25 November 2003

mY mUsiC eDuCaTiOn.

i'd like to think i'm pretty versatile with the kind of music i like.. i like pretty much any genre of music, well except maybe for the "it might be you" and "king and queen of hearts" type of music. (ack! sorry to all the senti people out there but goodness gracious it crawls under my skin! :s) i did type in my friendster profile that i like the following music:

1 - "destiny" by zero 7! aah.. one of if not my favorite song.. you know how you have your own list of happy songs? well this is one of them for me. aside from this there's "if i ever feel better" by phoenix, "beautiful" by mandalay, "saltwater" by chicane, "i wanna hold you hand" by the beatles. all make me smile or feel a certain peace when i listen to them.

2 - i also put there any collaboration by pharell or sean paul.. well i'll make this general and i'll say that i love "pumpin' hiphop music" as my friend pam calls it. anything i can dance to with pam and er, or pel and carlo, or even justin. :)

3 - the best of the beatles or the gipsy kings. aah, my childhood music that i love to death. i could listen to it the whole day and just be quiet and i'll be fine. another best of i'd love to listen to the whole day if only i had it was U2. bono was asked, "how do you feel about the accusations of people saying that you're GoD?" and he said, "well if you hear thousands of people singing lyrics you wrote, wouldn't you feel that way?"

4 - the "life" album of the cardigans and the "100% fun" of matthew sweet. two discs i can listen to over and over that i wouldn't get sawa. the cardigans if i'm in the mood to just chill, and matthew sweet if i'm in the mood for alternative. i especially love "carnival" and "we're the same".

but there are also essential sounds i cannot live without:

1 - ian's trip hop disc that he gave me in second year high school, what my brother calls "disturbed youth music". artists include lamb, tricky kid, massive attack, ebtg, morcheeba.. you get the point.

2 - madonna, michael jackson, and to go local, the eraserheads before. no need to explain this one.

3 - my fair share of pop music, from "four seasons of loneliness" by boyz ii men, to "all i have to give" by the backstreet boys, from "i drive myself crazy" of n'sync, to "so yesterday" of hilary duff, from "dirrty" by christina aguilera, to "slave 4 u" by britney, and believe it or not, all the way til "ni hao.. whatever", as in the theme of meteor garden one. hay the list goes on.. and on..

4 - justin's music! music he introduced to me like d' sound, maroon 5, jamiroquai, dave matthew's, and all these other songs he just happens to find on kazaa.

what to do now? well seems that all the music i am listening to are the "now's".. i mean, i don't know anything from the past.. well there are the beatles but then hey, medyo given na yun as one of the greatest and most defining bands in music history.. but really, we all need to know more music from the past! cause nothing is new really, its just how its put together that makes it new.

i'm listening to pink floyd right now. their album the dark side of the moon is pretty wild. i can't believe it was made in 1973!! i mean, i swear if they released that album now, it'd be a hit! it holds the record as the album that stayed longest on the billboard charts.. 700 weeks! that's around 14 years! goodness gracious. and listening to it, wow, it really is amazing. and every single time i listen to it, it just gets more amazing and the lyrics really hit more and more. the music is as mesmerizing as its album cover.

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