20 September 2003


yahoo! i finally found the time to move all my posts from xanga back to blogspot. now all i have to figure out is how to put pictures, put that comments link, and design this page. :) thanks ala for all the help!


a fEw iNcOheReNt tHoUgHtS.

i apologize kasi kalat yung post ko for tonight, este, today.. just got home from two dinner-and-drinks affairs at friends' houses. its 330AM and you think a girl who hasn't slept due to thesis would rush to her bed to sleep, right? but nooo.. things like friendster and blogs exist, therefore, things like friendster and blogs must be attended to first. :p

1 - blogs are cool. today, i got a text from russ, my best friend back in high school, saying that she read my blog and that she felt so bad for gerald (refer to 09.18 entry). then when i checked out my blog, i saw a comment on the latest entry! usually it would be my best friend pepel (who's currently the one and only fan of this blog) or my boyfriend justin (who doesn't really see the need for blogs so he doesn't really read this), but to my surprise it was someone else! tHaNkS aLeXiS!! :) alexis is my friend who just wanted to say thanks for putting a 'link' of his site on my blog. ('link'? you can't even click it, you have to re-type it on a new window! who knows how to make links here on xanga? help!) so blogs are definitely cool cause it makes me feel i have a purpose on this earth and i am valuable to people since they think what i have to say is valuable.. or at least amusing. haha, ang babaw ba. i know i only have an average of one comment per post, and other blogs i've seen have around ten comments per post, but hey, that's good enough for me! (but of course, mas astig kung mas madaming comment. :p)

2 - friendster is also cool. i'm enjoying writing testimonials right now but its just so confusing looking for every person you wanna write a testimonial for. but my post isn't about this.. (hello?! then why'd i even mention it? labo.) i heard the funniest story connected to friendster from friend a today. friend a is on friendster and so is friend b. both friend a and friend b were at this party i was in a while ago, and a group of hot chicks came. friend a knows the hot chicks personally, but friend b doesn't. friend b goes to friend a, "duuude! those are the friendster chicks!" as if it was such a shock that these girls actually existed in real life. (okay bakit parang nung tinype ko na, hindi na siya nakakatawa? like marlin's un-funny mollusk joke in finding nemo! hmph. hay. anyway. nakakatawa talaga yung story, take my word for it na lang. hehe.)

3 - thesis is NOT cool.


biAnCa tHe pHiLoSoPhEr.

i really love philosophy. i don't go out of my way to read books or anything but i just really love the subject matter. thanks to my two great teachers, that is. now if you're from ateneo, you should get to know the two i'm talking about.

1 - dr. leovino garcia - was my teacher for philosophy of the human person. he is the teacher who changed my life most in the ateneo. he was my brother's teacher, my sister's teacher, and then mine. he taught us all about the transcendent, the other, the face. (aaack! big words on my blog! could this be?!) he has such an inspiring and moving life story that i'll post here one day. (i'll probably just edit this post.) i emailed him just last week. he's currently on sabbaticle leave now in france. and he actually took time to email me back. one of the nicest things anyone's ever said about me. to quote:

"I am very happy to hear you have overcome fear in learning. I do not subscribe to 'terrorism' as an approach to teaching. Go beyond even your fear of the grade. You have a good mind which people may ignore because you are physically beautiful. I hope you never allow people to reduce you just to the latter. If you continue to cultivate your mind and heart, you'll even become a more beautiful person."

ahh. that email really meant so much to me. he's so brilliant! so if ever you're a lowerclassman from the ateneo reading this, take dr. garcia! you will truly be enlightened. :) by the way, i got a b+ in his class. i was really inspired to study.

2 - sir eddieboy calasanz - is currently my teacher for philosophy of religion. a beautiful, but morbid, mind indeed. i can't believe i'm actually recommending him!! but its true. that's why the email of dr. garcia alludes to fear of learning.. i told him all about how i dreaded going to calasanz class because of all the horrible stuff i've heard. he has this rep of being a terror teacher. well, to correct that, i think he is a terror teacher in the sense that he gives the hardest exams ever (430PM to 1030PM open notes, open handouts, open discussion exam for one question that is on a pre-given list.) but during lectures, he's the best! he's so animated. a word of caution though, you really gotta read the readings. and if he's your "favorite" in class, expect to be called and grilled every meeting.

i don't know why i decided to write about this today, i guess i just wanted to share how much i love my philosophy classes. i just had one this morning, equipped with my dose of caffeine of course, so excuse the eager tone. :p


wHeN yOu'Re dOwN, tHeRe'S nO wAy bUt uP!

today was a good day. :) hoorah! let me give you a run down of my day:

1 - thesis first draft is done!! though crammed, and though there is still a second and final draft, at least the first one is done.

