27 February 2004

extra, extra.

have you seen the new milo "40 years" commecial?! damn! galing!

mY nOt-sO-fiNaL fiNaLs.

most of my friends are rejoicing at this very moment, having finished probably their last academic exam ever. i am stuck at home, studying for my philosophy of ethics oral exam scheduled for tomorrow morning. (note on oral exams: for some reason, teachers have this odd power of looking into your eyes and knowing which thesis statement you know least.)

i do have final exams, but unlike my friends, i'll still be taking academic exams for the next year or so. a lot of things happened the past year, a lot of bad, some good, but i think over-all i'm really happy with everything. i may not be graduating on time, but its not an issue with me anymore. i'm here to make the most out of working-slash-studying.

philo, though i love studying it to death, is quite heavy, and so i turn to the following de-stressers to help me out:

1 - care of my friend kathy, i am now addicted to watching what's on http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/29/

2 - reading blogs and checking friendster (yes its still alive would you believe)

3 - catching my best friend pepel online and chatting with him via ym

4 - plucking my eyebrows (its very calming in a weird way)

5 - sleeping (although this doesn't prove to be helpful at all)

LooKiNg bAcK..

i'm really proud to look back and see great things happen to fellow zobellians that went to ateneo.

i'm extremely proud of my friends justine and tim who are both running for batch valedictorian! they were the bronze and gold medalists respectively back in zobel, and they're again the top honchos now in ateneo.

of course, there's the beautiful patty who is now a youth icon, being an mtv vj.

there are sports-mavens lar and erika who became team captain of the women's football and basketball teams respectively, and who both won rookie of the year when we were freshmen.

there's jo and dave who are accomplished members and officers of cads, the dance org of ateneo.

and of course, all the other green-bloods (special shout-out to dj-slash-computer-whiz ian) who made it through four tough years of blue-bloodedness. congratulations everyone!! good job. :)

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