08 November 2003

wHaT iS bRiLLiAnT?

according to the new lexicon webster's dictionary, the word brilliant means sparkling, very bright, outstanding in intellegence or imagination, or very distinguished.

now who decides this, i mean, is it a matter of the decision or opinion of the majority? and if ever, this would be the majority of what? aside from that, how does one become brilliant? is one born with this uber special gene that makes him or her a cut above the rest? can it be learned, can it be grown into, can it be stolen, can it be bought? where?! gimme some of that! haha how is one classified to be brilliant, and how does one become brilliant? i dunno.. i've had these questions in my head for the past two weeks cause of all the people i've been meeting at work. i mean, when you talk to them and see them in action, all you can say is "wow." wow with a period, not an exclamation point.. i am that overwhelmed that parang no emotion will do.. but then again there are some who are called "brilliant" by everyone but when you work with them naman, hayayay! you're gonna lose your mind! they keep on changing their minds with regards to what they want, and they're your higher up so you gotta follow them, but then you end up either nowhere or just going in circles kasi nga they can't even make up their minds! oh well.. i guess it comes with it.

about the "brilliant" people thing.. its really amazing to see the mind of "brilliant" people work. an editor for example. half-machine, half-human na yan! my gosh. the way they work, especially in abs, they're literally computers na themselves! they work with eyes half-open, empty stomachs, and light-headed brains, but still they come up with amazing effects na parang, whatwhatwhaaat?! editors are one of the most underrated and unrecognized people in a production process. they deserve so much more credit than is given to them!! they always joke around that in the future, they just want a matrix-like machine that plugs something into their head and all they have to do is think of how to edit it and it happens. hay, if only nga! then there are also amazing directors and writers. their thought process is amazing! you see them working right, then after a few hours, they get kinda stumped, all they have to do is step out for a while, have a smoke, a cup of coffee, or a can of coke, stare at the sky, and by the end of their break, they go "okay, alam ko na, ganito yan." and there, just like that, a masterpiece! that is something i have yet to learn, but i'm so happy that i think i'm kinda getting the hang of that. using "the force", that's what it is!

hApPy tHiNgS.

there are a few things i've been enjoying for the past two weeks!

1 - justin's happy birthday, na i hope he's happy nga!

2 - my new chucks, a high cut black pair with outlines of white squares as the design.. and in the same way, the thought of what my next pair will be. :p

3 - the chocolate cake in cibo!! i've had it almost every single day for the past week.. its divine!!

4 - direk alco's disc collection. my goodness, its a sin already. he has around 1500 discs, roughly 300 of which have not been opened. i feel like i have the whole tower records within my reach, wow!

5 - the thought of cutting my hair soon.. :)

its these little babaw things that keep me sane and sun-shiney.

i do have one sad thought though.. my car got bumped and not by me. :s the one who bumped it promised to take care of whatever cost, but still, of course i feel so bad that wje had to get into an accident. and why does it take so long for a casa to replace a bumper, five days daw?! oh well, sh*t happens i guess.

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