22 November 2003

LoSt mY pHoNe.. aAaCk!!

hay. two days ago, while shopping in glorietta, sporting my new haircut by my stylist alex carbonell (go to propaganda for a haircut! third floor greenbelt one!), walking around mango looking at all the things i wanted to buy, i realized that my phone was lost. stolen, lost, snatched, i dunno.. basta nawala siya! hay! all one hundred plus pictiures in my phone, all 600+ numbers i had, and well, yeah the messages na rin. all gone!! hay. i really hate people who take phones. i mean, its not that expensive to buy a sim and a phone anymore! are they that desperate?! ay ewan. well, i am over it na.. i got my sim reactivated, the biggest hassle lang is having to buy a new phone. i've been saving up for an ipod but now i gotta put that to rest cause i gotta buy a phone! not to mention christmas = gift giving = money. hay.

how ironic. i would be what some would call the poster girl for the term "kitikitext". really! as in pwede mo i-hirit sa kin, "sige, text! text pa!" (in the voice of the sprite vo guy). i sadly admit that yes, 80% of the day, my phone is in my hands. my scratched-up, intensely-dropped, sky-high-billed phone that i am so attached to. i just got that phone free from globe around a year ago, and from then we developed a special connection. (yuck, pangit haha!) but seriously, super hassle. as in hasslefeck.

so please text me, friendster message me, email me, or post a comment here to leave your numbers. :) i still have the same number. thank you!

mY SiStEr's sUmMa cUm LaUdE!

my sister aissa just graduated last night from the philippine school of interior design with a cumulative qpi of 1.22, 1.00 being the highest. in ateneo, that'd mean getting a qpi of 3.78. wow!! i mean, wow! i couldn't be any prouder and any happier for my sister! and so were my parents. the cool thing about it is, my sister found out about her honors around a month ago, and she told me, my brother, and her friends, but she never told my parents. she wanted it to be a surprise. and boy, was it a surprise indeed! when my dad got to rcbc plaza, where the graduation was, my mom was crying and crying cause she just found out about the summa thing through the programme, and my dad was all like, "what? what's wrong? why are you crying!?", and my mom was all like, "she's shmshmaude" (in a muffled voice cause she was really crying). and my dad went "whaaat?", and my mom said, "she didn't tell us, she's summa cum laude!", and there my dad just threw his arms over my sister and gave her a big bear hug, then my mom joined in, and it was a sight that almost brought me to tears cause i haven't seen my family like that in such a long time. but wow, you could really see in my parents eyes how proud they were! they were super taas noo when the ushers led us into the theatre and we had seats in front of all the other parents. i was so proud when they announced "anna clarissa m gonzalez, summa cum laude".. wow! my sister always had it in her, and she really worked her ass off, and i mean really! she deserves it big time.

i helped my sister write her speech, and it was so nice to see everyone react to it. some laughed, some chuckled, some even shed a tear or two. they liked it so much that a lot of people asked for a copy of the script after the ceremony was over. i also was the official stylist and make-up artist of my sister. i helped her shop for shoes (which was in glorietta kaya nawala telepono ko), i helped her choose a top that would go with this P200 skirt she insisted on wearing (but in fairness, maganda yung skirt), and i helped her choose what accessories to wear (my sister is a human christmas tree in this way, she loooves over accessorizing). i also had to put make-up on her, and wow! i discovered that i did learn something from all the make-up artists i've worked with ever. as in my sister really did have nice make-up on! of course she can't look normal right, summa cum laude, she should be the prettiest one in the room! and she was! as for me, sa sobrang tulong ko sa kanya, i totally forgot that i was going to the graduation too. half an hour to go from when we were set to leave the house, i had nothing to wear! buti na lang i went shopping for semi-dressy tops the other day (all my clothes are so casual kasi!), so i threw that on, matched it with some wide legged khakis, and heels, at ayun, faker na dressy person. haha!

i treated my sister's graduation as mine too. i'm not graduating with my batch in march, cause i'm extending around a year.. i'm underload this sem with just nine units, and i'll be taking that load for two more sems. i won't be marching, but i guess its alright.. i guess lang. well, one thing's sure, i'll be saving my parents the hassle of having to sit through a hot, humid, four hour ateneo graduation for the third time! hehe.

i'M oFFiCiaLLy a pHiLo miNoR!

(hmm.. tama ba yun? i'm a comm major and a philo minor? parang ang pangit.. or is it i'm taking a minor in philo? ang haba naman nun.. ah, whatever!)

last tuesday, i finally got to fix my load revision form to include my first ever philosophy elective. the first of three electives to earn me my minor degree. cool. :) my class is intro to logic, and its pretty much like math. i'm not a dullard in math, in fact, i pretty much got it, so i think i'll be alright. what worried me most was that i was squeezed in to this sophomore philo major block. i was three sessions late already, i didn't know anyone, so what was i to do? i mean, i'm generally friendly and approachable, its just that i was so intimidated by them cause they were all philo majors right. i walked in and everyone was either in groups talking or alone reading something with that no-one-bother-me look. there was an obvious seat plan already so i quietly made my way to the back row of seats, set down my bag, looked out the window pretending to be thinking something deep so that they wouldn't think i'm some lost weirdo who ended up in the wrong classroom naman. then i looked to the door, was so happy to see my 101-102 classmate jao! i finally knew someone! i got to meet other classmates, got to borrow notes, got to know the teacher (sir hermida, he's okay naman! he's nice and not boring!). so everything turned out okay. :)

i hope this whole philo minor thing works out for me.. i fell in love with philosophy in 101-102 with my teacher dr. garcia. he really enlightened and opened up my mind, along with my 100+ classmates, and that was it for me! plus with the help of my 103 teacher, sir calasanz, i found out that i have a somewhat knack for philosophy. i don't have any favorite philosopher yet, nor do i have a favorite school of thought, but i do know that i like studying it. so that's good enough for me. :) para din naman may saysay ang pag-graduate ko ng late! haha!

haSsLe viRuSeS.

this is actually the second time for me to write this post.. i was almost done with it kanina when the iexplore box popped up and said it had to close! ugh. hassle. anyway. :) long time no post, i missed it!

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Anonymous said...

hi bianca. i just came across your blog site. i graduated with a minor degree in philo too. philo is grrreeeeaaat. your blogs are down to earth, simple yet "senseful". hehe. take care~