03 October 2003

aDvErTiSeMeNt bOaRd.

i just got home from a stressful planning session for our thesis mock defense tomorrow, er, later, and of course, what better way to de-stress than to blog and go on friendster. ;p (am i an uber dork now?!) my day was pretty boring, and i can't decide what to write about.. so ad board na lang. hmm.. wala lang. (grabe, halata bang some brain cells have disintegrated?)

1 - later tonight and tomorrow night is the culminating event of bigshot, the ad making contest of ajma. this is me and my buddy dustin. well, actually cartoon version namin. "can i order a bianca, make that extra black please?" haha! buti na lang i love being black. oh, and apparently dus and i will be the master of ceremonies saturday night at the glorietta activity center. wonder what that's all about.

2 - job opening! looking for a female fresh grad, fashionable, loves to style, aggressive, eager to learn, personable, loves the nightlife, willing to work long hours at low pay, big opportunities for growth.. will be styling for shoots, fashion shows, and conceptualizing and managing events, pictorials, in-store activities, celebrities. position: marketing associate (fashion projects). hours: m-f 9-6 unless there's an event in the evening or weekend. company: s2g, advertising, events, and public relations. and who will your boss be? gp reyes!! i assure you, he's one of the coolest and sweetest guys ever. lemme know if you or anyone you know is interested. :)

3 - anyone selling a second hand ibook, the small white one? i'm dying to buy my own one but i'm not ready to shell out money for a new one. (out of the few who check out this blog, baka sakaling jumackpot ako. :p)

ooh, and just a quick shout-out to my girl friend (who shall remain nameless) that checks out this blog occasionally, please sign my comment box naman! hehe. you're a happy girl naman eh!! and we can't be any happier for you too!! (wink, wink!)

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chiara said...

hi! i really like your blog. you've inspired me. (: nakakatuwa laman ng blog mo po. nakakainspire. (: nakita ko kung gano ka kasipag sa work and studies mo (nung nag-aaral ka pa) and kung gano ka kabut. alam ko po hidi lang ako ang naiinspire ninyo. (: continue to inspire others! ((: