15 February 2004

aRtiStAs GaLoRe.

i've never been exposed to so many artistas (for more than just a fleeting moment like the artista just walking by incognito in a public place) like i have the past week. as in i really got to talk to them for a pretty long time.. and when i say artistas i don't just mean celebrities, i mean artistas as in those who have acting as their career, as in those who have notebooks with their faces on it, as in those who have mall tours advertised on the upper right hand corner of your newspaper.

i'm pretty jologs i can say, in a way na talagang titingin ako pag may artista or ituturo ko pa, although sometimes of course i try to act unaffected by the presence of an artista but deep inside i'm dying to look. mga ganun. (haha!) so here's a list of the artistas that i encountered and what i think of their "star value". let's be "the buzz" and "star talk" now.

1 - sarita perez de tagle aka kikay girl in "it might be you" and carla humphries aka bum equipment girl

sarita is half spanish and carla is half french. two very, very pretty girls with very pretty smiles. sarita has beautiful green eyes, is very candid and wacky, and is quite friendly. carla has this really cute french accent, she's still quite shy actually, and she's a really sweet girl.

watch out for them on the cover of pink magazine for the month of april and march! (naks, styling by yours truly. gosh what a job!)

2 - rafael rosell aka the close-up boy

a very handsome guy i must say, he's got very chiseled features and pang close-up talaga yung smile niya. he's really, really friendly too! he really makes an effort to talk to you, and its not the pilit kind, its really sincere. made to be an artista or a model actually.

3 - kaye abad aka 'eds' in "tabing ilog"

a very, very pretty pinay. didn't get to talk to her much but i must say this girl is much prettier in person than on tv. she has nice skin and a really cute smile! she's really friendly and i got to know pa tidbits about her love life. naks. haha.

4 - john lloyd cruz aka 'yuri' in "kay tagal kitang hinintay"

hay, everyone in my house is in love with john lloyd and i must say when i met him i was star struck! he really has this glow around him, parang angel, and when he talks he's very gentleman-ly and he's really a charmer! he acts really, really well, and i think he can be the next aga or richard in local showbiz.

5 - the channel seven stars aka the cast of "kuya"

i hosted the after party of the premiere of regal's new teen flick "kuya" and there was a part there where i had to call on the stars of the movie. if i can remember correctly, they're richard, chynna, angel, railey, maxene, oyo boy, cogie, james, danilo, with aubrey. not all of them were there though. i can safely say that this is the new batch of teen idols, that'll most probably have the same effect as the gimik barkada of rico yan, g tongi, etcetera.

..so what was the point?!

okay sorry if my post seems to be pointless, but i just wanted to post about it kasi tayo naman talagang mga pinoy, whether we admit it or not, we're smitten by artistas. ah, i didn't get anyone's autograph, although i do remember having my picture taken with john lloyd. (who his friends kaye and rafael fondly call "lloydy". haha cute.)

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