28 September 2003

kYtHe'S miROCKles.

its always such a joy to find out about events that are organized for a good cause that everyone pitches in for, pro bono. last night had one of those events, a benefit concert sponsored by kythe, held at national sports grill in greenbelt. it was nice to see that no matter how big kapatid, kitchie nadal, akafellas (and many more) are, they still found time on a saturday night to sing for the concert. on my part, even if i'm not a member of kythe, i contributed to the cause too by playing host to the show. at least. :)

pinoy talent is amazing. its unbelievable how talented filipinos are. last night you could really see the rich culture and love for music. i am a big fan of music, but only recently, i've been taking an interest in the local music scene. grrrabe talaga, pinoys really suck in as much music influence as they can, and give it their own style. i'm a new fan of element#5, the beat-boxing boys chino and carlo from sec. then there was also the cardigans-like style of bold star, (galing!) and boy would i love to get a copy of their first album. of course ciudad, though with some missing members, still managed to give a stellar performance. i have much more to learn about the industry.. power to pinoy musicians! 'stig.

why am i not a member of kythe? i've always wanted to be, except that i don't think i can handle it emotionally.. i'm such a crybaby pa naman. i've always liked working with kids, and before, i enjoyed being a volunteer for "mga munting anghel ng panginoon" just here in bf paranaque, where every saturday morning, we'd teach kids and read them stories and play with them. i love kids, and i love teaching, so i really enjoyed that experience. unfortunately, i couldn't keep up with the schedule so i couldn't continue.. so going back to kythe, its really something i'm interested in.. but my sister told me the story of our carpoolmate cherry who came to carpool one day na humahagulgol talaga, and apparently, her kythe kid just passed away. hhhay. i really couldn't take that story.. i don't think i can handle that situation if i was in her place. :s but seeing all the kids yesterday, and how they were so happy and even game to perform, wow. it was so inspiring! it really made me happy to see the cancer survivors really having fun and enjoying the music, singing and dancing, and wow. it just makes you think about all your problems right now that are nothing compared to theirs.. these kids, who had to confront such serious problems so early in their lives, still find it in their hearts to smile and make other people happy. and we, with such superficial problems, feel like the victim of the world when things don't go our way. i think iNsPiRiNg is really the best way i can describe everything that happened last night. i was reminded that we too can overcome any problems and trials that come our way, and we'll all be much better after it. and yes, miracles do happen, and its all up to us!

loOkiNg fOrWaRd tO..

on a less utopian note. (i'm sorry i have to warn you, i get in these sickeningly-utopian moods where i truly believe that the world can be a better place.) let me share my future hairstyle, maybe in a few months.. this is the reason why i had my hair curled! so that i can find a solution to my boring hair and make it grow one length without layering it. how exciting.

nOw sHoWiNg.

i'm plugging these movies as a new fan of the indiefilipino community and as an aspiring filmmaker. please come and watch!

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