31 October 2003

hApPy HaLLoWeEn!!

i love halloween.. i love it as much as i love new year. there's this certain fun feeling in the air! those two days are the only times of the year you can dress up in whatever crazy way you want and it'll be perfectly okay. lemme share my dream costume!

meet comet! i fell in love with this character when i got addicted to bust-a-move back in high school. (okay sorry, the picture's not that great but this was the best i could find on the net!) comet's a rollerskater waitress and ever since i saw her, i've wanted to dress like her for halloween. she's so cute! i just couldn't find rollerskates! hhhay. maybe next year. for this year, i have my cheerleading outfit as my cop out costume. well i'm happy that it still fits me cause it means i haven't gained that much weight since high school right?!

mAkE a wiSh.

last tuesday, i watched my brother host this make a wish foundation event. the foundation is an international organization that grants the wishes of terminally-ill kids, and the event is an annual program where they give the kids the thing that they wish for the most. that night, kritz got his gameboy, elbert got his bike, and jay got his playstation. i don't think i can ever host events like this! i'd be too emotional and start crying or something!! times like this just really make you think about everything you have in your life, and how you always ask for more and want more, or how we're never really contented. and here are these kids facing death, and all that will make them happy are a few toys. its the most touching scene ever.

i was reading one of their flyers and i read the story of this one kid whose wish was to have a robot that he can assemble himself. it also said there that this kid loves watching tv and that his favorite soap star is dingdong dantes. so the make a wish foundation arranged that dingdong be there in the hospital to give the robot to him, and play with him the whole day. the kid's mother commented that that was the happiest she's ever seen her son. the next day, the kid passed away.

hay! i wanted to cry after reading that! aside from being such a crybaby, (yes, i am! ask justin! mar, kasalanan mo to! :p) i was really touched by how these kids are so, so innocent. amidst this materialistic, competitive, image-conscious world, there are still these little angels that exist to remind us what simple pleasures are all about. when i grow old, and i become superrr rich, aside from buying racks and racks of shoes, i really, really wanna help out with a foundation like this.

mUnTiNg aNgHeL nG pAnGiNoOn.

i met many little angels when i was a freshman, for my basic english class. (masama pa rin loob ko na nag-basic english ako!! haha!) we were required to go to an institution, and the one that we chose was "munting anghel ng panginoon", a group of volunteers that get together saturday mornings to have study groups with street children. my group and i were there for just one morning, but the high we got from it was enough to last us a lifetime. wow, being around children gives you this really light feeling, i can't really describe it, but its this refreshing feeling that makes you wanna smile. anyway! i was there to teach the kids christian living.. so there were textbooks there that we had to distribute, then we just read through them. it was so nice to see the kids taking the initiative, raising their hands to volunteer to read, but giving way to each other to answer the questions. after the reading session, we asked the kids what song they wanted to sing.. so there we go, "ang mga ibon, na lumilipad, ay mahal ng diyos, di kumukupas.. ang mga ibon na lumilipad, ay mahal ng diyos di kumukupas, wag ka nang malungkot, oh praise the lord.." hehe. i like that song, its so cute and simple. accompanied by the voices of the kids getting louder and louder, plus bigay na bigay pa sila sa actions, haha that was so much fun. our presentation for that was chosen as the best in class, and we were exempted in the finals for that, so yey! but it was all thanks to the children. our report wouldn't have been as nice if we didn't truly have a great time. i've always wanted to go back there and teach some more.. but schedules piled up and i was never able to. tsk, tsk, another thing that i will definitely do kapag tumanda na ako't yumaman. hehe!

haaay. more additions to the list of things i wanna do.. darn magis, never thought it would get to me but it did.


Anonymous said...

it was only last month when i thought of searching for your blog...
better late than never... hehe..
i'm reading your posts from the very first one...
i got hooked..

i also loooooooooove philosophy...
...plans to teach....
and help other people

Anonymous said...

It will be my 30th (yay, tanda ko na) birthday this coming May. Im planning to do something worth it. Actually planning to travel. First thought to visit my auntie in california or go with my friends in Europe as two of them are going in May. Im currently in Australia but now planning to go back for 2weeks in the Philippines coz Im thinking to spend my 3rd decade with my family but if im going back i want to do something like visiting orphanage. I love love love kids. What would you suggest? I was touched with the one who wished for the robot and dingdong dantes story. I dunno but just want to spend my birthday doing something that I have never done before. Does it make sense? Please feel free to email me rocel_reyes@yahoo.com for any suggestions. Thank you very much!