02 March 2004

tHe sWeEt sOrRoW oF jOy.

i had a great day today!!

its one of those days when you feel so blessed. where every little thing just miraculously seems to fall into place. there is though, this feeling of sweet sorrow that comes with extreme joy. you ask yourself, "wow, what did i do to deserve this?" and at the same time you say, "something bad's gonna happen, its too good to be true." its not really pessimism, its realism.

but still, i shall enjoy it for the moment. :)

john rawls and "justice as fairness".
(this isn't baduy i promise.)

i might just be taking too much philo in, but this somewhat connects to this sweet sorrow of joy. basically, john rawls argues that, "no, things in the world weren't made equal, and what should be equal are the inequalities." today, i'm feeling like the world is on my side, thus the philosophical train of thought.

its true.. when people say "GoD made us all equal", its really not true. when you see gisele bundchen beside mahal (no offense meant at all, i find mahal quite fascinating), how can anyone say that we are all equal? so really, its the inequalities that have to benefit the least advantaged.

why is it when we see a gorgeous girl holding hands with a rather ugly guy, we say, "siguro ang bait niyan," or, "siguro maganda kotse niyan." (notice the use of "niyan", its not "niya", its "niyan", parang object, di tao.)

or why is it when we see a really pretty girl pass by, too pretty and sexy and nice even, we say, "siguro anim daliri niyan sa paa," or, "siguro mabaho hininga niyan."

all to "make the world fair". hmm..

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