28 October 2003

yOuR pAsSiOn aS yOuR pRoFeSsiOn.

okay i'm sure you're kinda getting the idea that this is not my usual kengkoy post.. yep, its kinda serious.. but still good and informative! hehe. sorry. funny posts to come in a week or so. promise. :)

this was one of the best things my great philo teacher dr. garcia told me.. "if you have your passion as your profession, you wouldn't have to work a day in your life."

this is the question i have been asking myself for the past week.. is this what i really wanna do with my life? okay, what am i working on now? i'm writing for this new show (details are still classified so i will not disclose information yet), that will air early november hopefully.. so of course, everything's double time now cause we gotta work fast to reach our target date. i'm also training to be a concept-developer-writer-director-editor (basically the whole production process) for the special projects division of abs-cbn, under alco guerrero. he's directing the show that i'm writing for, and he has decided to train me to do the things he does for special projects. he's really brilliant.. he's only 28 and he's already directing major projects for the network. if you watch the kapamilya special on abs-cbn (sunday at 930), watch out for the vtrs on drama, news, and the dolphy tribute. amazing! it is beyond me how that was even conceptualized. alco's one of those people whose minds i wanna get into.. just to see how it works? and, he lives and breathes music! i wanna learn all that too. anyway. so. i am really happy about being trained, cause its really been my dream to direct. i've always wanted to direct indie films and the like, but then this came along, and its been amazing.

so what have i been doing the past days? (not blogging and not on friendster!! ack!! is this really me?!) i've been so busy at work that i actually finished 3/4 of my required practicum time just last week. my training under alco officially started thursday. i basically observed all the work he does, and he just makes kwento the whooole time. i was telling my co-writers that i've learned more in the past four days than i have my whole college life. seriously! anyway. so the past four days, i've been attending meetings, writing and revising scripts, going to writing sessions, watching shoots (i watched ai-ai de las alas, she's really funny!), learning how to set up and light a set, drinking loads of coffee (to the point that my hands were shaking ala-epilepsy by sunday), and editing. editing is what made up majority of the four days i lived in abs. (note: i was in abs from thursday til sunday.. my first dose of really working there.) i helped edit "the making" for the kapamilya special that aired last sunday. basically the four days was a crash course in production. alco had to leave for boracay saturday morning, but editing wasn't done yet, so i had to step up and help edit some segments. ang kapal ng mukha ko! here is the editing hall, rooms and rooms occupied by people who've been working there for years, who worked on the 50 years special, who have gone through rigorous training.. and here i am, this 20-year old in sneakers and chun-li hair, with no knowledge of the 50 years special, with wala lang school projects as my only training.. here i am, telling the editor what to do and how i want the segment to look. what the?!?! i edited thursday to friday.. then saturday to sunday.. but when it all came together, the feeling was.. wow. then of course i felt so much better when i saw it air on tv! and then of course the best feeling was when workmates told me that i did a good job! wow. (alco even told me that they were asking when i can direct and shoot stuff on my own.. and he answered that by january i'll be ready..?! whaaaat?!) i now know the feeling of fulfillment by just having your name on the credits.. well mine wasn't, but just imagining it there made me happy. (haha! babaw ba!?) so now that the 50 years special is over, i'm on to my next project to train with. alco's asking me to help edit for the miss earth special. hmm, that'll be interesting. :)

hOw tHe heLL dO i eVeN FiNisH sChOoL?!

i still have one sem to go.. fifteen units. but there is no way on earth i can handle writing for a daily show and taking full load in school. i've decided to underload next sem.. (i actually fixed my underload when i thought i'd be hosting the show too.. but oh well, that's life.) people at work tease me to just quit school na since i have the work coming in anyway. no way! i'm really finishing school whatever happens. i want my degree. i even want my minor in philosophy. i wanna take the events management class of sev. i wanna take the directing class of marilou. hhhay. bahala na. :s

hassledeck. when i got home kanina, it was past midnight, and my mom woke up while i was on the computer. we fought cause she went on and on about how she wants me to finish by march na lang, to not be in a hurry to work, how she doesn't like my working hours.. i was so pissed!! first of all, she told me before that it was okay for me to underload because the job i'm doing now is the job i eventually wanna have. and like i said, i'm so set that i wanna graduate, i'm never gonna drop school! second, i'm not in a hurry to work! i just joined the brainstorming group cdg, cause it was a part time thing that i could have with school. its not my fault that i was pulled out to be a writer, its not my fault that i'm being trained now.. i mean, shouldn't she be proud of me that i'm doing good at work?! and third, the working hours are like this now, cause i'm on sem break. i mean, i'm not stupid to take working hours i can't handle when school starts. and as if i get low grades! i'd understand if she's getting mad because i'm failing. but not to sound mayabang, goodness my grades are so high! ugh.. i'm really annoyed!!

so sorry, excuse the ranting.. :c

i miSs mY fRiEnDs.

one big problem i have now is that i miss my friends so much. i'm supposed to be 20. i'm supposed to be in school, going out to the mall on a bored day, shopping and eating with girl friends, watching movies or dvds with my barkada, going online for friendster and my blog. but the past week i haven't had time to do that. my phone bill is slowly increasing (yes, it can actually still go up! and its been so high na!) cause i find myself calling marion and rina and talking for them so long on a cell.. i find myself even calling pel! (parang ang yaman ko?! wala naman akong pera!) i wanted to enjoy my sem break with my friends, but instead i ended up working. its been great, no doubt. but i always find myself thinking, am i supposed to be doing this now or should i be enjoying typical college life?

- i have yet to watch requiem with sila jippo then hang out on ian's porch saying hi to the aava guards passing by
- i have yet to go to punta fuego with marion, crissy, and justine
- i have yet to go with justin to play golf in southwoods then watch transformers the movie
- i have yet to go to caliraya and take those darn windsurfing lessons
- i have yet to go with my brother to dive in anilao
- i have yet to treat joseph to his long awaited buffet dinner
- i have yet to go to calatagan with pm and the rest of the bench
- i have yet to go to potipot for evan's birthday
- i have yet to go out for dinner with sila miko and stephen
- i have yet to do some major catching up with russ, jess, isab, and mari
- i have yet to dance with pam and er
- i have yet to go out and hang with the doshu people: cao, pao, lex, and all the alabang boys
- i have yet to go with rina and mich to go shopping in sm then bond over coffee
- i have yet to go with mikaela and chucho to tali
- i have yet to talk to pepel on the phone to catch up on one million things

so many things i've been planning to do.. when will i get to do them?

jUsT uSe tHe fOrCe.

never in my life did i think i would have a mentor. but now i do. and its been cool. "just use the force," one of the most important things i learned from alco.

and i can't wait til 2005!!

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Anonymous said...

*your passion as your profession* -ayos! ang galing! i really enjoy and love reading your blogs! As a matter of fact, I decided to read them from your day 1 (1st blog) up to the latest (note:without skipping. I hope, I won't sneak up.)Hehe!
I am learning a lot from you. And basically, get to know you more.

More power to your career and God bless!:)

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