13 October 2003

bUhAy bAbOy.

i'm better now. i've gotten over my thesis defense angst and am now ready to move on and kick ass for final thesis copy. (makikita nila, aahon din kami at magwawagi!!) i also have less angst about work, cause i do realize that its all part of the company culture and the pros still outweigh the cons. (i could use a fatter paycheck though.. :p) and i owe this "maluwag na kalooban" to my buhay baboy day that i promised myself friday night.

i woke up at around 9AM on saturday (not bad but could have been later..) giving me a total of around 10 hours of sleep. the whole day, all i did was switch the tv from disney to nick to cartoon network, to hbo and channel two, to mtv and myx, to disney to nick to.. okay you get the picture. all i did was eat whatever snacks i could find, from wafer sticks to semi-sweet baking chocolate chips, from my mom's smoked fish pate to soft boiled egg. lahat na yata ng laman ng ref, pinatulan ko. also, i must have checked friendster around ten times that day. (how pathetic!) i felt so well-rested and peaceful. although my brother jc would contend that, saying i could've done something more productive with my day such as going out to exercise. he's been bugging me to get any form of exercise to get all the junk food i eat out of my system and to keep my heart strong as our family has a history of hypertension, but i always end up justifying all the stress of school and work as exercise enough. so basically, i spent the whole day in my mom's room on the tv, computer, and phone. and oh! i got to talk to my best friend pepel after ToO long a time and it was gRrReAt to catch up.

i decided to pick up my slug self that night though and go out for a movie with my friends. we watched "american wedding". i don't know if i wasn't in the mood for it, or if i'm just really not a fan of bastos humor, or if baduy lang talaga ako, but i didn't find the movie anything great. (warning spoiler! except for the gay bar dance number and the cover up at the house with "mr. belvedere".) the first two ones were better, and in this movie i just really wanted to whack stifler on the head kasi pucha ang kulit ng lahi* niya. after that we went to racks on valero street to hear my buddies sic city play. i was so glad to see my favorite boys stephen and miko after such a long time, cause i've really been meaning to catch up with them. i was also so happy to see how jason soong has managed to make racks an alternative happening tambayan, with their customer base growing bigger and bigger. its just so funny that walking from the entrance to the bar, all you hear is "shshshshshshshs-friendster," "shsshshsh-friendster testimonial," "shshshhshhshs-friendster.."


so the terror begins once again. after my buhay baboy day, i now have to face a comprehensive history exam, philosophy orals, theology orals, a film class paper, and a final thesis revision. oh and of course there's more writing to be done at work. oh! and i could use anyone's help for this! i need to come up with a list of all pinoy musical acts, whatever genre. so far i have the more popular ones like rivermaya, et al., but if anyone knows of any upcoming or newly signed bands, please let me know. yey. :)

i aM mOrPhEuS.

haha, literally! care of quizilla, i found out that yep, i am morpheus. 'stig.

*kulit ng lahi - adjective. refers to anyone makulit, whether it be positive kulit like tado's humor maybe, or negative kulit like those ksp classmates of yours that you hated back in grade school. [origin: me and pepel pa rin yata]

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