20 February 2004

hOw mUcH dOeS 21 gRaMs wEiGh wiTh yOu?

watch "21 grams". wow.

they say we all lose 21 grams at the exact moment of our death.. everyone.
the weight of a stack of nickels,
of a chocolate bar,
of a hummingbird.

when life is taken, how much is lost?
how much is gained?

how much does 21 grams weigh?
how much does your soul weigh?

i think with me.. 21 grams is equivalent to a whole lotta things that will negate each other so what's left for those who will survive me is really just 21 grams..?

its a whole lotta smiles but a whole lotta brattiness too, its the weight of a 10-year old kid hop-skipping around, but the weight of a 60-year old lola contemplating on a rocking chair, its a ton of optimism and daydreams but another ton of curiosity and disbelief.

the writer of the film said in an interview, "i think that the essence of humanity is contradiction." i think i pretty much fit that bill, being a walking irony myself. i wouldn't say that i epitomize the essence of humanity, in fact i am still on the search of what it is to be human, i would just say that i think (and i've been told) that mine is a young soul.. willing to take on the world for all its greatness and all its sh*ttyness, eager to absorb everything it can but remembering to filter out what it can't take, ready to take each moment as if it were new.

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