20 June 2014


 Because I can't imagine myself with my old hair style (just long and straight), the team of Vidal Sassoon Philippines, my hairstylist (of 14 years!) Alex Carbonell, and I decided to collaborate to create possible "next" looks for me! The VS team decided to put the decision up to a vote between the textured bob and the disconnected bob.

Thank you to all my social media followers who took time to like and vote! The winner - by a landslide - was the textured bob!

It was a bright and early Saturday morning at Studio Fix in Century City Mall. As I walked to the salon I was both excited and anxious. Not so much scared because I knew how liberating it was to chop it all off last October, but anxious to see what the new style would look like.

Of course, the first step, shampoo! Vidal Sassoon shampoo, syempre.

I sat on the salon chair as Alex started to work his magic on my crowning glory!

He started cutting from the back, to get the length he wanted to achieve. The cut is asymmetric with it being shorter at the back and longer by the front.

He then started flicking his razor to cut the rest of the sections of my hair! Not scissors, just a razor! "Razor cut," Alex called it. It gives the textured look more lightness as compared to if it were cut by scissors.

Quite interesting that given my short hair, this much hair was still cut from it!

Once the cut was done, I had to document! This cut is without blowdrying, would you believe?! I was so happy because I instantly knew the cut was wash and wear, super low maintenance!

Then they started the coloring process. Alex is a master colorist too, and he describes my hair color to be "an alternate of caramel golds and khaki brown highlights on a light brown base, with khaki reflect."

After coloring and washing with VS shampoo and conditioner, it was blowdried and Alex made a few more snips here and there to finish the look.

After styling and curling the ends, tadaaaa! I just had to take a selfie with my dear Alex! Alex is the Creative Learning Director of Bench Fix Salon, literally the one who trained every single staff member nationwide! He also has his own chain of salons for the Bench group of companies, Studio Fix.

AFTER: #TheNewBianca

I loved how light the cut felt and how it framed my face. It isn't true that you can't have short hair when your face is round or your cheeks are big! For every face shape, there is a specific cut for you. In fact, the layers can even frame your face!

You can #getsassooned anywhere you want. You can try Studio Fix or Bench Fix Salon, you can go to your favorite suki hairstylist, or try a new one you've been wanting! You literally don't need to worry about maintaining or styling your new look every day when you use Vidal Sassoon products because it makes it so easy to fix your hair.

So to every girl (or gay, or guy!) reading this, if you've been thinking of chopping it all off, NOW is the time!!!! Remember, long and straight or big wavy curls are no longer the "standard" of what is beautiful! Go for any hair style you want and carry it with confidence. That's beautiful.


Neri Ann Narvaez said...

Love it!

cheekeegirl said...

Ang gaan, gaan, the feeling!!! ohlala.. so chic and uber funky! I love it too for mine.... So bagay on you Ms. Bianc-ky!

Cielo said...

I love your new look! ♥

The Girl Behind The Pen

SRF said...

The new hairstyle frames your pretty face quite well. Sassy, modern, love the volume.

Anonymous said...

I love your hair, Ms. Bianca! And I simply adore your blog! How I wish I could write like you!! Your blog inspires me to write again! I wanna have a blog just like yours!