24 February 2004

mUsT-wAtCh mOviEs.

try to catch these..

1 - 21 grams - enough said i think.. warning though, its a very heavy movie.

2 - lost in translation - sofia coppola's the bomb.

3 - somethings gotta give - no its not a chick flick, its hella funny, and super entertaining!

oN dVd, eTcEtErA.

1 - bend it like beckham - hehe, cuuute.

2 - bmw films - *sigh*

3 - stacy - a psycho cult japanese film that's really trippy.

can't wait.

1 - troy - brad pitt, ahem, and the killer trailer opening.

2 - the passion of the christ - i think we all are waiting for this one.

3 - episode three - *happy thought*


today i ate a lot of fat. a lot of junk. a lot of calorie infested munchies. all because my friend carlo wants me to grow fat.


i'm so so so ecstatic for my girl marion who is now the happy girlfriend of julian!!! :D kilig.

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