breakfast mo dahil sa services ng tulad ni Art, for sure maging happy ka buong araw. :)

diane said...

i know I'm just one of your thousands of blog readers or your twitter followers(rather reader 'coz i didn't have one!but I've been reading it.)
but it turned out to be I'm already concerned!
since i don't have a twitter or either a blog so i just write my thoughts here...

...today(12 SEPT 2011) as i read your tweets this last weekend:
1) melancholic
2)dolce far niente
3)"i wish i could be in san francisco with my brother and
in london with my sister at the same time,right now.i miss them terribly."
...i think there is certain sadness your feeling.

NOTE:I'm writing my thoughts because I'm one of those people
you've given unsolicited advice through your blog.

...as i undergo my own (the so called) "quarter life crisis" I've found many words of wisdom in your blog:
1)"everyday i wake up, and just to be alive again and free is such a blessing.everything else
is a bonus" (today i felt i live again. March 28, 2007)
2)we should really be in constant search for the things in life that makes us smile. (on a more serious note. May 14, 2007)
3)GOD has a plan? our faith teaches us that everything
happens for a reason and GOD has a plan.there is a plan.
God had a plan for me. GOD has a plan for me.
GOD has a plan for you.God has a plan for every single person.
trust and believe.
keep the faith.
just be the best that you can be.
(ten years ago.my life changed. Sept 14, 2010)
...and while I'm still undergoing this "quarter life crisis" (this month I'm turning 25)
every time I'm so much questionable/analyzing of so many things,
i just keep in mind the words of wisdom I've read in your blog.
...and suddenly i felt more positive.

this time "hopefully" somehow i can make you feel better (kahit slight lang)
or even just smile(kahit sort of lang)!because i believe you really deserve to be happy!
this is one of the quotes I've shared with my friends(at times they are going through something):

"did you know that the darkest time of the day is the minute
before sunrise?so when you feel your at the darkest time of your life, remember that sunrise is just a minute away..."


jengesmeriz said...

it's so nice to know that a person like you was touched my simple gesture from a stranger.. you're so down to earth and i like the way you express yourself. Please continue to be a blessing for others.