17 April 2014


February this year, I lost a job. The morning show I worked at - UKG - reformatted, and I was no longer part of it. I went through an existential crisis. At 31 years of age, I had another "quarter life crisis". Questioning whether I am in the right line of work, what my purpose is in life, if this is the job I am really meant to do, and if I even have a place in it anymore. That self-doubt people go through when crisis strikes.

As the weeks passed, and after many talks with my family and friends and management, I was at peace with my situation. I accepted it, realized that this happens to everyone (no exceptions), and instead I looked forward to doing other things I've always wanted to do and pursue other dreams I've always wanted to pursue but had no time to.

1. I've always said that since I started working in 3rd year college, I have never had a vacation longer than 10 days.. but have always wanted to.

2. I've always dreamed of taking my Masters (In college I was convinced I would go to film school after graduation) but since I am blessed to have work I love doing already, I know that being away for 2 years isn't possible for now.. but I still have always wanted to.

3. I love traveling and really save up and set aside money for travel and take the chance to leave every time I have free time. 

Putting all that together, I consulted my loved ones and I decided to:

1. Finally take that 2 1/2 week vacation I have been longing for. I decided to go to London because my sister lives there. Aside from it being an amazing city, going somewhere where you can stay with family is huge savings because you don't have to pay for lodging.

Me, my sister Aissa, and Timmy Bear

2. Finally "study abroad" by taking two short courses. It is by no means a real "degree" but if all I have is a few days of learning a different point of view and getting out of my comfort zone, then I will take it. I took up a 5 day course on Data Visualisation in Central Saint Martins and a 3 day course on Lifestyle Journalism in London School of Journalism.

Taken on the first day of my class at CSM

3. Make the most out of my trip and take mini trips with my sister within my trip. We decided on Stratford Upon Avon just an hour away from London, and Edinburgh in Scotland, 4.5 hours away from London by train.

Sisters adventure in Edinburgh

So I fixed all my documents, fixed all my work schedules that had to be moved and asked permission from work I would be leaving, and set my trip for March 20 til April 6. My longest vacation (well, half study trip, half leisure trip) ever. 

Little did I know that before my 6AM flight on March 20, the biggest surprise of my life has been planned and was about to be revealed to me. 


It was a jampacked 17 days. Within the 17 days, I attended 2 short courses, took 2 out of town trips, saw 2 concerts, 1 musical, and 1 improv night, had a fitting session for a bridal gown, went to every spot in London I wanted to see, had dinner out with friends more 10 times, and took 3 travel tumbling shots. It wasn't a "rest" trip at all! It was an action packed, trip full of new adventures with amazing new learnings I will bring with me for life. And at the end of it all, I had what would be the start of a beautiful future to be planned waiting for me. 

My handsome sundo at the airport

Life is not just what happens to you, it is what you make of it. 

So really. When God closes a door, He not only opens a window.. He opens the airport and the world to you. When a door closes, it is your choice whether to be defeated by it or to take charge of the situation and make it work for you. 

And the most important lesson I've learned.. no matter how much you plan your life according to what you think will make you fulfilled and happy, God has plans for you that are far better than anything you can ever dream of. 


Kim said...

God's timing is always perfect.

I remember your past blog posts about heartbreaks and moving on. Look how far you've gone. God is really great.

I've always been vocal about how much I admire you. I'm still holding on to my dream to meet you someday.


ohsoveryvicky said...

Congratulations on your engagement! :) And really, for all the lessons you've learned and experiences you've had! I agree that it's what you make of what happens to you that matters :)

paupaulita said...

Aawww... sweetness. I got teary eyed when i read this. I am following Mika on IG so i was super excited when she had one post after another, and i kept on checking your IG as well. Super kilig tlga. I wish you and a JC a long and happy marriage. Love love ♡♡♡

Ang said...

You are very inspiring.

karmi said...

very inspiring post Ms. Bianca. laging sinasabi ng Mama ko na, kapag sa'yo talaga ang isang bagay, ibibigay sa'yo un sa tamang oras, kung kelan ka ready. :)

i've learned to look at the bright side and stay positive. i know mahirap, especially kapag sunud-sunod ung trials na dumadating sa buhay pero tama ka, it is up to you kung ano ang gagawin mo sa binibigay sa'yo ng buhay.

again, congratulations on your engagement! and i'm so happy you get to spend time with your sister tapos nakapagaral ka pa. :)

Alex Lagman said...

