13 November 2003

oN tOp oF tHe gOdS.

this is what i named this picture, cause it was taken from the helipad of the elj building of the abs compound. last week was the first time i saw the offices of "csc", "fmg", and "el3".. the gods i always talk about, charo santos-concio, freddy m garcia, and eugenio lopez iii, respectively. well of course i just saw the outside and the reception area, cause i was just passing it to go to the steps to the helipad. it looked like a set straight from the devil's advocate! goodness gracious! all red, all wood, kulang na lang yung malupitan na fireplace na feeling mo kakainin ka ng apoy. anyway, back to the helipad. i aptly called this picture such, because of its location literally, and the feeling that you get when you're actually there. its an amazing view. :)

weLL, sO mUcH fOr tHe "bReAk"!

i got up at noon yesterday and i had such a good night's rest that i actually opened my eyes with a smile! but i checked my phone, and there it was.. a text from the associate producer of our show. "1PM pre-prod meeting for vtr shoot tonight". dammit! ugh. ang sama bigla ng gising ko. from a well-planned day to bum to an unplanned, unsure day to work. well anyway, thanks to pinoy time, even if i left my house at 1, i got to abs just in time for the meeting. so that was good. and there i found out that finally!! our scripts got approved!! after one million and one revisions, the gods were finally pleased.. wow. i had absolutely no clue it would be this hard to get a simple half-hour script approved. so there, we scheduled the shoot for that evening, my part of the script, the opening gimmick of the show. :) so that meeting ended at around 5PM, then i had to rush to a computer to make the final revisions for the opening gimmick to make copies for everyone. i wrote, then printed, then ran to submit, went back, wrote, printed, ran to submit, wrote, printed.. you get the idea. so finally we left for podium to where the shoot was gonna be.

it was the party of one of the sub-gods (or whatever is a "lower god") of abs and i've never seen more artistas and gay people in one room in my life. as soon as i got near the door of the elbow room in podium - note! in my old prestos, a crummy old gray tee, faded ugly fitting jeans, and eyebags to match - i thought to myself, "darn hindi ako bagay dito".. i now felt what ala was talking about as the foot, nae, the ditch on mt. showbizius. it was quite amusing to watch all the celebrities and their managers, so the jologs in me came out and i sometimes found myself head-to-toeing artistas like kristine hermosa and mylene dizon.. goodness they're so pretty. anyway. so we had to shoot our four hosts doing different dares, and it was pretty fun running around. i'm slowly but surely knowing how to take shots, and how to think of editing already just while shooting, so its pretty exciting. i'm supposed to be directing and shooting my own stuff by january.. yeah right! pero, pressure! hay. pero fight lang nang fight. :p

now, i actually have to start getting ready for school in an hour or so. its 4AM and i leave for school 6AM.. 730 class!! isa pa yan!! its my eigth sem in ateneo and i still have 730 class!? ano ba naman to!! but anyway, what's worse is, i have two more opening vtrs to write, and a whole friday worth of spiels to write. due later noon! then we have a writing session whole day til early morning again at galleria! tsk, tsk, tsk.. tama ba naman yun. but anyway.. i don't dream of being a supergirl for nothing.. so sige lang. the force lang ang katapat nito. :)

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