2 - justin and i got to fix things! we're really weird. we get into these huge fights and the day after, we're so normal when we see each other, as if nothing happened! its like we get in these mataray moods at exactly the same time and pick a fight on each other. my pr teacher, sev sarmenta, told us before that you'll know that you're compatible with your partner kung masarap siyang kaaway. hay naku, sobrang sarap kaaway ni justin! well i guess he'll say the same about me. ;p

3 - i finally got to talk to my anti-sars* friend of the world, pepel. he left for new york around a month ago, and i only got to talk to him now! medyo hassle kasi i'm lacking brain cells now (due to overwork from thesis) and i can't carry on a decent conversation.

so there! anyway, other events of the day..

4 - baby g, 9 year old son of our househelp virgie who is our pseudo-little brother, was nominated for sergeant-at-arms in class today, but he only got four votes. :( the teacher said, "sige gerald, maging side-kick ka na lang." aaw! poor baby. four votes out of like seventy students! i felt so bad.

5 - i haven't gone shopping in the longest, longest time, because the last time(sss) i went shopping, i blew so much money. i was with justin at the ruins tiangge and i bought two sandos! two for P150 yun ha, not bad! and justin bought me this really adorable plain white shirt, with one big multi-colored star in front. yahoo! shopping is such a liberating activity.. if only i had more money.

*anti-sars - noun. something that prevents sars, ie. hassle, stress, problems, headaches, or heartaches. [origin: obviously..]


hAssLeDuCk* aNg tHeSiS.

i really, really, really hate thesis now. last night, i got into a major fight with justin. i was so frustrated yesterday cause it was one of those days where everything was going wrong, plus i was almost gonna breakdown from thesis pressure. he wasn't feeling well either so we clashed big time. he didn't say things to make me feel better and neither did i, thus the major fight. hay!

*hassleduck - adjective. a term referring to anything that causes hassle, stress, problems, headaches, or heartaches. it also applies to anything related to a duck. [origin: one abnormal conversation with pepel]


i hAtE tHeSiS!

why is life sometimes so unfair? other courses have just practicum or just thesis, and we have to have both. not only that, other courses have thesis for two sems, but we have to do it all in one sem.. and everyone expects it to be fantabulously magnificently groundbreaking and brilliant! hay. i really hate thesis, especially during nights (er, mornings) like this when you've spent ten hours working with your group and you feel you've done so much, but when you look at the bigger picture, you still have so much left to do. ugh. :( to my wonderful groupmates bob and dave.. hhhay! kayanin natin to.. malapit na matapos tong kalokohan na to!

yes, yes, i know. my problems are nothing compared to other people all over the world. i just felt like ranting. that's one of the benefits of having a blog right? hehe.


sHe WiLL bE LoVeD.

i swear, i'm such a crybaby sometimes. i've been bugging justin to write me a testimonial on friendster. well, he finally made me one, and it made me cry nga! it wasn't cheezy or anything, it was just swakto*.

a song by maroon 5 (if you love jamiroquai or new radicals, you'll love them!) that justin says is his song for me.

Beauty queen of only eighteen
She had some trouble with herself
He was always there to help her
She always belonged to someone else

I drove for miles and miles
And wound up at your door
I've had you so many times but somehow
I want more

I don't mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved
She will be loved

Tap on my window knock on my door
I want to make you feel beautiful
I know I tend to get insecure
It doesn't matter anymore

It's not always rainbows and butterflies
It's compromise that moves us along
My heart is full and my door's always open
You can come anytime you want

I know where you hide
Alone in your car
Know all of the things that make you who you are
I know that goodbye means nothing at all
Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls

*swakto - adjective. from the root word "swak" and "sakto", meaning super swak na sakto. [origin: pepel santos]


i nEeD mY dOsE oF cAfFiEnE!!

