03 December 2003

PiNoYs aBrOaD.

why i consider pinoys abroad lucky:

1 - i've always wanted to study abroad.. well, more specifically, i've always wanted to graduate here and take up masters in film either in london or la. that's really my dream. but dreams can only take you so far cause you won't get anywhere if you don't have the money for it. studying abroad is so expensive! it'd be easier if i had a close family member somewhere, but i don't. its really a grrreat opportunity cause if and when you come back here to the philippines, you have some kind of an edge over other graduates. (really, its a very superficial world and the university on your resume does matter.) this is what i always remind my best friend pepel about. you may miss your family and friends back here, but when you're 40 and you'll look back, four years of your young life without them would be nothing compared to what you would gain.

2 - shopping is fabulous. case in point, you can never buy chucks like this here.

3 - they don't have to battle with horrific traffic that gets worse every single day. buses that were made to stay in the yellow lane but bully everyone else in the normal lane, three cars running at 40 kilometres per hour on a highway but they're on three different lanes, selfish drivers who can't seem to get the simple logic of the alternating rule. oh my, i can just go on and on..

4 - they do not have to deal with the threat that a certain fernando poe, jr. poses. (ugh.)

there may be a lot of things they miss here, but they also have a lot to enjoy there.

hAzEd: cHiLL oUt PaRtY.

the eternal tandem of dustin reyes and bianca gonzalez goofed off on stage once again during the collegiate society of advertisers' chill out party last saturday in capones restaurant on valero street, makati. hey, its always fun, plus we got free drinks the whole night, so why not. :)

this band called hairy dawgs was the first band to play. that is of course after the set of dj ian simpao of groovenation. (whoa, eceeeh*! dati, dj ian lang yan, now, its gotta be complete. dj ian simpao of groovenation, naks. i'm so proud. :p) anyway, so hairy dawgs came in with huge drums ala-michael jackson's "they don't really care about us". the spiel said to introduce them as a group that plays brazilian samba, and that there's no way to describe their music, you just gotta hear them. and whoa! were we in for a treat! i really can't explain the kind of music they play but it was wild!! all you needed to do was close your eyes, feel the beats, and you'd go straight to the exotic beaches of south america.

then there was artstrong that sang an awesome version of musiq's "just friends", blue note funk that played all these steady old songs, and paolo toledo that spun, to but i didn't get to catch him. that's because we all left to check out the new restaurant of my friend mig blanco, blanvil along that street parallel to valero.

then we all got msg overload as we mixed salted fish rice, salted garlic squid, fried beancurd skin in oyster sauce, pinsec frito, and broth that i have no idea where its from. all of course from north park, the absolute must-stop-at place after a gimmick.

eY pHiLo miNoR, hOw'S iT gOiNg?

i had an intensely fun time during my three hours of philo kanina!

first up was my intro to logic class. i was so scared to go to class cause i cut both classes last week - reason being i didn't wake up. our professor's a semi-scary but really funny guy. also, he looks exactly like raul roco and he knows it. our lessong today was about the function of language and he read to us the politically correct version of "little red riding hood" and i couldn't stop laughing! (hay naku, i sit alone pa naman at the back of the classroom since i was just inserted with a sophomore block. gosh i must've looked autistic.) then he read to us this hilarious article "english is a terrible language" that really took the cake for me, i was so teary eyed it looked sad. does anyone have a copy of either or know where i can get one?! grabe! it had lines like "there isn't even a pine in pineapple, nor is there an apple," "if the plural of tooth is teeth, then why not the plural of phone booth phone beeth?" and even "do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?" hahaha! hay naku. my sister said its an uber old article on email but i haven't heard of it til today.

oh! and did you know the new politically correct way of spelling the word "woman" is "wommon"? i thought my professor was kidding but he wasn't! and the plural of "wommon"? its "womyn". weird.

next was philosophy of ethics and today, we were introduced to plato. apparently, tolkien's "lord of the rings" is very much influenced or as my professor dared to say, borrowed from plato! there is this story in "the republic" entitled "the ring of gyges" and its about this guy named gyges who found a ring that made him disappear and reappear when he turned the ring. there are more similarities between gyges and frodo, but basically that's it. then we went on to how plato influenced the wachowsky brothers and their idea of "the matrix". cause plato has the idea of the sensible world, which is the world that appeals to our senses, and the world of ideas, which is what he says is the "real" world. everything i heard made complete sense to me and i was like a sponge taking in every single idea i learned! it was great! i love fulfilling philo sessions, although i'm not about to go into a whole philosophical discussion now. (reader: woohoo! yeah!)

tHe CuRiOuS miNd.

have you ever been in that mood where all you wanna do is sit somewhere, stare into space, and think? think of how you're doing now, what you're gonna be, what you have to do, what you want to do, what the hell you're doing..? ahh, the curious mind. the human mind.. it will never be satisfied.

eceeeh - noun, adjective, either. a way to pronounce, and spell, the word "easy". an alternative to the expression "easy lang". its more like, "eceeeeeeh!" origin is my brother jc and his friends.

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