03 May 2014


I'm so thrilled to see a lot of people asking me about the short course I took! It is awesome to know that so many people want to keep studying too! 

My sister Aissa took my photo every morning before leaving for school! Day 1 (upper left) she says was full of anxiety and nervousness, while day 5 (lower right) was all happiness and confidence! Haha!

It has really been a dream of mine ever since I was in college to take my Masters. I started working while on my Junior year in college and before I knew it, its 10 years since I graduated college and I never got to pursue the further studies I always thought I'd end up doing! So when I finally had a two week break from work (my longest time off from work in over a decade!), I decided to take up short courses to at least give me the fulfillment of being a student again, never mind that I can't finish another degree yet.

Everything fell into place because I decided on visiting my sister Aissa who lives in London, and at the time of my scheduled visit, Central Saint Martins was offering many different short courses! 

My tumbling shot on campus!

The gorgeous interiors of CSM

I decided to take something unrelated to my work, just so I can learn something new and something that will take me out of my comfort zone. I decided on Data Visualisation. It is a course on gathering numbers and data (FYI, I hate Math), organizing it, and making it relevant to your audience.

Working on my final project!

What is data visualisation? Here is an example: a visualisation of drone strikes in Pakistan.

My short course proved to be an AMAZING experience.

My instructors Angela Morelli and Tom Halsor are PURE BRILLIANCE. Angela is an engineer and Tom is a statistician, and both of them ended up in the business of making data visual. They empower journalists, marketers, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, changemakers, to get their message across with maximum impact. (You must watch Angela's TED talk on the Global Water Footprint!)

I had classmates from the UK, the US, Norway, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Argetina, and many other places!

The #dataviz14 class!

I highly recommend taking any of the 5-day courses in CSM! The campus is amazing, the students are so diverse, the teachers are inspiring, I could go on and on!

Here's the Central Saint Martins website if you want to check out their short course offerings.

Cheers to us nerds!!!!


Anonymous said...

Whoa! I didn't know that there would be that very very short course offering. Amazing!!

_therubiecon_ said...

Wow. I admire you even more.

From now on, I am not just a student of a certain course or field of study. I am a student of life. And no matter what my experiences are and will be, I'll savor them always.

Cheers to us nerds! :)

Love you Ate Biancs

Cielo said...

If you don't mind, in what field are you taking your masters up? :)

lengirl said...

hi! i hope you can also share feedback on the course you took at the london school of journalism. i'm going over their website and considering enrolling in a distance course, would be great to hear your feedback. thanks and congratulations on your engagement!

SRF said...

Studying abroad hits two birds with one stone: education and travel, the best way to learn, grow, and expand the mind, if one could afford it. US colleges have study abroad programs, which are part of each college's/university's curriculum, which expose students to global education/experiences, which many global companies look for in their applicants: international work experience.