09 February 2014


Absolutely loved my first time in Bali, Indonesia! Beach-wise, I still say Boracay is the most beautiful, but in terms of hip and trendy hangouts and restaurants, Bali has so much to offer!

Sharing with you ten places JC and I loved eating, drinking, and hanging out at.


Usually the hottest spot to spend sunset sessions, the Potato Head Beach Club is the best place to hang by the pool all day. The beds by the pool are hard to come by (line is long!) but the couches and tables enjoy a good view too. They have many cool craft cocktails you can try, and a pretty good steak, pasta, sandwich, small plates menu. We decided to go at 11AM as soon as it opened, and we got the best day bed right by the pool.

You can literally spend the whole day here

Steak at the beach? Yes! With fries please


I am not much of a burger person but this burger is INSANELY good! We ordered "The Works" and this one with the foie gras and both were just awesome. You cannot miss this Seminyak favorite /when you go to Bali. 

Its "for your oral pleasure"

It tastes even better than it looks I swear


If you ever find yourself visiting the temples and beaches at Uluwatu, on your way home, spend your sunset at the Luxe Alila Villas. Have a drink and a snack, enjoy the view, enjoy being in the company of your loved one.

The gorgeous infinite pool at Alila Villas

Check out the design of their sunset bar! Love it

Hello, there. That's my date :)


Imagine our local dampa (point at any fresh seafood you want and let them know how you want it cooked) but with the view and the sound of the sea and the sand in your feet. Another must when in Bali. Cafe Menega is the most popular place, but you can try the other stalls as well. We suggest you go at night when its much cooler and the view much nicer!

All of the beautiful lights at night with a gorgeous view

Enjoyed prawns and squid right in front of the shore! How awesome was that


Made famous by Anthony Bourdain (I love him and always look up where it is he ate whenever I travel) Ibu Oka is most known for their babi guling, or suckling pig. Its almost always full so if you are going for lunch, its best to go for late lunch. I would say I still love Cebu lechon more, but if you find yourself in Ubud, you should still definitely try their flavorful take on the pig.

Walk a narrow alley and find this treasure of a place
We ordered the "Special", with the pig, skin, sausage, veggies, rice. So good!

Try to take a table by the window where you have a view of nature


(Disclaimer: I've never been to the Banaue Rice Terraces and I can imagine that is much more beautiful, but this view was quite breathtaking as well.) A 30-minute drive away from Ubud is this beautiful view. There are rows and rows of cliff side restaurants that you can eat and drink and hang out at so just take your pick. Enjoy the fresh air and the moment.

One part of the Ubud Rice Terraces
The giddy little tourist
Imagine sitting on a banig, enjoying an ice cold beer, and the view


People flock here for their grilled ribs. Cooked right in front of the restaurant, despite the full house, the orders come pretty quickly! No need for sauce, no need for rice, enjoy the saucy ribs with your favorite drink. 

Quirky interiors at Naughty Nuri's
Tada! Squeeze on lime and enjoy


If you love Mexican food, you should definitely pay this place a visit. We met an Australian couple in Uluwatu who used to live in Seminyak, and when we asked them what the one must-eat restaurant is, they answered this place. Did not disappoint at all! So good!

True to Mexican taste, the colorful interiors and music have a steady vibe

The soft tacos are sooo good!


Best meal of the trip! A little pricier than the other more laid back restaurants, but when converted into pesos, is still not too expensive! If you stay in Seminyak and love Asian food, you must pay this place a visit. We ordered the Braised Beef with Roti Canai (sorry, no photo) but man, the taste just bursts in your mouth.

You will love the chic interiors and the lounge music at Mamasan
Soft chell crab for starters
Extremely refreshing green mango salad

10. KU DE TA

An institution in Seminyak, Ku De Ta is also a sunset time favorite, but when we heard that brunch is also great here, we decided to go in the morning instead. Great to lounge, tan, order drinks, read a book, and spend the whole day under the sun!

Come early enough and score a lounge bed by the red umbrellas
Eggs benedict! By the beach! #lifeisgood

There were many other restaurants I was told we have to try - Metis, Bebek Bengil, Warisan, Sardine, Warung Made - but didn't have enough time to, so I guess that means we have to come back some other time! 

If you are reading this and are going to Bali soon, enjoy! And be prepared for a major food trip!

. . .

Here's to our next adventure, sweetheart!


Lorren Cabral said...

Yaaayyy! Wanna go to Bali someday! :) ♥

Nanzy Melgazo said...

Thanks for blogging your Bali trip Bianca. Just saw pics on your IG. Bali is one on my bucket list :)

Tiffany said...

You're really my idol when it comes to fashion and blogging. i'm just starting out, and one day, I want to be able to experience adventures like yours! Cheers to a good life Ms. B! <3

Nanzy Melgazo said...

Thanks for posting your Bali trip. Hope to be there soon :)

LHA said...

Hi Bianca, nice write-up about Bali! Which hotel did you stay? I am also planning for a trip this summer. TIA!

raech said...

What resort did u guys actually stayed at? Did u sign up for tours or just toured bali by yourselves?

Rea Alducente said...

Wow I'm so glad you have more time to blog these days. Really looking forward to your posts. I'm thinking of visiting Bali someday.. Great tips you have here and the views are absolutely stunning! You have very nice skin too! :)

RJ said...

Hi Bianca,

Awesome post! I'm just wondering how you went around Bali. Did you have a tourist guide? A rented car with driver?.. Nice recommendations on where to go. :)

Anonymous said...

next time visit the temples and rich culture life of the Balinese, that's what Bali is about as well :)

Anonymous said...

can u recommend a better place to stay B? I'm torn between LEGIAN and SEMINYAK.. don't know much about their transpo and traffic. need a little help here.. thanks B! i enjoy reading your blogs.. ill be in bali on march..


Glad said...

What's your recommended place for a honeymoon in Bali?

Anonymous said...

Hi all. My new is Alfy, i live in bali, run my own restaurant. If you guys come to bali, and need someone to assist you, you can contact me. Have a wonderful day all. Cheers