01 December 2003

cHriStMaS iS iN tHe aiR.

its december one, and finally, christmas has kicked in. :)

usually once the -ber months start, you feel a certain "christmas vibe". along with it, we pinoys have our houses fully clothed in christmas garb and have our christmas lists rolling down to the ground! i didn't seem to feel that vibe this year.. it has been unbelievably-overly-even-more-than-summer hot the past days, our house just got decorated last week and there are zero gifts under the tree, and people haven't been stressing out much to save money for christmas shopping or haven't been planning parties.

but today, i got home from a looong day at work (yes, work, on a sunday, and a holiday pa! that'll be a ranting post all its own next time.) and i actually smelled christmas in the air the moment i stepped out of the car. mmm! the air was icy cold, our front door had nice white lights around it, and i all of a sudden felt like making my christmas list (but, er, i am the ultimate promotor of exchange gifts among my groups of friends!). hhhay, i haven't started christmas shopping at all. pero patayan na to kapag pinatawag ako sa trabaho sa sabado.. its the st. james bazaar and i will not miss that for anything!!

i really wish may snow dito sa pilipinas.. dream ko talaga gumawa ng snowman.

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jeessajane dulay said...

hi..i feel so inspired reading your posts that i created one of my own (in line w/ yours) sori. i'm a fan.really.