Hi Bianca! First of all, I'd like to congratulate you and JC for the upcoming wedding. Yay! Secondly, I watch UKG partly because of you. To be honest, I never took notice of your hosting stint until you became part of UKG. It saddened me after learning about your departure from the morning show, but I knew that He has better plans for you. By the way, how was your short course at the London School of Journalism? I'm not a professional journalist, but would love to be. Anyway, cheers to a new beginning! Love, Alex.

Jen Arellano said...

Happy for you Bianca :) and super I agree kahit anong plans natin in life si Lord ang mas nakakaalam ng best for us and He has always purpose of everything na nangyayari sa buhay natin. My favorite bible verse: MANY ARE THE PLANS IN MAN'S HEART BUT ITS THE LORD'S PURPOSE THAT PREVAILS" - Proverbs 19:21
God bless you and your journey. Stay to be a blessing.

ljmandap said...

just what i needed. thank you bianca. :)

Abi Dadang said...

Life is what you make it. :)

Joice said...

Always, thank you for sharing.

Meikah Ybañez-Delid said...

Oh yeah! Congratulations, and wish you all the best on the next phase of your life. I also like the new look of your blog, and am happy you're writing again. :)

Rona A. said...

Another testament of God's perfect timing :) Thanks for this inspiring post, Bianca.

Engr.D said...

Very inspiring... I thought person like you never able to experience those doubts. I am blessed also with work after passing board exam but after 2 years the mayor who hired natalo sa election and i lost my job. I also felt those crisis, i have a job now but the feeling of questioning my self worth. but now, I am happy with what I am doing and where I am.

jinky said...

so inspiring!

wish you all the best, Ms. Bianca - soon to be Mrs. Intal! Godbless!

Dianne said...

You can't imagine how much i needed to read this post coming from you, i am having crisis about my job and your words inspire me. You're like my saving grace, seriously.

Congrats on your engagement, it's my choice of 'engagement of the year'! <3

PaulaMari said...

Hi Ms. Bianca, sakto po ang post nio! tamang-tama ako hehe... Sna ma-absorb ko din kung gaano ka ka-positive sa mga bagay! Will always will be a fan of yours... Continue doing what you are doing, please... Finally, God has planned a man for your future. Hope to meet you real soon. :) Congratulations again to your engagement and God Bless you and Kuya JC more and more! :)

mary reyes said...

another inspiring & great piece,Ms Bianca. God is truly amazing.I recently experienced a little career trouble.at the start of April I had resigned from my job,had no active applications,no prospective work.little did I know,on the same that I turned over & got clearance from my ex office,I'd get a call from another firm for exams schedules.and this Monday,just 3 weeks after resignation,I'll start working for my new firm. God truly has better plans for us,in His own timeline.

Keep on writing and inspiring more with your work & life.Congrats again on your engagement.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ms. Bianca for this! It reminds me that God's plan is greater than our plan and that every ending is a new beginning. I am also experiencing a turn back in my carreer. I pray that everything will be okay.

Luna Longfellow said...

Congratulations Bianca! I want to go to London someday too! And Venice if I can. And it's true what you say, life is really about what you choose it to be.
Here's a Sunshine Award for you! http://ofbowsandfrills.blogspot.com/2014/04/lookie-sunshine-blogger-award.html

Herlejko Decena said...

Hi mam bianca g.😃😃

july said...

Hi ms.Bianca :) btw congrats on your engagement' and I Hope that even if your already a married woman soon...you will not get tired of sharing to us your travel experience :) GODbless

BUJOY said...


SRF said...

Isn't it great to have something good happen to you, like a proposal, when you least expect it?

Perhaps, 'life-changing'' event happens when it's meant to take place at that particular moment: who knows, maybe, it's the favorable completion of convergent events in our positive life choices paving the possible alignment of everything for the occurence to come about.

When we hope for the best, when we do our utmost best without second-guessing ourselves, when we believe we deserve everything that happens to us without fail, and allow Divine guidance leads us to it , then what's to prevent something from happening?

Congratulations to you both!

ilovebeingsami said...

"And the most important lesson I've learned.. no matter how much you plan your life according to what you think will make you fulfilled and happy, God has plans for you that are far better than anything you can ever dream of." (THIS!)

My Yellow Bells said...

Hi Bianca, this is so inspiring thanks for sharing.