people often ask me where i get the energy i have. i can go on a whole day being extremely hyper even with just an hour's worth of sleep. aside from my "happy spirit", its my natural high. but now that i think about it, whoa! i get all the energy i have from coffee. (note: white chocolate mocha from seattle's best is indeed the best.) well, that is aside from my other energy source, which is getting a hug from justin. hay, i have so much to do tonight and i can't get started on it cause of friendster and this blog! aaah! tsk, tsk, masama na 'to. as celine would say (the muse of the philippine star!), nade-delilah na ako!!

kasi naman.. add up a comm major thesis (anyone in prod or psych that we can interview?), sir eddieboy calasanz (resident terror philo teacher of ateneo), work in cdg (creative development group of abs-cbn under the great mori rodriguez and sir enrico), piling up exams and papers (refer to 09.07 entry), plus my extreme fondness for the laptop right now.. you get one girl demoted from being a "supergirl wannabe" to a "struggling supergirl"!

though they're not paying me anything for it, i'll say that aside from wcm, i strongly recommend you to try seattle's best stroop waffles! they're so good!

ah.. happy, happy birthday to my long time buddy leah marie OnG tumlos!


oN tHaT sTaRs iSsUe, pOsiTiVe eNeRgY, and sMiLiNg.

i was just thinking. if our charts are based on the movement of the planets and other heavenly bodies, but then we ultimately decide what will happen in our lives, does that necessarily mean that the energies of all the people in the world are what make the planets move? i don't know if i'm analyzing it too much but my boyfriend justin said that i shouldn't look at it as a one-to-one correspondence. well, i guess that's right. i guess i was just so bothered by what i heard! okay, okay fine.. we must move on!

i really believe in positive energy, a happy disposition.. i think it rubs off on the people around you. in my case, i'm happy that my brother jc has announced publicly (chalk september 2003) that he feeds off my positive vibe. he said i have a happy spirit. and that's good to hear. :) i like making people happy.. well who doesn't right?!

i've always believed that a smile makes such a big difference. ack, it sounds like such a miss universe answer but its true! haven't you noticed yourself feeling lighter and happier when someone you know or don't know greets you with a smile? it puts me in a better mood when i smile or when other people smile at me, so i highly recommend it. :p


mY sTaRs.

i just got home from a family session we had with our tita who's an astrologer. she read all our "stars" and our charts, and basically told us what's in store for us. there was really this circular chart print out with all these signs and degrees and numbers. its pretty amazing. i just don't know what to do with all the precautions she gave me about bad things that can happen.. it was weird how my brother and sister had good things in store for them, and for some reason, mine was mostly bad! hhhay. i'm very much content with what i have now in my life and i try to keep a balance, so why do my stars say otherwise? this probably needs more contemplating. my head hurts already. :s

anyway, on a less serious but just as stressful note.. there's so much to do for school!! why do all the teachers act as if theirs is the only subject you have?! i just hope and pray that i get to do everything i have to. and along that line, good luck to batch 2004!

mY fiRsT bLoG.

i used to be a blogspot user, (thanks to what i saw on ala's friendster page) but when my best friend pepel told me about xanga, i decided to make a page here instead. yey! i can be carrie bradshaw in my little pathetic way. so i'm very excited, and i hope i get to keep this up despite all the stress. hehe. feel free to post whatever message you want.

why supergirl? hmm.. well obviously i'm not supergirl and there is no such thing, but sometimes i'm just too eager to do so many things at once that i come off as trying to be some kind of supergirl. haha! but then at the end of the day, i realize that i am just human and hay naku, i need my rest too! so i find relaxation in friendster, blogging, bumming around with my friends, movies or cartoons, and the beach.

that's it.. peace! :)


zwirl said...

my sentiments exactly:) multi-tasking on the go! it saddens me if i can't accomplish much stuff in a day, too:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Bianca! I'd been wanting to comment on your blog entries for many years but I'd been too shy. I'm not so sure what hit me this time. I understand it's hard for people like you to reply to our (fans') messages, yes, I'm a fan ( I follow you on Twitter and read all your blog entries) because of your schedule. Just wanna know if you do have an email add for your followers so they can send you their quite short to long messages? I'm really sorry for taking much of your time. You may delete this comment already. Thank you!


Eight said...

I stumbled upon your blog and found it amusing. This is the first time I visited your site and I liked it a lot. I really enjoyed reading it. I'm feeling down right now but when I read #2 [9.19.2003 a few incoherent thoughts] it made me smile. Heeheehee. Thanks. :)