13 March 2004

biRtHdAy tHoUgHtS! ;p

my birthday isn't really a grand thing for me, i mean, i'm not a party-thrower or anything like that, and i don't exactly like the thought of me growing older.. i've always said i may be (now) 21, but my mental age is maybe 12. hah! but still, i enjoy that certain happy and peaceful feeling on your birthday, when you feel like nothing can go wrong. :)

my family and i just ate in sentro in greenbelt, and after the meal, oh.. what a surprise.. the waiters came out with a cake slice, singing happy birthday. haha! its so funny how every single celebrant knows the possibility of this happening when eating out for his or her birthday, but still has that element of shock when the singing waiters come out. haha! its sorta the equivalent of artistas celebrating on asap or sop, when they start singing and friends come from backstage to sing with them and they cry out of shock. haha!

anyway, a great part of birthdays are the greetings. i was so touched when people greeted me on the comment box (thaaank yooou!!) and some people i don't know even sent me greetings on friendster (yeah, it is touching!). and of course.. the gifts!!!

1 - my family gave me this white mango zip-up jacket i've been wanting for ages! (all i need is the rest of the outfit.. hah!) and oh! a best of eraserheads disc!!

2 - justin's family was really sweet. i got to their house thursdsay night, my birthday night, and his mom came home and gave me three dozen white roses. (kilig! pero siyempre it wasn't even justin, haha!) she cooked us a lamb chop dinner cause she knows i love it, then after the meal, i had my own little chocolate cake and had to blow out the candle! (i haven't done that in years! great! i really am 12!)

3 - BRANDON BOYD IS SOOOOO HOT. yeow! he has got to be one of the sexiest men alive i swear! it was like this. me on the center row --- ten rows --- brandon boyd. when he sings with his eyes closed, *gasp*; when he took of his shirt, *wow*; and when he smiles, *faint*! haha! justin gave me incubus tickets for my birthday, and wow, it was greeeat!! haha, yes, both brandon AND the music.

post-note: actually, the exact date is 11 march 1983. :) at salamat po ng madami sa lahat ng nag-greet. :)

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