21 September 2003

buLoNg sA KaWaLaN.

director-writer bobby bonifacio.
assistant director idda aguilar.
production manager bianca gonzalez.
cinematographers dan villegas and mihk vergara.
production designers benj bartolome and pia faustino.
production assistant je-ann aquino.
producer joey fernandez.

nolin is dave corpin.
anne is abby yao.
nolin's mom is racquel villavicencio.
nolin's dad is ronnie lazaro.

sa kamatayan lang..
naks! galing talaga ni direk bob. its 6 in the morning and i just came home from a whole night's worth of taping for bulong. its basically a film-nwah. haha, pangit. no, its a psycho-thriller-slash-drama about a boy named nolin (yup the one in the picture) who has a "special" relationship with his dead mother.. and i can't say no more kaya panoorin niyo na lang. :p here are a few details about the story and the shoot kanina.

1 - nolin's room (as shown) is full of portraits and drawings of death and suffering.. well actually, mostly gigantic eyes, hell-ish abstracts, and sadako-looking girls.. at nung tinamad na kami mag-drawing, there were mike wazowski looking creatures, voodoo dolls, and black scribbles. punuin ba naman kasi yung kwarto ng drawing!

2 - it was really, really tiring. drawing (kahit hindi naman talaga ako artist, frustrated artist lang), running up and down the stairs calling people (errand woman kung baga), being subjected to intense megawatts (c/o dan's new lights from extreme fellowship, yay!), texting everyone about the call time (my bill will be outrageous this month), and playing ad when idda was gone (meaning remembering everything bobby can't and reminding him every so often that we gotta roll cam na!)

3 - thank you for passing by, quark! what a caring mentor to us all. :)

4 - i did a cameo in the movie! naks! well.. sorta. i played the prostitute that nolin's dad brought home, and i had one line.. "sabi po niyo, walang tao dito," after seeing nolin in his room. haha! grabe naman to, first time ko na nga lang to act in a movie, prostitute pa. naku naman.

5 - i was so star struck kay sir ronnie, as babaw as it may seem! haha. he plays john lloyd's dead dad in kay tagal kang hinintay. i wanted to ask for an autograph nga eh. ang galing talaga niya umarte, can i just say? to the littlest detail, kuhang kuha ng facial expression niya. and he's so nice too. he was wishing us the best of luck in making it to the film industry when we graduate, to help it succeed daw. naks! oh, and at one time, he even called me "biancs"! naks, close na kami ha. even ma'am racquel was so nice. she keeps on texting me with smileys and she's the one pa who asks for updates regarding shoots and stuff.

so basically that's it. finally my desire to sleep is kicking in. :p


rizza said...

the pictures are no longer available. too bad for me. :(

jeal said...

i was about to watch it then i realize horror pala :) and it's already 11pm at the moment..ill try to watch it tomorrow when the sun already comes out! more power superB! :)