22 February 2004

i dOn'T BeLieVe tHiS..

whaaat!? what is the world coming to..

1 - on the show digital tour, the priest being interviewed said there might come a time when confessions would be over the internet.

(what's the point.)

2 - fernando poe, jr. brought the peso to P56 to a dollar.

(leche siya di pa siya nananalo sa lagay na yan.)

3 - carrying over from #2, unleaded gas is P23 a liter.

(this makes my daily trip to and from school cost P240, that's gas and toll, not including food.)

4 - bj manalo has agreed to be on primetime noontime tv.

(in fairness, he dances well and is quite telegenic.)

5 - the go nuts donuts line is still, on average, a 45-minute wait.

(thanks to my friend chuckie who offered me a chocolate one the other day. you rock.)

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