06 November 2003

hApPy BiRtHdAy jUsTiN!

dear jus,

happy, happy birthday mahal.. i'm sorry i still don't have a gift for you.. you know us, we're not an occasion-specific couple. i know its no excuse but gosh, i just never got to find what i really wanna give you. what do you want nga ba? bulungan mo na lang ako. :p but i hope you did enjoy watching "matrix revolutions" with me for the first hour of your 23rd blessed year on earth. even if you were kinda bad trip that time, it did all turn out okay diba? i'm texting with you now, you're playing cards with sila pm.. i wish i were there too but i just had to go home out of sheer fatigue na ata. wanna say thank you for understanding all the work i have, for being there to give me those big bear hugs when i feel like i'm gonna faint na, for listening to all my rants and raves even if you couldn't care less. hehe. i'm sorry that its sem break and we're supposed to be having our usual bum-at-home-watching-cartoons-or-playing-playstation types of days, but instead i'm always at work.. i dunno.. maybe the future's just coming really fast, not as we expected it to be, but it'll be good i'm sure. thank you so much for everything, really.

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