12 November 2003

fiNaLLy, a bReAk! :)

yahoo! its a little past midnight, i just got home from work, and i just found out i have no work tomorrow! i mean i do, i gotta work on some vtr scripts, but i don't have to report to work! :D yay! i'm really so happy. sem break started three weeks ago, and ends today supposedly, but i haven't had a single "break" ever since. so tomorrow, i mean today, will be great. i can lounge around the house that i miss dearly, i can go shop in town center cause i've really been itching to, i can have some time alone to finally hear myself think naman. wow. today will be amazing indeed. :)

i will update this blog by around this time tomorrow. i hope by then i would be feeling better than my "depressed" self.

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