30 September 2003

rAnTs aNd rAvEs.

today was such a rollercoaster. so many highs and so many lows. hhhay!


1 - guys can be such ignorant, egotistic, and dense assholes. enough said.

2 - i hate city traffic!! my three driving pet peeves: (a) drivers that move to the "fast lane" but they're still running at a record low speed, (b) drivers that don't follow the alternating rule, i mean, is it that hard to figure out?!, and (c) drivers na dederecho pa rin to block the whole intersection kahit wala naman silang pupuntahan. ugh. was stuck in two hour traffic today and words cannot express the frustration i feel.

3 - i didn't get to watch the game. go ateneo, animo la salle! good job to ateneo! i realized that i may be green blooded, but that's zobel green. i have been growing blue blood since last year (i use the word "growing" kasi parami nang parami) so much so that now i'm willing to sing the ateneo alma mater.. well.. i don't know the lyrics, so its more like raise my arm to our alma mater. :p


1 - i love hilary duff! (among other girls, but that's a different topic all together!) i keep hearing her cute "so yesterday" song on the radio. it should be a crime to be this beautiful and this successful at such a young age.. can you believe she's just 15?!? she may not be super beautiful, but wow, whatever "x factor" is, this girl has it! she had her hit series lizzie mcguire, has a hit song now, has had a handful of movies, plus she designs too! i am officially willing to give up my pseudo-supergirl title to this girl. (hehe, feeling.)

2 - i love the eraserheads. i heard a disc of theirs playing a while ago in a store in megamall. hey but i'm talking about the early eraserheads, their albums circus and ultraelectromagneticpop. wow. i looove their music. at the time when i was high school and everyone wanted side a to play in our fair, i would've fought life and limb for eraserheads instead! "magasin" is their best song for me. i miss their music!

3 - just got the results from my second calasanz exam*. one big fight! hehe. i love philosophy. what i mean to say is, i did as well as i did in the first exam.. i won't grade drop na, basta i wanna share that its something i totally wanna rave about!! i have fallen once again in the "abyss of transcendence"! hay, but there are still orals.. ugh.

in conclusion.

i don't know what to make of my day. i don't know whether to be happy about it or what. i don't even wanna think about it anymore. my brain hurts. :s

*calasanz exam - noun. a terror 430 til 1030 or even midnight philosophy exam wherein all the exam questions are given before hand, and you can take the exam with open notes, open handouts, and open discussion. [origin: students of the class]


eyalreb said...

..ate biancs.. bday ko date n2 :))

Ram Ramos said...

Haha, THE Calasanz Exam. Spent one whole night with blockmates at the Cervini Caf (the only place in school that's open til late) just to finish this sh*t. But still, I miss college. :)

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

hi super bianca..nice blog of yours.added you in my link

maree said...

idol ko rin si hilary duff! hehe.. but right now she seems to be losing her fame. and shes now married.

Jing said...

I also love philosophy, Ms. Biancs. I remember my prof. Back in college @ the university of san carlos, cebu, Ms. Maje. We let us read the books like THe ALCHEMIST, TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE, etc. And i loved it! And I got 1.O in our midterms. So happy at the time when i received my exam coz it was my B-day too!:D