24 September 2003

iN nEeD oF a bReAk.

how can people even say that senior year is the easiest? never in my life have i had this kind of stress! di lang hell week, hell monthsss! i don't even wanna try to recall what i've been up to the past weeks, mahihilo lang ako. but i can recall this week.. well monday i had a whole day in school, sooo much homework as usual, plus hosted this film symposium for my org, acomm. guests were quark henares, khavn de la cruz, and angel aquino. (power to the indie film industry!) traffic was hell going home, and for the first time i wished that i didn't learn how to drive na lang. :s tuesday and wednesday (yup til now) is basically a blur cause all i remember is working on thesis the whooole night, i mean, morning, uhm, i mean, uhm, i dunno! i need a break.

hmm, but i did have time to squeeze in a shoot for the star this afternoon.. (aah what a relief to do work outside of school!) and thanks to the wonderful stylings of luis espiritu, the beautifying eye of xeng zulueta, the amazing creations of arnel papa, and the fresh ideas of sarah black, i'd say it was all in all successful. :) do i dare share this picture?

and no, i am not, was not, and will not be a bold star. its supposed to be artsy okay!? one of the few times i look like a "woman". hehe.

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peterofcanada said...

hi ms.bianca!!
I became a big fan of yours since I saw you on Y-Speak.
I find you to be the perfect example of 'beauty and brains'
I unfortunately just found out of your blog now.
Believe it or not, I actually want to read every single post :D
I actually just finished the first month, however, its sad to see that some of the photos embedded are no longer available, just like the photo in this post :(
Anyway, i hope you're enjoying your holy week.. Please visit Canada sometime, being able to meet you would be awesome :D