07 March 2014


I was quite the nerd when I was in school, and to this day, I have my nerdy tendencies intact. Here are a few tricks I've learned along the way:

1. List down everything you have to do at the start of the day.

Reading an actual list and seeing the items checked off one by one will help you feel productive, and give you that push to get every single thing on it done. 

My suggestion: Arrange your to do list either by order of importance (more difficult things first and easier tasks last) or in chronological order (with the time of when you have to do what right beside it).

2. Have whatever you need with you, near you.

We all have our "tools" to being productive. From coffee, snacks, and a glass of water, to a calculator, dictionary, and a pen. A lot of time is wasted when you keep needing to stand up to look for something.

My suggestion: Before you sit down on your workspace, put everything you think you may need or want beside you already.

3. Be a light, happy workmate.

A happy workplace is a productive work place. Who likes working with a bossy, snotty, whiny negatron?

My suggestion: When work gets tough, enjoy a good ranting session then a good laughing session with your workmates. Get through things together, and look back at it with fondness after. 

4. Workout in the morning.

Do you know that burst of energy you feel after a good run or after a challenging workout? Aside from the "happy hormones", getting your blood pumping at the start of the day can definitely help you eliminate laziness.

My suggestion: Wake up an hour before the actual time that you have to be out of the house to head to work. Use that time to sweat it out! Remember, a 15 minute workout is better than nothing at all.

5. Stop checking Twitter every 5 minutes, seriously. 

Distractions are everywhere and undoubtedly, social media is the number one enemy when it comes to trying to focus. Yes, you may miss being the first to find out about that super star studded Oscar selfie, but reacting to it one hour later isn't such a big deal when you got what you were supposed to do, done. 

My suggestion: Set a specific "break time" for yourself and checking your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts will be your "reward".

My doodle on a whiteboard

Have a happy workday!


purpz said...

social media is such a distraction and hardest to resists but trying my best to avoid it :))

Olivr said...

very helpful.

SRF said...

Everything in life is about balance and discipline. When we all recognize that life is not about merely existing but about living purposefully, then we can start living proactively and meaningfully.