10 March 2004

three days after..

went to lto on east ave. got my duplicate license. ang init.

when we got back to justin's house to get my car, i found the alarm to have been on. apparently, some chump riding a bike ran smack into the side, causing a big dent and scratch, and smashing the mags. what the?!! why!! why me! cito beltran's jaguars are always parked there and that never happened to him! damn.

hay. my baby. what has gone wrong..


taking from what russ just posted, and after having watched gothika with my friends last night, these are three ways definitely wouldn't like to die:

1 - being hacked to death
2 - being raped
3 - slowly bleeding to death

i thank you. bow.


i'm finding a way to tweak the mechanics of ala's idea of a the-weirder-the-better blog chain.. but anyway, while i'm still figuring that out, i wanna answer some questions that she posted.

1 - if you didnt know when your birth date was, how old would you think you were?

i would think i was born on 1 january 1992 that would make me 12, and that would explain (well i think it would), my young-soul-over-eager personality.

2 - do you think ants go to heaven?

oh definitely! but they have their own thing, ant heaven. its not the same as ours. no angels or no st. peter at the gate. its basically a land of dirt and honey, with flying marshmallow bits and sugar grains. hypnotic pop like kylie minogue plays all day.

3 - if you could magically sprout a fully-functioning eye on any part of your body, where would you place it?

on my right hand. right on the skin in that space between the big finger and the pointer finger. its gotta be a miniature eye though, no freaky shit like it being normal size.

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