15 November 2003

"pAsEnSiYa nA, tAo LaNg pO.."

one of the funniest hirits i've heard in abs is "sensiya na ha, tao lang".. wala lang.. it goes along the same lines as saying "sorry, perfect" when someone criticizes you.

why does this come to mind? i quote from my previous post.. "i don't dream of being a supergirl for nothing.. so sige lang. the force lang ang katapat nito." well! hindi ako supergirl kahit anong gawin ko, tao lang ako. the next day, i did not wake up in time for class. i knew it!! i was up at around 4AM and i really didn't wanna sleep anymore cause i knew that i wouldn't wake up.. (like those times you wake up and say "five minutes, five minutes, promise," pero the next thing you know, when you wake up, hapon na.. mga ganun.) i was so dog tired that i woke up and it was 10AM!! my classes were only 730-900 and 1030-1200, and i my house is 35 kilometres away from my school (plus add traffic) so there was no way i could make it. i cut the first day of class! :s that's such a sin to me.. i hate cutting, as in i really hate it!! hay. bad vibes way to start a sem naman.. i hope to wake up for my class on tuesday. sana na lang naman!

pSyChO fRiEnDsTeR.

you know how you get messages from people you don't know in friendster, either asking to be your friend, introducing him or her self as a friend of a friend.. one of the real uses of friendster right? but yesterday was just the most bizarre thing ever!! this friendster named ziggy (friend of my friend pam and bianca) sent me a message saying he added this friendster named airamarie gonzalez, who studies management in ateneo, who is my cousin daw, and he just wanted to say that she looks exactly like me daw! he sent me the url address and when i looked at it.. PUCHA!! the photo she used was me, as in me! as in some picture from youngstar magazine some months back.. but she did have her own profile, testimonials, set of friends.. if she were an enemy of mine, she'd make a fake me right.. but this i just couldn't understand!!

what's even weirder is i tried checking it out just now, cause i was gonna cut and paste the site here for whoever to check out, i visited it again and now there's no photo, no testimonial, no friends, and a really short profile.. weird!! maybe i'm in bizarre-o world and i just don't know it.

man, friendster just keeps getting weirder and weirder, like what ala said.

oUr nEw sHoW!

we had our very first mock up taping last night for our new show on studio 23.. details to follow when i can plug na. :) i have other pictures of the set, but i can't reveal it yet cause its really different and funky and of course its a surprise, but anyway, here's a sneak peak. yahoo! exciting. :p

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