01 March 2014


I'm starting a regular weekend post for my blog called #10QUESTIONS. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people, from those in the public eye to those who quietly go about their day, and I would like for you to get to know them (or know them a bit better) because they really are people who make this world a better place.

And I wanted to launch this with a public personality who everyone pretty much loves. 

. . . 

Actor, TV host, businessman

He may have grown up being known as "I love you Lucky" or someone who was "just" the son of Edu and Vilma. But when he succumbed to his destiny to enter showbiz, he slowly developed his own unique style, sense of humor, and voice to become one of the most respected and awarded TV hosts in the industry. Behind the camera, he is a compassionate employer, smart strategist, and genuine friend. Get to know more about Luis in 10 questions.

1. What age did you realize or acknowledge that you were a "famous" baby?

I had a feeling already at a young age because everyone would be talking about my mom. There was also one instance she took me to the supermarket and it became an instant mall show.

2. What is your earliest memory of a girl at school making pa cute to you? How did you feel?

I can't remember the first time a girl made pa cute to me, but let's just say I had my first girlfriend when I was 7 years old. We lasted for more than a year if remember correctly.

3. Have you ever wanted to punch someone in the face?

Hmmm.. once in a while a basher or hater comes along and I want to pour every bit of my being into a punch or kick. It may happen. :)

4. Have you ever gotten an indecent proposal?

So far, no indecent proposals involving cash or favors. However, someone has asked for some "action" as a birthday gift. Hehehe.

5. When the time comes that you will propose to the woman you want to be with, are you the type to arrange a full production proposal, or something more quiet and intimate?

I honestly don't know but I will make sure she will cherish that moment forever.

6. What is one naughty fantasy that you have, whether it may or may not come true in your lifetime?

It's not the right time nor place to discuss my fantasies.

7. You love watches. What is one watch model you dream of owning someday?

Patek Philippe 5970P. It's my grail watch. If I get to buy one, I'd be perfectly happy ending my watch journey.

8. When people bash or troll you on social media, do you care? Do you block people?

Yup, block, delete, give them a dose of their own medicine. Or I just let them be, depending on my mood. I just try to understand that they weren't hugged enough as children.

9. What was the most stupid thing you did for love?

It wasn't even for love, but for attraction. I gave up my dream to be a doctor and followed a girl to HRIM.

10. You are a self-confessed "mama's boy". What is the most meaningful compliment or advice your mom ever gave you?

When she says she is proud of me. She never really gave me advice but instead, she showed me by example, the way she deals with people from all walks of life exactly the same way.

. . .

Next weekend again, for #10QUESTIONS!


Rea Alducente said...

Ahhh I'd be loving this series!! :D And this means we'll read more from you regularly! Yey!

Anonymous said...

looking forward for the next #10Questions! :)

Anonymous said...

Can you feature Rex Intal and any of the WVT of AdMU? :)

gary said...

that was very nice. keep it up you are doing a great job with your ten questions.

Olivr said...

I agree with Anonymous 4:10. ale ftw! Alyssa Valdez ftw!

Nelia Senador said...

i am a fan of luck and angel...i am very happy for them.. we are so excited sa wedding ninyo....Godbless po..thank you for making us happy...hope more shows to come...i just read ur 10 questions... now i know some of your stories... hihintayin namin ang susunod na questions...Goodluck.