26 November 2003

a wArM, LaZy.. wEdNeSdAy?!

usually its a warm, lazy sunday afternoon right? well in this case, it was taken to the extreme. its a hot - scorching, humid, draining hot - afternoon, and its more than lazy.. its sloth! i slept eleven hours last night, and i took a quick siesta twice na! and its only four in the afternoon! hay, hay, hay. and its a wednesday. so instead of being a warm, lazy sunday afternoon, its a hot, loser wednesday afternoon.

don't get me wrong, loser days are cool.. sometimes. what is a loser day? those days that you just really, honestly wanna be alone and not talk to anyone? you just wanna do nothing, think about absolutely nothing, go nowhere.. literally a wala lang day. i dunno, maybe all the work has gotten to me that i feel i deserve these "absolutely nothing" days once in a while.. so what have i done today? absolutely nothing!! i woke up, heard the taho man and ordered P10 worth of taho, i blogged, i ate a good organic lettuced-salad for lunch, took a nap, woke up and bonded with my brother, took a nap, woke up and went on the internet to connect justin's blog to sitemeter, watched a little tv and was happy to see sarah meier back on mtv and at least now she gained a bit more weight and she looks fab as usual, pointed the electric fan at myself, and now, i am staring at the computer again.

i did talk to my best bud pepel. yay! :) he's leaving for florida in a few hours and i'm so jealous because just yesterday i was dreaming of disneyworld and how much i'd kill just to be there right now. i love disneyworld! its never never land. :)

tHe LuMieRe 'CiNeMaToGrApHiA'.

we watched this really cool docu in my independent film class, under quark henares still ('stig!), and it was all about this interesting project with the first motion picture camera by the lumiere brothers. its really literally just a box, with a hole for the lens, and that's it! you crank and turn a handle to make the camera run.. i mean, how the..!? but wow! anyway, they got all these contemporary filmmakers - including david lynch, spike lee, and zhang yimou - and let them have a crack at the camera. there were set rules of course:

1 - you have only 52 seconds, one shot
2 - no synchronious sound
3 - you're allowed only three takes

it was so cool! we didn't get to finish the docu though.. (side story! since i was a freshman in ateneo, the multimedia projector has always had the warning "lamp is running out". well it never did run out.. til last monday. finally, the lamp will be changed! hoorah for comm batch 2003! haha.) so i didn't get to see that of lynch and lee, but then there were some really, really cute ones that i liked!

1 - there was this one close up shot of a mongoloid (excuse me for the term, i hate having to use that..) couple smiling at the camera. smile, smile, a few seconds, then they turn to each other and smile, then they start making lambing each other.. they started kissing each other, smacking, smelling, rubbing cheeks.. hay! it was the cutest thing ever. :)

2 - then there was this shot of and shot in the great wall of china. there was one guy and one girl in super chinese attire, doing martial arts na ewan.. then someone with a clapper comes in, then all of a sudden the two start taking out their chinese costumes and under they have some really rocker type clothes and they start going wild. haha that was trippy.

there were also inserts in between short films of mini interviews with the directors. it just made me think.. hmm, if i was in their place, what would i answer? they were asked, "why do you film," "why did you agree to use the lumiere camera," and "is cinema mortal?" if i were to dream and be included in that list, i would answer that i film to express myself, to share my ideas, views, and thoughts to other people.. that i would agree to use it because that started it all and it would be an honor to get my hands on it.. and that cinema is mortal, although it is man's attempt to immortalize things.

it made me think too.. if i were given those 52 seconds.. what would i film?! the hopeless romantic and the idealist in me made me think of this concept.. i wanna put the camera on a chair with rollers or something.. take this extreme long shot of a room, an empty ballroom maybe, with all the furniture around but minimal lights, the surroundings are lit up but its still generally dim.. you see a couple slow dancing in the middle of the frame, almost hugging, swaying around, something very intimate but not sensual at all. the camera dollies in slowly as the couple dances, then just about 30 seconds into the shot, it becomes clear to the viewer that it is an old couple slow dancing, maybe in their mid-80s, with grayish whitish hair, wrinkled skin, but a youthful glow in their eyes and in their smiles. they smile at each other, look at each other with pure love, laugh a bit, the old lady puts her head down a while on the old man's shoulder, the old man smells her hair.. stuff like that. hmm.. i don't know what other elements to put in the picture when the camera goes in, but i think this is what i want. guess it was inspired by that question, "what is a cuter sight for you, two 5-year olds slow dancing, or two 80-year olds?" well most definitely my answer would be the latter.

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