05 October 2003

tHiNgS i fOuNd oUt tHiS wEeK.

sundays are good for looking back at your week and fleshing out everything you went through.

1 - i really do have an attention deficiency disorder. aaah!! my sister aissa read somewhere before that extreme stress can cause your memory to suffer. she was telling me the other day that she noticed a significant change in her memory, meaning she can't easily remember things no matter how recent. as for me, i'm slowly discovering that my attention span is screwed up! sometimes i don't notice people are talking to me pala, or i sometimes zone out in the middle of a conversation! this is really horrible!

2 - judiel is now an actress. remember judiel, the one who supposedly saw the mother mary in agoo, and it caused a big media craze? well judiel is really a he, but now he's a full-fledged "she". i learned about this in a theo report done in class the other day. not only that, judiel is now an actress, and will come out in a movie soon. support role nga lang. (i'll post the title when i find out what it is.) 'stig, gumawa siya ng sarili niyang himala.

3 - mukha pala akong chinita. i came from this final casting a while ago, and we were four girls, and apparently, the role requires you to be a chinita! i've always thought of myself as pinay or malay or thai or south american (naks, feeling) or even african looking, but not chinita!? when we went into the room, the caster briefed us saying, "as you can see all of you are chinitas". i began to sing, "alin, alin, alin ang naiba, isipin kung alin ang naiba". they were all much whiter, with ebony straight hair, and there i was, looking more like dao ming szi than the required shan cai look. hassledeck*. wala bang kukuha sa akin dyan?! kailangan ko po ng pera.. para mabili ko na ang ibook na gusto ko, pati makapag-abroad pagka-graduate ko.. :p

4 - friendster is perfect for pinoys. i was thinking about the sudden friendster craze, and why it has been so. i realized that friendster is a sure hit in the philippines for two reasons: (1) filipinos are chismoso and usiseros, yes both boys and girls. (2) we are all narcissistic in a way.. pinoys love being greeted on tv or love even just their name appearing on the text tube channels (friends list), and we also love being complimented by other people (testimonials).

5 - i am meant for straight hair. i had work yesterday for pink magazine with editor-stylist aycs paredes and she had my hair teased and brushed for the hair ed. ever since i had my hair permed, i've never brushed my hair. my hairstylist alex carbonell advised me that the moment i brush my hair, i'll look like a baluga. (which is not far off from my normal look.) and yesterday, they brushed my hair! and with a fine tooth comb! i came to the studio with nice, wavy hair in a half ponytail, and went out with hair as big and wild as johan ekedum's. yikes. it scared me. (but don't get me wrong, i love johan's hair on him! its just not quite for me.) i love my wavy hair, although i am looking forward to having it straight again, with the cut i really want.

*hassledeck - adjective. a term referring to anything that causes hassle, stress, problems, headaches, or heartaches. it is more of a hassle than hassleduck (refer to 9.16 post). [origin: one abnormal conversation with pepel]

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