07 March 2004

sChOoL's cOoL.

there are time(s) in your life when you meet teachers who to you become more than teachers. they become idols, sources of inspiration, and best of all, friends. :)

a letter from my philosophy professor, dr. garcia, while on sabbatical leave in paris:

I am very happy to hear you have overcome fear in learning. I do not subscribe to "terrorism" as an approach to teaching. Go beyond even your fear of the grade. You have a good mind which people may ignore because you are physically beautiful. I hope you never allow people to reduce you just to the latter. If you continue to cultivate your mind and heart, you'll even become a more beautiful person.

a letter from my film teacher, quark henares, upon submitting our (me, bobby, dan's) final project:

there's this cliche i used to hear almost every sem from teachers that would always make me go 'schyeah, right!', and it's this statement: i learned as much from you as you did from me. and it's only last year that i really understood what that meant. medyo naiyak ako nung monday because i saw before me three people who loved making films so much ... and it was really touching to see people who just loved making film again, who weren't in it for the money or the fame and who didn't show off their knowledge to claim themselves better than others. you guys just wanted to tell your stories, and to me that is infinitely more important than mastery of lighting or flashy editing and visuals. and if you're like me, used to a world of intriga and power-playing and tsismis and politicking, it's such a wonderful thing to be reminded why we make films in the first place. because we have stories, and we want to share them with everyone.

mY pOoR bAbY (part ii).

my baby has no right side view mirror, due to an accident in tagaytay that happened around a month ago.

my baby has no back plate number cause some schmuck stole it in the podium parking lot around two weeks ago.

and now, i just lost my license. as in misplaced it.. damn.

oh mmda, please be gentle.

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