11 January 2015


It will definitely be tough for me to top my 2014. 2014 was filled with crazy ups and downs, but it was one of those years that proved to me that as long as you persevere and give it your best, all will be well. Sure enough, my year ended on the best note possible: I released my dream book project and I married the love of my life.

I end every year with a blog post on the people that made the biggest impact in my life. It is usually a list of 10, but for this year, I'm keeping it simple.

The #projectBG team

While working on my book #PaanoBaTo, I coined the tag #projectBG. It is so surreal that it seems like only a few months ago that I told my friends, "Hey, I wanna write a book," and now, the book is on the Bestsellers list of Philippine publications. (Aaah! To God be the glory!) When you put your heart into it, when bank on your strengths, when you work your ass off, it is true—dreams do come true.

Meet, from the left side, Wena Manalastas, PR manager for #PaanoBaTo; Abbey Sy, letterer; Guia Galvez, contributing writer; Ionne Ocampo, layout artist; and Pete Rich, illustrator. All so young (and I mean early and mid-20s), all so talented and driven, all with a very bright future ahead. I can't think of better creatives to work with on this dream project of mine.

Of course the book would not be possible without my Business and Support Team, here is Mylin Montecillo, Honey Bagsic, Peewee Reyes-Isidro, Allen de Guzman, and Sophie Menor. Not in the photo but also very much part of my book are Pierra Calasanz-Labrador, Em Eladia, Archie Carrasco, Sari Yap, and Suki Salvador. This is also the team working extra to get the books back on the shelves soonest.

A book just seems like a book that one person wrote, but really, it took a whole team to make it happen. And I am so grateful!


On December 4, 2014, in front of an intimate group of all those closest to our hearts, I said "I Do" to my boyfriend of almost 4 years, on an island that really felt like paradise.

When we say intimate, we mean intimate. Everyone you see with us in the photo above—they were the 35 guests we had at our little island adventure. They were all part of this dream wedding, and all part of this list. JC's family, Papa Nars, Mama Ning, PJ and Abby, Mark and Reg, JR and Pearl, Rex, and Vica. My family, Daddy Chito, Mommy Ofel, JC and Tracy, Sabine and Roco, Aissa, and nanay Virgie. Our dearest couple friends, JayR and Jen Reyes, Julian and Marion H. del Pilar, Zach and Anj Estoesta, Zion and Karla Laterre, Doug and Cheska Kramer. Our beloved ninongs and their gorgeous wives, Direk Lauren and Liz Dyogi, Coach Norman and Benjie Black, Doc Raul and Glennda Canlas. And our dearest officiating priest Fr. Tito Caluag.

Walang perfect sa mundo, but I swear, from the gorgeous El Nido scenery, to the weather, to the sunshine and breeze that morning, to the candle-lit afternoon ceremony, to the remote island reception, til the throwing-into-the-pool at the after party, our wedding—to us—seemed perfect. Thank you, God!

Not in this photo but also a huge part of our wedding, this list, and those we are extremely grateful to, are Team Pat Dy, our photographer, who captured the most priceless moments; Team Jason Magbanua, our videographer, who is truly the best at sharing what a couple's love is all about; Liz Uy and her styling team, for patiently coordinating with every single person in our group about our looks; Robert Blancaflor, our florist and event stylist, who made magic and made everything look like a dream-come-to-life; the Rosa Clara Philippines team, because I am so in love with my gown and would not have worn any other; Celline Bautista, who lovingly made our girls' entourage dresses; and to the amazing El Nido team for making everything so easy for me to arrange (we had no wedding coordinator), Meps Pe, Brian Ong, and Jel Lagman. You are all angels to me and JC!

And of course, to the most important person in this list, my husband, John Christopher Antonio Intal, thank you for your support, patience, and love. Thank you God for the gift of you talaga!!!!

. . .

How about you, who are the people who made a difference in your year?


diane said...

Seeing you twice so close and having a picture with you was one of the best moments of my life. Keep pursuing your dreams, you inspires a lot of people. Have a nice a weekend. :)

Chester said...

My mom. Last year, I found myself involved in an exchange student in Korea. I graduated and passed the boards. I couldn't think of anyone who helped me get through this but my mom.

Aya said...

Keep inspiring us po. God bless you :*

laney said...

Hi Ate Bianca,

My mom bought me 'Panno ba to' during my visit overseas last December, and I just want to thank you for inspiring me to take a stab at my dream. I've been questioning my career choice lately, but for some time now, I've always had a passion for writing. I am fortunate enough to live in a city with endless options for food and activities, and I wanted to share my experiences. I finally started my blog 2 days ago, and I just wanted to say thank you. I wish you and your family many more blessings.


Uptourist said...

Your wedding is like being in a dream. So raw and real. I love it. Not like the fancy weddings that other people have.