15 July 2014


Seeing your favorite kids on your Instagram feed never fails to put a smile on your face. Allow me to share with you the most adorable, lovable, cutest and most nakakagigil little boys and girls whose photos brighten my day!

Of course I need to start with my beloved inaanaks.

I am really loco over Roco!!!! Roco Pamintuan Gonzalez is the super smart, super guapo (biased Ninang) son of my brother JC and I can't get enough of his photos in our family Whatsapp chat group and on Instagram through the accounts of my brother @ziggydala and his wife @chochosmama!

Our family's little princess and Roco's little sister, meet Sabine Gonzalez! Just the cutest, sweetest baby girl who is the apple of our family's eyes. Always salingkit and gaya gaya with her Kuya Roco's activities, it is just a joy to watch her do anything. Don't grow up so fast, Beanie!

Viviana Gangoso Santos is beyond adorable! She is the daughter of my best friend @pepelsantos and wife @mstrissa. This photo was taken the same night she told her dad (who had a long day at work), "Daddy did you work hard for us today?" Gaaaah! Gigil!

My inaanak Diego Picazo Garcia is the incredibly cute unico hijo of my best friend @pampicazogarcia and husband @garciamaui. Always so sweet and often a ball of energy, he's sure to be the life of the party when he grows older.. just like his parents are!

This cutiepatootie is Camden De Jong Pamintuan, son of @tjpamintuan and @chardejong. His droopy eyes and funny smile (you should see the videos!) will surely make you say "aaaw!" A huge bonus are his adorable #OOTDs and #shoeselfies care of his momma.

This future heartbreaker will make you want to bite his cheeks off! Gavin Garcia Kramer, son of @dougkramer44 and @chekakramer, may be a heartthrob now but wait til he grows older! It is such a huge plus that he's a major sweetheart too.

The eldest of the bunch, it is crazy how time flies! Just feels like yesterday when Noelle Lagdameo Martinez, daughter of @mikaelamartinez and @chuchomartinez77 was born! Now she is into music, art, sports, is super smart at school, and gorgeous. Watch out for this super achiever!

But of course there are also kids who may not be my inaanaks but I am so crazy fond of!!!!

Tyler and Tiff Ablan Reyes, kids of JC's best friend @jayrreyes and wife @jenreyes08, are the absolute sweetest kids you will ever meet. Tyler is super malambing and playful, while Tiff is just so funny and bugay! Love these two balls of energy.

This baby supermodel is a walking doll! Celestia Mananquil Trillo, daughter of @rissamananquil and Paolo Trillo, feels like a baby straight out of a Baby Gap ad. Already a stunner, I'm sure Pao and Ris have to ward off the boys when this one grows up.

Lucas Cayetano, son of Ate @piacayetano, is a real charmer and maybe future politician! So personable, never shy, extremely hyper, this boy makes me so excited to see what he will be like all grown up! But not just yet, Lucas, stay a little boy first!

Another Lucas, Lucas Davila Sta. Ana, is the cutiepie son of @iamkarendavila and hubby DJ Sta. Ana. Always so malambing and even tags along with his mommy on work days, this super trooper is set to charm everyone with his ways in the coming years!

And yet again another Tyler, Tyler Martinez, yes little bro of Noelle, has got to be one of the most handsome boys in the country! Already a commercial model at his age, those eyes and that smile assure us we'll be seeing much more of him in the future.

Look at that darling! Lucho Santos Agoncillo, son of @officialjuday and @thatsmytatayryan can melt your heart with just one look. I swear I give an audible gasp everytime I see his face on my feed. With his parent's charm combined, Lucho is one little boy to watch.

Another living doll, Stephan Santos is the little brother of Viviana! My best friend Pepel told me he will tell Stephan when he grows older, "Son, Tita Bianca found you so cute that she asked if she can be your ninang too. I said yes!" Grabe sobrang cute!

And last but not the least, the country's favorite little girl slash Aling Maliit, will always put a smile on our faces with her sagad selfies. Hello, @ryzzamaechacha, Ryzza Mae!

So the next time you may be feeling a bit blue, check Instagram for these kids' photos. (Thank God for Instagram!) Hope they too put a smile on your face!


SRF said...

When you want genuinely heartwarming honesty, truth, joy and love, look into the eyes of children.

Yellywelly said...

Our lives are enriched by our favourite little people, whether they are ours or someone else's. My lovely nieces, nephews and godchildren make my day everyday! I share your joy! :)