25 September 2003

fRiEnDsTeR PiCtUrEs!

don't you just love looking at friendster pictures? i wanna share my top ten favorites (subject to change without prior notice).

meet carl, my wonderful blockmate. i like the expression on his face and the way he styled himself. "ako yung gift," carl asserted when i told him that i loved his friendster picture. so submissive carl, is that you?!

aside from being a long time windsurfer-wannabe, i love the energy in this picture! meet mike, my long time family friend.

whoa! pang-ripley's believe it or not to ah. 'stig. meet quark, director extraordinare. (naks!)

meet paulino, my friend who i seldom see. :p ithis one really stands out among all the other pictures. what is that he's holding in his hands though? is it a kitten, a piece of cloth, or none of the above?!

meet primo, my high school schoolmate. he was one of the first friend-sters i had, and ever since, i've loved this picture! maybe its my fondness for water and being in water that makes me like it so much.

whatta cuuutie! meet carla. its the clear sky, its the bright flower, the nice cropping, and yes of course, the pretty girl.

she's darna, so i still have supergirl to my name. meet ala. haha! no one else would've gotten away with a picture like this.

meet ian, future dj superstar. this picture is supposed to look maangas with all the high-tech equipment you see, but somehow, he doesn't look mayabang at all. in fact, he looks like a dork. a cool dork. :) that's one of my best buds.

ooh! who doesn't love sunsets? meet cristalle and miko, my college and boracay buddies. senti during sunset ah..

the big poppa! meet pm. tama ba namang ikaw ang boss, at ang mga bodyguard mo, isa artista, isa basketball star?! naks naman. :p

i LoOk bOrEd?

..yup i am! i can't believe it! i have a lot of time on my hands. (finally!! ugh, but its just for tonight.) just finished thesis second draft a while ago, and so i decided to reward myself with a long internet session. hehe! i couldn't think of a topic to write about either, so since i was on friendster, i decided to use that too. sorry kung baduy, i burned some brain cells writing thesis, so i don't really have any creative juices to write anything now. :p ooh! congratulations to la salle for winning the game against ateneo. darn! never knew la had it in him to be violent in a game. poor guy. :s


if anyone has any interesting topic suggestions for me to write about in my blog, just click on "say anything" just below this post. yey! thanks. :D


Anonymous said...

hi,hi....i do that too. tingin kung ano nagbago sa profile ng mga friends ko e. feels good kapag may updates.

cooLetbaiT said...

"say anything"

ur one of a kind bianc_g..just keep ur feet on the ground..be blessed everyday!!stay as cool as you are, also mine..hehe "_)


The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

wow..i thought were of the same age..but youre one year ahead..sadness..i am thinking that we have the same birthyear