03 November 2003

pLaYeD bOwLiNg fOr tHe fiRsT tiMe iN mY LiFe.

in last place ladies and gentlemen, is bianca with a grand total of.. 30 points?!?!? aaaaack!! that was so horrible! and my gosh, nakakahiya, i'm 20 and i've never played bowling in my life.. til today!

this is the reaction to our total team score.
you can just guess how low that was!

hay. well in all fairness to me, i really, really tried my best. and i'm just tied with tracy, my brother's girlfriend, with her score for her first game ever. it was me, my mom, my brother jc, my sister aissa, tracy, and her brother tj in powerbowl in rockwell. i've always been the type to insist to be the scorer instead of bowling.. it never really appealed to me and i never really thought i could do it. but after a few times of throwing the ball the wrong way, lofting the ball despite the huge sign "no lofting", driving the ball to the gutter, i realized it was so much fun pala! even if i hardly hit any pins, i had a lot of fun!

haha, but it gets better. we all decided to play a second game despite our overstretched muscles and sore thumbs. and guess what! the most improved player of the game and best rookie of the year award goes to.. bianca!! i hit a strike on the first frame of that next game!! wow!! haha, i was so happy! super chamba nga, pero still diba, strike pa rin yun! and if that wasn't enough, i hit another strike on the ninth frame! and in the end i redeemed myself and scored a total of 70 points. not that bad for a first timer, don't you think? :) (haha nag-iilusyon lang ako, pagbigyan na ang bata. :p)

tHe jUngLe tHaT iS mY rOoM.

well not anymore! yay!

saturday nights, i'm usually out with my friends. i can't even remember when the last time was that i spent it at home. but last saturday, i did. and not only that, i finally cleaned my room!! i can say that i'm such a guy in the way my room is fixed. i am a very oc person except when it comes to my room.. its such a mess! (i'm so ashamed!) i finally took the initiative to pile all the scattered clothes around the room on my bed. oh my goodness. i had no idea i had so much clothes that i haven't used, that i will never use, that i have no idea what entered my mind that i actually ever used them, and so on. finally, after around two hours, i started to see my beddings again. that was a good sign. i was very organized with piling my clothes. there was the "nice tops" pile, the "ugly shirts na bacon na at pang-trapo na" pile, the "new stuff na may tag pa" pile, blah, blah, blah. i realized that the timing is perfect, since christmas is near, i can finally give away all the stuff i don't intend to use anymore. at ang dami pala nun! my, how taste can change in the span of a year! ang gastos maging babaeng mahilig mag-shopping. :s hehe.


i'm so excited! today, alco lent me the original dvd of se7en, one of my super favorite movies in the world! :) it comes in this really cool case that's designed like the notebooks of john doe, with interesting and weird designs on it! then you open it, you see disc one with the movie, and disc two with the supplements. wow, wow.. wow! that's all i can say. learned a lot of things i wanna share, beware, spoiler! (but this movie is so old! i doubt i'm even spoiling anything.)

1 - production design - each setting for each sin is very significant and symbolic.. like the gluttony setting is as grimy and as fat as the sinner, the greed setting as snotty and chic as the sinner. if you really study each and every crime scene shot, you'll notice so many things.

2 - alternate ending - there was this really cool segment in the dvd that just scanned through the storyboard, just the simple sketches with fantabulous scoring and commentaries. apparently, the other ending to the movie is that its somerset who shoots doe! and he says some line like, "i'm retiring," and that's it. the ending in the movie is much better. plus brad pitt crying, ahh what a hottie. haha!

3 - the notebooks - apparently, the guys who came up with the john doe notebooks added to one of those this real suicide note. i don't exactly remember how or where they found it, but it was around three sheets of paper, a goodbye note written by a guy to the girl who just broke up with him, saying things like "i can't imagine life without you". the papers were full of tears, seen with how the pen marks have smudged. an authentic suicide note! brought chills up my spine.

finally, i'm off to watch the movie. :)

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