10 October 2014


My good friends Chely Esguerra, Lynn Pinugu, Anna Oposa, and I have this passion project with New Media Factory, it is a podcast titled Coffee Break! We are so excited to share with you our new and very special season where we give you life hacks and practical tips ranging from public speaking and presentations, to resume writing, to moving on from a heartache, to make up!

For our premiere episode, we chat with fitspiration Isabelle Daza about workouts that work, what to eat, and how to get up from our asses on lazy days. 

Watch the episode below! We hope you enjoy (and learn) as much as we did!


SRF said...

Great and inspiring collaboration. Women helping each other. Keep spreading this positive ripple effect.

Anonymous said...

Hello there Ms. B, this is so random, I just wanna say I'm very happy for you. I'm at my early 20's, a fan for so many years now and I've witnessed your success and all through this blog. It's so nice to see you fulfilling your dreams one step at a time e.g. your own book; your fiance; your career etc. It makes me feel at ease and that everything will be fine at the end of the day. I just hope and wish that life would be as kind to me as it is to you now.
Well maybe it will, cause you are my inspiration, I do most of the things because you do it.

Keep inspiring us even when you're married, please have time to blog still. Hehe.

And I'm so excited for your book.

aysa said...

Hi Bianca,

Best wishes and God Bless your marriage with JC! You really are an icon, an inspiration to this generation. May God continue to bless you so that you may continue to be a blessings to other.

Really I am so into yor wedding, looking at your wedding pictures makes me see the wedding i am dreaming one day. I hope this is not much to ask from you, I would like to ask on how the ceremony happened... I really didn't know that garden/wedding is possible, did you had arrangement with Fr. Tito about?

I know your still busy right now but i am really hoping to know a little about your garden/beach wedding. Thank you in advance Bianca!

Thank you for being an inspiration to many! continue to be blessing to others!